Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Look at what happened every time Luffy took an L

L in 1009 - gets advanced conqueror's haki in 1010
L in 1013? And thrown into the sea - becomes a sky splitter in 1026
L in G4, dies! - gets DF awakening

This is what I am saying.

Luffy takes Ls, and gets hyped soon after to more than make up for the L

Zoro is safe when it comes to combat, Oda doesn't make him look weak. But look at what happened to his plotlines in Wano, the land of swordsman and samurai. Sidelined or abandoned.

Luffy is the only character who keeps getting Ws, doesn't have his plotlines abandoned, etc.
Nobody except him is safe from LOda
Maybe it's just me but I think Luffy's treatment is horrible and I would never wish for Zoro to be treated that way.
He doesnt win because he is strong but because he gets infinite chances and he is aware of that, lol.
Every single major fight in the past was won by him having several attempts, never in one go...

That's where Zoro is supreme, never loses and always wins from the first try.
And I would never trade that with Luffy's treatment. In Wano, Luffy had 0 plot lines, nothing was connected to him.
Oda doesnt scare away to give him Ls and to use him as a hype tool, that's not safe. Zoro is the only one safe from such.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Right. But BB didn’t one shot Law. If he did. It wouldn’t make sense. Just like it doesn’t here lol
Why do people still care about this?

BB is the type of guy to get his ass literally raped by a whole HS football team and after they finish on him he pulls out his secret move to defeat them.
For once it isn't overall power or whatever you what to call it.
Second it only implies to sword users, because i doubt DF users are included
For me its mainly fighting with a sword involving Dfs aswell (if they fight with sword) exclusing WB because he doesn't have a sword and doesnt need a weapon to be at full strength thus being World strongest man and also excluding Dfs users that don't use weapons of course.bascially whoever uses sword as fighting style w/wo DF. Mihawk is the world strongest swordsman difference between him and WB is Mihawk needs his sword to be at full strength. Sword skills for me involves everything like power haki etc used in combat. It would be weird then if not because what is he more skilled at then? Just cutting? Its regarding combat same as world strongest man. But we will see how oda handles this. hopefully soon lol


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I wonder if team "cheering on Kidd" includes only Kidd fans, or Shanks haters as well?

People claimed there are like 3 Kidd fans on the forum, but apparently not:
Shanks haters and people who don't want Shanks to have feats above their faves.

As far as Kidd fans there are only 3 concrete ones, rest claims to like him or not.
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