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Lol cut it out Zoro fans do the same thing when sanji is mentioned even slightly in a bad light and I don’t see you complaining then.

Shit everyone on here does it but it’s all in good fun only problem is when people start taking shit too seriously and y’all fall right into that category along w luffy fanboys and sanji fanboys lol it is what it is.
I see you're in the final stage.

Keep on whining about "muh zoro fanboys are so mean to us :(".
The chaos has officially begun and it's great to see it open with a Supernova clash. It's honestly surprising to see Kid managed to stick to the script this long before Luffy and Zoro spoiled everything. I give all credit to Killer. Luffy and Zoro totally got what they deserved this chapter. Queen is laughing his ass off right now, he's seeing these foolish intruders eat major damage and turn tail to run for it. Until the casualties escalate, Kaido and the Tobiroppo and All-Stars will stay out of it.
Interesting difference between the VCs. In fairness to Zoro, Luffy did already blow his cover so Zoro wouldn't be able to keep a low profile and still support him. We all thought Zoro was gonna get lost but he found Luffy immediately and managed to help.

Meanwhile Killer is reasonable. But then Kid is a second place Luffy so he falls into their pace anyway lol. But even though he'll beat Apoo I can see Queen not calling for help, as Udon is completely tits up.

The sweet sounds of Apoo and his groupies as he slashes Zoro and drops a bomb on the Fifth Emperor. They laughed. They underestimated him. They didn't stay tuned!

Apoo is great. Kid will probably beat him by shoving his own mic up his bum though
It took even quicker than I thought for Luffy and Zoro to reveal themselves to the ennemy. Even worse that idiot of Luffy revealed himself in front of the main group of Beast Pirates and even used G3 + Coa just to beat some fodders whereas Zoro lost his cool just as easely as his captain cut a tower. So much for them stopping Kid from ruining the plan.

Apoo's df is perhaps my favorite of all the supernovas devil fruits with its special and unpredictable effects and attacks. He will surely not be KO from Kid's attack and reveal new tricks next chapter.

This inconsistency with Luffy and Zoro's endurance and resistance in function of the plot is really baffling and annoying. Same with Luffy being unable of using FS most of the time due to his impulsivity.

I am curious to see how long it will take for the rest of the alliance to be spotted and for characters like the BMP or Hawkins to arrive at the Fire Festival.


I don't think Drake is as "yes sir" as you think. He was complaining when he was sent to take care of a random soba shop owner.
Is he? i cant remember exactly.

But if X-Drake isn't always obey the rules, making X-Drake the man that Queen want to get rid off from Tobi roppo will make the story more interesting. Because at some point he will reveal himself as a snitch right?


Killua's Big Brother
Wow, the chapter is barely even out and the damage control within this thread is hilarious. Everyone and their mother took to Worstgen to protect Zoro....thats when you know things are bad:suresure:.

Zoro already worrying about the small wound Apoo gave him.

Who wouldve though, Mr Endurance would have fallen so low. Now hes even monolouging about how Apoo fucking his shit up.

Then you have fodder literally laughing at him whilst he runs away

What happened to

"I'll rather die then lose"
"A wound on ones back, is a shame to a swordsman"

Yet here you are running away from fodders and Apoo....someone who should be on your lvl.

Other great moments were calling fodder gifter's heavy hitters

If dude be thinking Gifters are strong no wonder he gets clowned by SN.

And the best part of it all, his fodder ass is already finding it hard to move cause of the cut.

Whilst Luffy took a torso ripping teching. Zoro took some arm lvl shit on his chest. Literally Luffy was talking about forcing there way through yet this dude Zoro changing the subject to not being able to move:milaugh:. Fucking fodder !

Great chapter. Atleast Apoo pushes Zoro the weaklings SN rankings down lmao.
Ah well, not even close to being as bad as the spoilers made it out to be.

- Apoo got some free shots in because one his ability is extremely tricky to figure out and two it started with a sneak.
- Zoro basically tanked that and moved on.
- Luffy was never out for the count, another one of these Babanuki/Ceaser "k.o" panels.
- Zoro's entrance was badass.

It's extremely interesting that the F6 are receiving that much hype. Apoo wants to become one as well as all of the Beast pirates, what's Oda planning with this?
And Queen has a personal vendetta against one of them ?

Is Queen vs Drake happening ?

Because Queen wouldn't hurt Black maria or Ulti, page one isn't taken serious enough and Oda teased Who's Who/Sasaki more. It's between them.
The worst generation went ham this chapter.

- Firstly Luffy going fear third and completely blowing his cover

- Then Zoro slicing up the tower making his badass entrance and blowing his cover

- Then Apoo attacking both Zoro and Luffy, Cutting Zoro and almost knocking out Luffy

- Then lastly the man himself Kid squashing Apoo like a bug.

This is why they’re called the worst generation !!!
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Good chapter it’s going to be 2 long weeks

queen about to clap a flying six

i see more people complaining about sanji fans than sanji fans

it’s nice to see apoo getting some attention tho i still rank him low among the supernovas.

brook vs apoo has a less chance of happening after this chapter
I know it’s unlikely but imagine if Queen gets clapped, That’d be Crazy lol
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