Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 986: My Name

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We can confirm Oden was the Strongest guy Kaido ever fought lol
No, the only one to wound him
The strongest person he fought are Roger WB or BM.
WB, BM, Shanks, couldn't scar him even when they clashed.
You are saying Oden is above Shanks BM WB? Above the hole Navy?

rookie Kaido had to fight for survival on rocks ship since they used to fight each other, Kaido never got scarred.

Oden is the person that made Kaido grow, he was too confident in his durability until oden battle
He was navive since he was young, I bet that's why he doesn't fight people in dragon mode anymore unless he is drunk.
WB, BM, Shanks, couldn't scar him even when they clashed
Because Kaido, BM and Shanks can clash for days without connecting their strongest attacks. Like Kaido and Big Mom fighting for days without injuring, but rather stalling each other. While Oden had a free shot basically, since Kaido's dragon form is an easy target.
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I guess? Not certain, would have to read that thread. Lol.
Lmao so I said "like 5" which means approximately
But now looking at this picture there are ONLY 3 GIFTERS, LMAO

The rest are either 7 pleasurers or 7 waiters

LUUL Zolo struggling vs 3 gifters
thanks for proving what a trashcan zoLo is
Lol kurwa he is fighting everyone he also said they dont only have numbers but quality he is fighting more than those three also the same goes for Kid
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