Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 986: My Name

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One thing that still bothers me

Oden words "don't ever come back to Wano again"
If you really thinking of killing the person or you can kill the person why say such words?

Even when Oden writes in his letter, he talks about beating Kaido not killing him.

Oden could have hurt Kaido badly the second time but I don't think he was gonna kill him or else he would not tell Kaido "don't come back"

Anyway, Kaido still has PTSD of the onlyan among top tiers to every wound his skin.

People that said Kaido won't have slumps or PIs moments... Stop downplaying BM for her PIS moments
Lmao so I said "like 5" which means approximately
But now looking at this picture there are ONLY 3 GIFTERS, LMAO

The rest are either 7 pleasurers or 7 waiters

LUUL Zolo struggling vs 3 gifters
thanks for proving what a trashcan zoLo is
Zoro said the deeper he goes the more power user there are. That means he is in a area where there are more power users or DF users. Like I said, there are more than 5. You just focus on the 3 of the ones we can clearly see.

Show me where Zoro is struggling like you claim. If you and your friends are fighting someone who is having problems beating you, you don't ask them to join you.

The facts Oda does not show the fight shows he didn't have any problems because that is how he writes those fights.
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Bruh stopped it...
Only Kaido was dealing with lots of retainers and was caught offguard by Neko. This is Kaido's L too.

King wasn't caught offguard, he's the first one to notice retainers among calamities. He got disarmed like a fodder lol
King thé Background. He's weak when it comes to battles.

Rip Orochi and Kanjuro

Zoro lol gifters are doing numbers on him, he's distressed too whole Kidd is enjoying himself and the blood on Kidd comes from fodders not Kidd.

What is Law up to?
Where are Sanji and Drake, Black Maria ?
Will Hawkins appear?

Can't wait for next chapter
WTF, Kid has someone's else blood coming from his mouth. Stop reaching so far.

Zoro is just a little dirty not hurt like Kid.
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