Break Week One Piece Chapter 987: Faithful Servant


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Same here. The worst part is when you see your friend who pass High School living by happy go lucky while you "tried" to get good grades and now he's working in the office because his uncle has connection.

He basically sits in front of a pc for 8 hours. Type some shit and done. Oh, and most of the time he watches youtube xDDD.
It's very hurting, i feel exactly the same and knows how it is. Especially when you add the fact that now you own parents believe you are dumber than these dudes that you IQ and grade mogged to hell and back during all your scholarship, but circumstances weren't with you.Just for that very feeling i want to restart from zero in another field sometimes.
Still hoping to see the rest of the Charlotte children that came to Wano arrive to Onigashima soon or we'll have to wait act 4 to finally see them in action.
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Other than Drake, I could see this happening. That’s when she’ll unleash her CoC and prove to be worthy of the succeeding the man she claims to be :myman:
Not that Coc will be much useful against the Flying Six who are far from no-named fodders.
Oh, I didn’t mean to imply Marco was also turning traitor...he proved his allegiance back in Marineford, and this move makes sense on its face. Might as well get Perospero to help thin the herd of Beasts so our favorite characters can face the important opponents unencumbered :kata:
oopsie did my post felt like "u implied Marco backstabbing"?:josad::josad:
i was actually supporting and continuing ur point:smithnie:. i know that u wont say something stupid like "Marco is a traitor":milaugh:
I basically lost my motivation to achieve something in life while in HS.
In HS i was literally very popular - because i tried my best in that regard, for me it was more brutal : It was the last year of UNI where everything become fucked, i could have become a top tier lawyer, because all the years before i had the marks for it, but just the idea of beeing a - very well paid - super wage cuck - basically 120 hours a week - just gave me depression, adding to the fact that i discovered the "looks pill" - and not that i was ugly but rather that i was frankly autistic in my approach with girls due to my low self esteem. All in All it's very sadfuel, but i guess it was our destiny. Since at the end of the day, no matter what, no matter how, all of us will become non existent, pure dust, in few years, it's a good way to cope with your current situation believe me : Rich, poor, healthy or whatever, dust awaits us.
I love it when my friends say to me: "Find some motivation and do it".

This is one of the rarest times I would love to choke my friends:milaugh::milaugh:
Ngl i reached the conclusion that as much as IQ and height is mostly genetic, motivation in the long run is also genetic. You are either made to be a good slave and finding it fine without questionning your world and it's alienation, or you are just not made for it. It's especially very accurate for people who are super sensitive.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Soon Denjiro will regret having just tied Sasaki up instead of killing him when he had the chance to do it without any problem.
Someone drag kurwa’s ass in here and make him read this...the guy couldn’t stop coming after me in the spoiler thread for that chapter after I said that Denjiro made Sasaki look like a dipshit by getting the jump on him so easily, but he should have knocked the F6 fucker out after the fact to eliminate one major threat AND hype the audience for the Scabbards just a bit more before this raid.
We need to ask @Jew D. Boy how to live.
He seems to be good in these kinds of things.
Teach us Jew-sama:finally:

I wish you the best of luck man and don't overwork yourself. It's not worth it:doffytroll::josad:
Same dear brother, i wish you the best and was happy to discuss with you, feel free to PM me if i'm still here.
Ngl J have understood everything, but to begin with they always were hard workers ngl.
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I wonder which Scabbards will go down first

Can't wait to see how this shall continue
Kinemon for the hype


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Lol now that I think about it. Oda doesn't give a fuck about power levels for real. ( I knew that before but still had hoped ).

I'm not going to be surprised if Rockstar solos Blackbeard crew:milaugh:
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