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I tried it with Wano but the low quality of this arc hit the sky.

It reminds me of a lot of Alabasta done worse. I literally don't give a f about people of Wano or whole orochi/oden thing.

I just want the story to move forward from this place
I don't care much about the Orochi/Oden thing too. If Orochi was the main villain of the arc and he was someone to be reckend with, I think I'd have like it better.

But I still have great expectation for Kaido moving foreward. Hope he doesn't diappoint.


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don't google translation sucks for every single language when you use to it for complete sentences and etc?
true actually, but from my own experience i think it's doing an ok job at english to and from other latin languages for ex (french, spanish, italian)... cant tell about others
He was well aware of Kuma being virtually unstoppable by the crew (including himself) and didn't put the swords on the left side not even once.
He was in middle of the fight, what was the point? Zoro is not going switch the sides of his swords in beedle of the action, it's about in which mentality you enter an island or ship. Zoro feels threaten only now knowing how strong Yonkos are and their crew but if he doesn't know how strong the enemy is then he will automatically think that he's stronger.
Despite my lack of empathy for this series I will but ngl. I don't care for the alliance members so deaths of people like scabbards momo or anyone else wont tear me up:kayneshrug:
I don't think anyone is going to cry for the Scabbards, the only death that can have the same impact as Ace's is Law's:choppawhat:
This is a mistake from Oda

Zoro is supposed to always wear his sword on the right and that's intentionally wrong

There's an old sbs asking why Zoro wears his swords on the wrong side and Oda says:
"Zoro has bad posture and he sort of leans to the left so if he wore his swords on the correct side, he would end up leaning even further off. So Zoro wears his swords on the wrong side to balance off his bad posture"
I think this whole setup is to culminate in the tragedy that will end Act 3 in Chapter 1000, then full war and action on the mainland in Act 4.
Lets wait
Your saying the action wont really start until chapter 1000? Thats kind of set up is ridiculous given the current circumstances, what are the characters going to be doing for 10 plus chapters?

Do im the only one who want to see more of the numbers and beeing happy that the chapter handle them?
They are more then just normal giants and I hope Oda can show it, gonna be interesting to see them in action.
Overall I hype for the chapter, xDrake,Numbers,WsW,Luffy+Zoro, probably strawhats,Queen and other stuffs get handle her.
Definitely hoping that the Number Franky shot is fine. He didn't get a title card yet so I figure he's probably okay. The other Numbers are laughing at him falling
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