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Same creator also confirmed that he likes the Davy Back Games.

Get ready to see some live action Foxy goodness.

Davy Back fights are important to the lore. Rocks pirates formed because of a Davy back fight. Blackbeard's living on the island the Davy back fight comes from. If you don't think it's coming back you got another think coming
here is the root of all problems .... when one claim something wrong and act as if it's canon

Novel said Yonko are strongest in all terms of power as a pirate , personal and man powerwise , both

denying that is not even logical

DB put Mihawk above Shanks in swordsmanshio
Manga never put Mihawk above Shanks and gave him far less good on screen feat
Manga show us Shanks = WB

so when Yonko are called STRONGEST PIRATES .... manga needs to specify what it means
but in a world where no one called Mihawk above Shanks
WSS title don't need to specify what it means

and this is not "double standard" to you?

Strongest Pirate
Strongest Swordsman

are same type of title .... but one of them have more weight to it and that's CLEARLY Strongest Pirate

just "one more" reason why Yonko > Mihawk .... add feats and story stand point and what we saw on MF clear things us even more

but it's funny that you can't acknowledge all of this
so just next time don't call "us" the ones with "double standard"
cause we are beating you "in your own game"

but again

you also said

Mihawk > Prime Beard

so .... Mihawk title make him above Shanks but Prime Beard title don't make him above Mihawk ?

for a moment I hoped you have a bit fairness in you .... but you want war .... we gladly keep giving you that than
Just one clash doesn't mean Shanks = WB. That's just delusional. We saw WB and Akainu clashing equally for one panel in Marineford and everyone knows what happened later on :kata:. Plus the Ace novel called the 4 Emperors the 4 Most Powerful Pirates. And there's a difference between Strongest and Powerful. Strongest only refers to individual strength while Powerful includes Influence and Strength
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