[FNZ] Light game Round 06 : The Bachelor Season 24: A Jester on the Flight

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relapse and Reborn are top two in my list of suspects so lynching either is ok for me. But again, I’m just a bit worried that Reborn might be the jester.

for now
Vote lynch Relapse @Dragomir


Begone, bad Spirits!
I'm wondering about the difference in votes between Relapse and Reborn though, because the Relapse case seems more suspicious. His lie about PMing me, his strange "producer" and his inconsistent play seems very mafia like
Yeah, but there barely is any point in lynching outed scum when we can kill them at night or lynch the next DP and still need more info on players.
Too busy to tally votes, and I still have work to do. I will change my vote though.

It looks like this is a race between Bogard and Reborn? Though I feel Reborn is in the lead by a bit.

I'm not sure that I'm favor of that and still do think that he should be killed by the vig. He's too out there. I expect a Relapse modkill.


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D1 Vote Tally
Don DaSlayer – 1 (Wanji)
Reborn – 3 (Flower, Don, Poison)
Flower – 1 (Relapse)
Relapse – 3 (Queen, Kiwi, Bogard)
Bogard – 1 (Finalbeta)
Poison – 1 (Reborn)
Homelander – 1 (Jinri)

Does this sound about right?


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Battle of the R's
With Reborn and Relapse both being tied for a lynch, the decision will be made by the RNG Gods! Which R name will it be? Reborn or Relapse? The chosen one is...

@Reborn Sydney, the Jester, has been lynched!
Unbeknownst to the girls on the show, Sydney had sex with Peter! In the next day phase, you all must contain salt, lots of salt, in your posts. Why? Cause Sydney had sex with your man.

Reborn has left a note for you.
"Ze ha ha ha ha ha...... thank you all for making Rebornimformer win on day 1 itself..I am proud of you all for playing in my favor"

It is Night 1. Please remember that at the last 8 hrs, night talk will be active.
I do not need to make an official announcement for y'all to start talking. You may began once 16 hrs is up.

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