[FNZ] Role Madness Round 08: Tokyo Ghoul

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Don DaSlayer

The Peerless swordsman
Oh really! Tell me what exactly you have talked?

This is what you said yesterday

And now you said this... quite a flip you have shown the moment you got opportunity

Hmmm... I guess I have to reconsider the opinion of others who were sussing you
So you sus me bc i sus you. Is that so chief. I already know you role. so stop coming at me.


Ghost Princess
I said if i get lynched then you all are gonna see what i am. Then ofc the other are going to sus you and cel bc you 2 started making everyone think that i am sus.

I don’t wanna vote cuz idk who the scum is. Its fckg day 1 Chief.
This makes no fucking sense. You are telling people to be suspicious of me and Celestia but you don't believe we are scum?
You give me the vibe of someone who is afraid of jumping onto the Celestia wagon, almost the way TAC was defending her.

The only person here that i trust here is Reborn. If someone has a protective role. Protect him at all costs.
And now Drago is dead.
But this point is weak, I doubt townies would listen to you specifically.

TAC was probably killed by the Serial Killer/other Mafia faction. Vigilantes usually do not act on Night 1.
This strikes me as odd. I don't see the benefit for the SK to kill TAC specifically. Unless if the SK believed that he was killing a townie, I don't see why SK would target scum so early.

Only few casted votes on ces, Some Votes were scattered and some didn't cast vote. This clearly means that if not all then most scum took the back seat like tac
Last day phase, you were asking people about their opinions on lynching vs not lynching. Did what they say match with their actual actions?

I'll have to go back and read it

Last day i didn’t jump on the train to lynch Celestia.
So? This was the weirdest part for me, you suspected Celestia yet didn't want to vote her.

i wasnt scum when I voted tac last round .
Why are you bringing up past game experience? We get it, scum may defend their buddies or they might also egg on and vote them. This tells me nothing except that I see both strategies present between you and TAC's reaction just like Bogard mentioned.

You defended TAC first, then TAC tried to distance from you.

Not gonna lie Celestia kinda fucked up yesterday. She called me bad and Ha neutral for the same reason and the she ended voting Ha. That’s what made her sus yesterday.
Oh great, now you're blaming Celestia for acting suspicious, which means that you suspected her. Yet. You. DIdn't. Vote. For. Her.

There is one more thing he said which is important to highlight

Scums are hidden in Players who voted other than Celestia and who didn't vote at all.
I see where Drago is coming from, the people who voted Celestia were:

Both Reborn and Drago I had strong town reads on. As for HA001, he had a reason to do so since Celestia was coming for him. Lastly, Rej I'm sitting on the fence. Could of been mafia joining the wagon but with TAC defending Celestia, I feel that the mafia were afraid of joining the Celestia lynch. Nonetheless, this doesn't townclear Rej for me. Just, he doesn't seem like a big suspect.

Moving on, let's not forget about Playa's last minute switch from Yo Tan Wa to Celestia.

Vote Lynch @Don DaSlayer

He's a terrible player and I want him out so he stops muddling my reads. He has only been a detriment to Town throughout this game and doesn't seem like he's going to change. The sooner he gets out the better. If he's Town, I don't really care; he's not like he was helping in the first place.
What are you trying to say Cinera? That Don is suspicious or that he is a terrible player?
I do think Don is suspicious and I also said that I am not against your strategy of taking out bad players but that only applies in cases where we have no direction. And right now, we have other players to take a look at. Yet you are fixated on voting Don for being a bad player and interfering with your reads. Why not talk about his actions or gameplay?

This seems like an excuse that if Don somehow flips town, you have something to fall back to.
Where’s @Rej the town carrier.:gokulaugh:.
I like him he seems like jester to me.
Not this deflection again.

Because Finalbeta and Cinera at least contributed in helping town to catch scum. You on the other hand not only was fairly inactive, but most of the posts you had even while active weren't even contributive outside of few attempts to protect TAC
So not only you weren't active, you were contributing nothing outside of few posts supporting TAC

And by the end, TAC seemingly tried to portray you in a scummy fashion: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/round-08-tokyo-ghoul.4223/page-28#post-369246

While trying to set aside the few moments you were supporting him

And placing you in his list of suspicious players alongside Neutralwatcher, but not at top suspicious which was me

Which is a common scum strategy to seperate yourself from your scum partner while attempting to lure in another town as a distraction

And you know another thing i find funny? It's that you are much more active now than in the previous day phase. Feeling pressured?
This is a good point
Well i don't blame you to believe so considering my initial aggressive strategy on him was indeed week. A bit of luck played in my favor to lure TAC out there due to him being my first target but through arguments i was having with him, it became clear to me he was scum, as explained here: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/round-08-tokyo-ghoul.4223/page-16#post-367768
@bold when Tac flipped Mafia, my first thought was Bogard sussed him so strongly on such weak claim due to Night phase. That made sense to me.

Bt it appears to be pure luck, I guess your gut feeling was on point.

Tho that doesn't really confirms you are townie for me. Your engagement with Tac really was scummy.
the Mislynch on Celestia is the exact reason I was mainly willing to Lynch @Don DaSlayer. If we considered the possibility that our Scum read was actually Town, then the player for whom I would regret mislynching the least is @Don DaSlayer.
I really don't understand you Cinera. At one side i can't see a scum being so bold about his moves to push someone, just based on inactivity n terrible gameplay, at other hand i also can't see eye to eye with how a townie would push for inactiveness as a reason to lynch instead of sus when this is basically why we got 48 hours on our side? Plus Dragomir reason for how even a mislynch benefit us more.

You gameplay also feels different than last one, if i remember correctly you didn't try lynching based on inactiveness and terrible gameplay last game, when we had only 24 hours, why? Why change it nw?

He was janitored this means that the person who killed him erased his role and his alignement so we cannot see it.
I am assuming only Mafia would be benefited from such to not get aware of abilities, it won't benefit Town to clean a body since Mafia are already aware of abilities.
Which means Mafia killed Dragomir(suggesting he was townie) and also cleaned his body, so we might not get more idea bout eavh other roles to figure things out.
well who voted on celestia isnt a good basis to judge scum.
I should know first hand
i wasnt scum when I voted tac last round . it pins a target on the voter if the person would flip town. No smart scum would want that big target on themselves. I was personally asleep and woke up to the info day phase had ended before I could cast a vote and honestly speaking
it would have been on celestia as well.
Maybe not, bt voting and not voting are the only major clues we get from D1, we got to make something out of it.

It might not even have tk hint someone scum, bt can also be used to get hints who might be townies.

Maybe because he had right reads, or DonDaSlayer should be framed...dunno
Caught you, scum.

Silently passing sus on someone while laying low?
my vote rly didn't matter in the end, I just did it for solidarity, just look how my vote in the end came, so scummy that it's to good to belong to scum
Unless you had prepared this in mind beforehand.

You just vote with no particular sus on Celestia? And you say a vote doesn't matter? Lame excuse.
I would tend to still keep a solid eye on Rej.

He claimed to be the one who would have carried town however the way he behaved during the end of the last day phase is even more off than his persistent lack of contribution.

He affirmed that he might have voted for Celestia if someone had given him a good reason to, then asked what the case on Celestia was, lastly voted her during the latest minutes despite no one had answered him in both occasions. He also claimed he would catch up to 30 pages, which goes wall against wall with what his claimed intention apparently was at the game beginning.

Look at this in particular

He is voting someone and yet claiming he is up for voting someone else under a good reason.

This is generally the kind of post only someone who isn't interested in lynching either one over the other and viceversa would make, expecially in that he had a solid read on Rayan and yet he immediately brought Celestia up.
I read on you so far is townie Final Beta. Also on Jew n Reborn. Rest i have no clear idea bout or i sus em.

Some voted against Celestia earlier, other jumped on her bandwagon at the last minutes, so this can mean different things with different motivations.

I understand you back seat opinions but nothing is certain at all
For some reason, I just don't feel any sus vibes coming from you. I hope it's not simply because you are fellow S fan. 👊

Don DaSlayer

The Peerless swordsman
What happened to reborn he disappeared? Can someone find him from me?
Also it seems like Kiwi and Cin
Don't try to act smart don

Only way you can Know my role is when you are mafia.

You pretending to know my role is absurd claim especially when you called for my protection and sus drago to lead Lynch...

Try harder
Im not an actor. I don’t like acting.That is not my thing.:cheers:


Lazy is the way
I am assuming only Mafia would be benefited from such to not get aware of abilities, it won't benefit Town to clean a body since Mafia are already aware of abilities.
Which means Mafia killed Dragomir(suggesting he was townie) and also cleaned his body, so we might not get more idea bout eavh other roles to figure things out.
I agree from what I saw janitor is a mafia power, and this allows to hide from us the power and alignment of the dead. So there are good chance that the dead people is townie. But I think it can be a smart move to janitor an independant player because it will lead town to believe that one town is dead, and bring confusion and miscalculations upon the town about the number of townies independant etc.
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