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Host: @Dragomir

Alive Players:
1. @Jew D. Boy
5. @Midnight Delight
6. @Zara
10. @Tris
15. @Rej

4. @Marimo_420 - Godfather - Killed Night 2
7. @Flower - Bodyguard - Killed Night 2
11. @Gambit - Retributionist - Lynched Day 2
3. @TheAncientCenturion - Jester - Killed Night 3
14. @Finalbeta - Trapper - Killed Night 3
2. @Natalija - Arsonist - Lynched Day 3
9. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE - Tracker - Killed Night 4
12. @Seth - Sheriff - Killed Night 4
8. @Queen - Witch - Lynched Day 4
13. @krogothwolf - Vigilante - Killed Night 5
16. @Melontonin - Bodyguard - Killed Night 5

Write-ups & Phases:
Night 1
Day 1
Night 2
Day 2
Night 3
Day 3
Night 4
Day 4
Night 5
Day 5

Rules for this game:
  • All types of claims are allowed.
  • 24/24-hour cycles.
  • Mafia can speak during the DAY and NIGHT
  • There WILL be a trial phase.
  • Majority lynch is in effect.
  • Whispering is allowed. Only one whisper per person per day. You may only receive one whisper per day.
  • There is NOT a minimum post quota.
  • Death Notes are allowed. You must write it in your role pm for it to count. You can write whatever you want. It is not required.
  • There will not be a dead chat. The game size is too small for it and I doubt it'll be all that active.
  • In the wiki it states that coven expansion roles are exclusive to coven games only, however, that does not apply to this game. Coven roles can exist for this one.

It is now the Evening Phase. You are free to discuss whatever and I will end it when the time is right. Enjoy and good luck!
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Good evening fellow citizens. It's nice to be able to play Mafia once again, after all this time. I hope to spend some delightful moments for old times' sake.


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This might be a bit off topic but since it's evening I will break it down.

Even though I thoroughly detest post timeskip sanji and most strawhats, that pic isn't a dig at sanji but rather his fans. His extreme fans.

Them fans that were being extremely toxic and vulgar towards Zoro fans due to our expections in the wano arc and Kaido.

Now that they've finally accepted that Zoro will take part in the main battle, and the fact that Zoro will inevitably scar/cut/kill Kaido, I've seen the same people say Sanji can now magically do it too.

This is for them. I'm not letting go. It's not towards Sanji or his largely decent fanbase.

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