[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

  • Total voters
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I feel opportunistic vibes here, specially the shading of Ali, that shit was confusing for me as well, along with others I believe. There is a possibility that you and rej could be scums unless you can point out something strong to deny that, specially because you got healed. With all the overwhelming evidence against rej, this feels like last ditch effort to distance and gain town credit before the inevitable Rej lynch/kill
Are you saying this with a straight face?

as for me, if you think I am telling the truth, that must imply that Melkor is lying? What do you think of that?
I'm not too sure if you're telling the truth, sir. We'll have to see about that.


So @Lord Melkor visited @Natalija

LM said he saw Rej visit Nat.

Nat called BS because Nat RB’d LM.

But then Rej says that they jailed Nat which canceled their RB on LM.

This doesn’t add up anymore. At all.
Rej didn't jail Nat. He blocked her. From what he was claiming, he apparently used both a heal and block at once N1 which would make him sound like a jailkeeper since the jail functions as a block and protection at the same time.
If my claim was false i think the town tracker would counterclaim.

But results seems not that reliable with all these resirects etc flying around.
Aether claimed tracker.
He is a confirmed Neutral.
eh ask him,
He admitted this sometime?


I'm confirmed town you ding dong, wtf.


There's no "Tina!"
D3 Vote Count - 1

Aether: TAC -> LM
Natalija: ALi
QueenEmilia: Rej -> LM
Underworld Broker: ALI
ALI -> Rej -> ALI -> Rej -> ALI
Lord Melkor: Hayumi
ThisAncientCent: LM -> Ekko -> Rej -> ALI
Ekkologix: Misty -> Rej -> Misty -> ALI
T-Pein: Misty -> Rej -> ALI -> LM
Dragomir: Rej -> ALI
Destroya: Ekko -> ALI
Melontonin: ALI
ALI: Rej
Conquistador: ALI
Hayumi: ALI
MistyCatGodess: ALI
Dynamite: ALI

ALI - 12
LM - 3
Rej/Hayumi - 1

Correct me if I made any mistakes.

well guess what we got ourselves a scum huh

Vote Lynch TAC

i saw you visited LM, yourself and Nick, care to explain?
misty and rej are scums im calling it out rn

Vote Lynch Lord Melkor
I didn’t like Cal in that slot before and until @ALI! answers that demand Im gonna park my vote on him.

Vote lynch Ali.
[Vote Lynch Hayumi]

Do you have anything to contribute other than this miller claim? Any actions or reads?
[vote lynch Lord Melkor]

ThisAncientCenturion feels content to keep this here for right now.
nice kill failed on misty

[vote lynch misty]
[vote lynch misty]


[Vote lynch Usopp]
I really want Ali dead lol.

But. I guess we need to find out how credible T-Pein & Emilia are today before we go into the night phase.

Vote lynch Rej. @Lindltaylor @Flower
lets get it

[vote lynch rej]
[vote lynch rej]

jean as scum is borderline bastard btw
im gna look silly if he flips scum
Vote Lynch Ekko

Right. Then he needs to be the lynch.

Vote Lynch Ali
[vote lynch Rej] @Flower @Lindltaylor
[Vote lynch Abi] @Flower @Lindltaylor


Vote lynch rej.

now enough with wasting vig shots based on assumptions.

Vote Lynch Ali
Vote Lynch Ali. It's over.

Full claim if you don't wanna die.
day 1 i said one of rej/uwu has to be scum cuz ppl with flavor that arent contributing r scum

i take this as an absolute win

[vote lynch misty]
Ok go off.

[Vote Lynch Ali]
Vote lynch Ali
@Lindltaylor @Flower

No brainer this one
okay im in it for fun vote <melkor>


I am just saying i am town. You are either wrong or trying to make a narrative.

Other than this tracking stuff i have offensive ability with fiery arrows and defensive one called gliding champion anyway. Since everyone seems to be claiming.
Why do you guys have all these abilities when I, the protagonist of the game, am just a simple role blocker?

Tell me what these two abilities do.
Is it just me but so far most characters seem.JOAT wheres mine is singled on one thing
Rej claimed to have multiple abilities --> flipped scum. Ali is claiming all these abilities --> will flip scum. Now Melkor is claiming to be a multi-ability role. Seems to me that there's a pattern here.
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