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You read TAC as town too, what's so strange about Rhea reading him as one? She's not dealing with spam so she is possibly more objective.

He's nerfed. He came out to say something about Tris. If he's scum, that makes him the worst one ever. I don't see this happening :kayneshrug:
i agree he isnt my worst scum read
but again in the long run
we need to be decisive with this .
also use your action
you stated you could help in some form....


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Vote count

Robin -> Tobi
Fuji -> midnight -> ussopp ->flower -> lithium-ion
Luthon -> Tobi -> midnight -> ussopp -> queen-> usopp
Mango -> lithium-ion
Usooop -> Robin -> fuji -> flower -> Robin -> lithium
Lind -> lanji -> lithium -> usoop -> oddodd->usopp
Midnight -> nat -> usopp -> lanji
Lanji -> trimmer -> ussopp -lithium
JDB -> Lithium -> flower -> Robin -> lithium
Oddodd -> ussopp
Sera -> midnight -> lithium-ion
Marimo -> lanji
Nat -> ussopp
Beta - lithium
Tris -> Lithium
Flower -> Usoop -> Queen -> usopp
T - Pain - Luthon
Kvoth -> lithium

Votes (May not reflect actual value)
Lithium-ion - 10
Ussoopp - 5
Lanji - 2
- 1​

Lithium ion is set for the lynch


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Finally this phase is over 🙏🙏

Town scum reading had been top notch this game. Smh I guess town gonna be town 😂

@LuthonTheDragDown [Hades] has been lynched

You are Hades!

[Passive - Luffy Fanclub Leader] - Hades is known for his love for Luffy on the Worstgen forum and considered to be the leader of his Fanclub. At the start of the game, Hades must select 2 players and they will become the member of Luffy Fanclub. They will only learn that they've become the member of his Fanclub, they will not learn what it entails.
--- [Luffys Fans Don't Collide] - Hades is immune to the vote and hostile actions of Fanclub members.
--- [Defending] - In order to defend his fellow club member, hades has no choice but to counter with resistance. Hades must always defend his club members, and try his best to make sure they don't get lynched. Even if he believes them to be guilty
--- [Support] - Of course one could choose to just blind eye Luffy fan without feeling guilty, but the problem was they always support fellow fans. If a member asks people to vote for someone, Hades must always vote alongside them. If both members need support, they will automatically play a game of [Rock, Paper, and Scissor], the winner will have the support of Hades.
--- [No Arguing Between Each Other] - Friends of Luffy fans don't collide, otherwise, that's the end of a peaceful discussion of their beloved One Piece manga they have sought. If by any chance one of his club members is mafia then abilities performed by his faction will only have 30% chances of success on Hades.
--- [We Don't Sell Out Friends] - Luffy fans don't sell out their fellow club members. Hades may never reveal information he's learned about his club members in the thread.
--- [Toegther We Strong] - Minor setback? Guess they will make a major comeback. if all club members voting for the same person their vote will be doubled.
--- [We Are The same] - They know... They are one and the same, connected, by that one feeling. Hades must never talk about this passive and member of Luffy Fanclub at the risk of being role-crushed for the remainder of the game.
--- [Looking Out] - Hades checks out his club member. During the even nights, Hades may choose one of his club members and learn who visited them. A club member will receive an [Freedom] if they were visited by only Innocent players, or an [Grounded] if they were visited by at least one Guilty player.
--- [Going Too Hard] - If All of the club members target the same player it will result in the player dying from getting bodied. [2-Shots]
--- [Great Debate Training] -
Hade must take care of his fellow club member to train them to defend Luffy in great debates. Once during the game, Hades may select one of the club members and upgrade their role at the discretion of the host. [1-shot]

[Passive - Composure] - Hades is aided by his unnervingly stoic and calm demeanor, never losing his composure no matter how hard people push him into the argument. He is immune to role-blocks and his actions will always find their target.

[Active - Evidence To Back Up] - When a fellow Luffy fan debating he will have a script written for the proofs to prove Luffy greatness. Each night, he may target a player and if an ability fails on them, he'll perform it. He'll learn the effects of the ability he performed and gain a one-shot version of it, however, he'll not know who attempted to perform it.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats Town

Night 2 has begin
You have around 22 hours to submit night actions.



Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One

Begining of day 3 will be delayed because I am a bit busy because of the reason you are already aware of. Will try to start asap.

[Do not post]


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
The never ending night 2 finally ended lol

Someone [??] Killed @LANJI CUCKSMOKE
His role was [??]

Someone [??] Killed @RheanaeL [Bangmi]

You are BangMi!!

[Passive - Spoiler Provider] - Providing spoilers is risky work as intelligence is always on alert to catch such people. Thus, people's often stay low key when involved in providing spoilers. As such, you cannot claim anything regarding your role including night actions and character name. If you violated this then you will pay heavily.

[Active - Real Informer] - You have reputation of providing real spoilers. As a result, each night, you may target a player and discern their alignment. You will receive results in the form of [Innocent] or [Guilty].

[Active - spoilers] - During the night, he may have the host post something on his behalf on the next day write-up. [2-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to town

Someone [??] tried to kill [??] but failed.

Someone [??] got converted last night

Day 3 begins

You have 24 hours to discuss

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