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I'm curious on why did mafia kill me since my ability was not all that strong. I guess they killed me because they knew I was not cult since I was tunneling on odd before I died and they wanted to kill town and try to lynch cult.


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There’s a term in baseball, a “tough out,” basically meaning someone who manages to do something useful for their team anytime at bat; whether it’s a hit, a homer, a walk, a hit by pitch, whatever they have to do to wear the opposing pitcher down and get on base is exactly what they’ll do. They grind down on any pitch they see and work the count until they get precisely what they’re looking for, then they just turn it on and bust the game up for the better of their squad. In short, their tenacity gets them way further than their other missteps should theoretically allow.

You are a fucking IMPOSSIBLE out in this game, I’ll never understand how you pull this shit off every helps that the rest of us are truly terrible at getting anything right when it counts, but credit where it’s due, you are the best of an incredibly witless group :myman:
Flower wasn't scum mate.


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
im confused why didnt flower fake claim a cop that got guilty result on jdb

she wud get jdb lynched that way, then wen he flips town they lynch her next day and she wins lmao

she loves fake claiming cop anyway :sadgrin:


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Can I please have a review
Ya sure.

Hold on for sometimes
u shud do a detailed one and put it on the thread later

take a break now go sleep or w.e then do it in the morning lol

u probaably wont remember the players that died early on as much
Its morning time for me but have to get ready for work lol

I won't give detailed reviews to everyone but will definitely have something to say on gameplay of some .

for starters,

@oddoddfruit Dude you have really good skills of deceiving people with the BS you cook Lol Enjoyed your posts. Your actions were also spot on. Not to mention that you were the first player and I guess only one to catch all mafia members via read.

However, I would advice you not to take any decision when you get angry or lose cool. It affects your rational take on the situation big time. It's better to take a break in such situation.

@Lindltaylor I would advice you the same. You were reading fine but were too paranoid to think clearly. You were looking genuinely confused. It's always good to take a break in such situation and come back when clear headed.

I have something important to tell you on your gameplay but not here. Ask me in pm.

For the rest...later lol
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