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Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
oh we won

ya it turns out survivors can be culted

only usopp knew
wp ningen :endthis:

oh i wouldnt say i "knew" but had a feeling u wud make the perfect cult if indies were cultable. certainly i woulda questioned u lots more if i was alive on that end game

of all the ppl, i dont notice a big change of playstyle (yet)

lots of ppl r good cult candidates. someone whose just a survivor like kvothe is an EXCELENT cult candidate if there is no mafia

be on the lookout for that
r u cultable? how do we know u arent culted
can indies be culted? I didn't get any notification in my role pm

I'm not sure if they want my abilities since I had already admitted that my abilities are RNG
that was about it lol
didnt live long enough to find out


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
i even mentioned ur good cult candidate if there is no mafia cuz thats the only scenario where i assumed indies r maybe cultable

how naive i was


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
k lets remove beta. he sent no action twice and wont say why but atleast hes here and answering
now we r left with these

1) @RayanOO
9) @Natalija
10) @Lindltaylor
12) @RheanaeL
17) @Seraphoenix
20) @Marimo_420

in addition to who ever we dont lynch from @oddoddfruit or @Tris today and that's the current vig pool
id say this is pretty darn good vig pool for day 2

3 scums and odd in it

took lind out of it after couple posts and was gna take tris out if odd flips scum


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
The reason you died is because I felt like killing you
well i was certainly no threat to u cuz my role was weak af i cant kill u, and if i killed town i get hard punished

i porbabaly cant kill any mafia too, but i guess was there to tickle them

its unbelivable tho u kill me a claimed vig in broad daylight and not get lynched right away :milaugh:


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
im not even sure is this insane scumsopp downplay or insane odd mind fucked everybody or both

because definitely scum usopp tells every1 his vig list and tries to work it out with town
Final Write UP

Finally, this game is coming to an end. 3 weeks..huh😅

When I started this game never I thought that this game would end up going this big - 657 pages 😅

Kudos to all the players who invested their time and energy in playing this game. Thank you all😃 I appreciate the hard work you all put in playing this game.

This game has been a rollercoaster ride for both players and the hosts.

It has been great learning experience for a noob host like me. I won't shy in admitting and accepting the full responsibility of this game being slightly imbalanced and some mistakes(Nothing major of course) that occur in processing night actions. So I apologise for this.

Also, I would like to extend my thank you to @Noctis who helped in making roles @Dragomir for being good support system despite not being part of the game and most importantly @AL sama who guided me with his one liner 😜 at all stages of the game and has been tremendous support in past 3 weeks.

@Jew D. Boy has been lynched.

You are Luthon!!

[Passive - Tinky Winky] - who even named you this? Everyday you have to wink in your posts whenever someone will cast vote against you.

[Active - Bet Loser] - Luthon has history of losing bet #ZKK🤭 Luthon may target a player and invite them to place a bet. His target may refuse, however, they will be roleblocked. If Luthon loses, he may target his opponent from the abilities below. If he wins, then that would be the first time in his life and he will give one additional vote to the opponent out of sheer joy.
--- [Roleblock] - You can role-block your target for the cycle. [2-shots]
--- [Vote-silenced]
- You can Vote-silence your target for the cycle.
--- [Flavor] - You can learn your target Flavor. [1-shot]
--- [Role-Crush] - You role-crush your target for a cycle. [1-shot]
--- [Heal]
- You may choose to defend your target. Protect them from a regular kill. [1-shot]

[Active - Ancient zoans] - Luthon not only has interest in extinct species but also fan of ancient zoans of beast pirates. You may target a player to give them a temporary Strong modifier, preventing interference with their actions. [1-Cycle Cooldown]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

With this, The informers (cult) - @oddoddfruit @Kvothe Kingkiller @MangoSenpai and also Lanji 1.0 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE has gained parity with town and thus are the WINNERS of the GAME

Town, Mafia and @Flower has lost the game.

Congratulations to the winners (Cult) 👍 🏆

You all can vote for Town MVP, Scum MVP and whole game MVP.

For me

@Queen is town MVP for her brilliant night actions and town leadership. Special mention of @T-Pein™ and @Marimo_420

@oddoddfruit is scum MVP for his massive kills and confusing town for 4 days. Special mention of @Natalija for leading mafia with good display both in mafia chat and game thread and @Kvothe Kingkiller for showing perseverance and consistency in game.

Overall MVP for me is hard to decide but if there is anyone who deserves the most then it's @Queen. She has been simply outstanding.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoyed the game

thanks for the game even tho i subbed out 😅

also do u mind posting all the roles? :neesama:
Well tbh you shouldn't have done this.

The primary reason is you would have become reborn and thus would have gained his role. Thuse, Risking yourself to save your teammate so that he can survive just one more phase isn't worth it especially when you would be taking his role.

But it got over looked by town so no issue. Just be careful with this because if Juliet wouldn't have died then you would be the one getting exposed and thereby whole faction getting outed..
ye i get that but in the past when I buss my teammate, i end up hurting myself more (I like to bus my partners a lot actually to get town cred)

but at the time I was thinking, getting rid of another townie and letting odd live another phase outweighs my risk of getting caught. Plus I wanted to use the Lanji role longer for more kills (I was unaware if i become reborn, the next cult member would be lanji or if the role died)

so yeah I'll take the L if I need to but my thought process was I'm ok with being in the spotlight, I want to see if I can talk myself out of it.
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