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Dude I read every post, I know you wanted to revive him. You only like him because when he threw the game, he threw it in your direction. I hate gamethrowers of all types myself and have lost all respect for Mango
Nah I like him cause he’s fun. He made Mel his slave which I found funny as hell, and I like Kurapika as a character. Idk man, it was just a blast to have him around.
I think my man just wanted to have fun and we had fun together, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter to him to win as much as it does to you my friend. I’d love to be able to play with him again just for that. And you were funny too.
Lighten up bb.
I've dealt with so many gamethrowers that I have zero tolerance for them. It comes in time, the finalbetas, the alibabas, they ruin games


I got 2 awesome random abilities from Constanza :

[Active - Import/Export] - One of George's many profession is that of an Importer/Exporter. Each cycle, George may target a player and import their role. He will learn their full role. Upon a second importation, he may use his target's role during that cycle. Anytime, he targets a player for the second time, he will export his voting power and they will gain it during that phase.

[Active - Pilot] - Once during the game, George may pitch a [Pilot] to the host and ask for volunteer actors in the thread via a subsequent write-up. The Pilot requires 5 volunteers. If he gets them, it is a go. As the writer, he will control the actions of the 5 actors during the shooting and have them follow his script. [1-shot]

That, Pilot is umm the fake WU about covid volunteers is design by Typo.
The Beautiful Boys Mafia


Frank Reynolds – @Lindltaylor
"I don’t know how many years on this earth I’ve got left. But I’m gonna get real weird with it."

[Passive - Fringe Class] - Frank lives on what he calls the "Fringe class", a dirty bachelor life with no restraints. He lives in complete squalor and nothing can faze him anymore. He is immune to role-crushes, poisoning and most debuffs.

[Passive - War Veteran] - Having fought in the Vietnam War, Frank is a brave war veteran. He has a voting power of three.

[Passive - Business Man] - Frank is a very successful and wealthy man. He starts the game with 2 Million Berrys.
--- [Get Rich Or Die Trying] - Frank is an expert at making money and fast through some very legal and very safe investment strategies. Each cycle, he may post a message in the thread promoting an object that he's selling. He must create the effect of the tool, and put a price on it, before activating this ability. It is all scam, and the products do not work as advertised. Frank will pocket the money, and he gains an immunity against anyone that purchases from him.

[Passive - American Hero] - Frank doesn't leave anything to chance anymore, he's always strapped with his 2 pieces. If a player targets him with a negative action, Frank will shoot them. However, since he doesn't see too good unfortunately, the shot has only 35% chance of hitting the target.
--- [Blasting] - Frank doesn't quit. If he misses, he'll shoot them again the following phase.

[Passive - The Troll Toll] - At the end of each cycle, Frank learns the identity of every player that have targeted him or his team. He will also learn if him or one of his teammates have been investigated. If a player targets members of his team twice in the same cycle, Frank will learn their role.

[Active - The FRANK System] - Each day, Frank may drop 2 large sized condom next to 2 different posts of his choice. The player posting on that number will be informed, and they must either pick it up or not. If they do, Frank will learn their full role and gain control of it during the rest of the cycle. If they refuse, the shock of Frank's disgusting behavior will leave them at a loss of votes.

[Active - Torture] - Frank is an expert at waterboarding. Each cycle, he may target 2 players and start torturing them. He will start a private chat with each of them, and begin questioning them. Each phase, he may ask a question. The first time they lie to him, he will steal their vote and learn their role. The second time, he will role-block them that phase. The third time, he will role-crush them permanently until they answer truthfully.

[Active - Pump and Dump] - Each day, Frank may choose 2 words. He'll invest in the first, and publicly make the second "taboo". As is customary with him, the second word isn't actually turned taboo. For each 5 instances of the first word being used to replace the second due to the taboo scare, he may invest the gains into one of his teammates enabling them to perform their actions a second time. He may not double the same ability more than once. He may not use the same combination of words more than once.

[Active - Casino] - If he fails to sell any item two cycles in a row, Frank will turn towards this new business plan and start building a casino in the game. He will choose a Grove location and place a casino there. The construction will last a full phase, during which he must choose 5 different games that will be played in his casino. He sets the rules as well as the ticket prices. Each player visiting the Grove where his casino is located will receive the option of entering it alongside their Grove write-up. Frank gains a cycle immunity against any player that visits his casino, and he will learn their role and identity. If a player visits his casino twice, he will learn their full role and develop a permanent immunity. If a player visits his casino a third time, he will gain access to their abilities that night, as well as during any further visit.
--- [Russian Roulette] - Twice during the game, Frank may select two players that have visited more than once and have them player a round of this game. The hosts will roll a dice for both, the player with the lowest dice roll will be super-killed.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Mafia

Skull Knight – @AL sama
"When you confront those who lurk in the darkness, you also envelop yourself in it."

[Passive - Holy War] - Skull Knight is a self-proclaimed "foe of the inhumans" having waged war against demonkind for a millennium. As the foe to inhumans, Skull Knight has developed extensive knowledge about them. He is immune to the actions of non-humans, and will be informed any time a non-human character targets him. If he's targeted twice by the same non-human character, he will learn their identity and role name. The third time, he will learn their full role. If they target him a fourth time, he will kill them. A vote against him at day's end counts as an action targeting him.
--- [Inhumans] - If Skulls Knights performs the factional kill against a non-human character, it will be upgrade it into a super-kill.

[Passive - Millenium] - Approximately 1000 years old, Skull Knight possess tremendous knowledge of the world and the events surrounding it. He knows things that no mortal should have knowledge of. At the start of the game, he learns the identity of 75% of the roles that made it into the game. Each phase, he will learn about a new one. Having a remarkable foresight regarding the flow of causality, Skull Knight is immune to any reactive ability and he will evade the first negative action targeting him each phase.

[Passive - Horseback] - Possessing a horse that is both fast and agile, almost always atop his horse companion even when fighting. He is immune to Trackers and Watchers, and only players that have voted for him can Role-Block him during a cycle.

[Active - Swordsmanship] - As his most attributable skill, the Skull Knight's swordsmanship is masterful, allowing him to easily dispatch of his enemies with a mere stroke of his sword. Each phase, he may target a player and role-block them. This bypasses immunity.
--- [Slice] - If he targets the same player twice, he will destroy one of their abilities permanently and drain them from their vote temporarily. If he target the same player a third time, he will role-crush them permanently.
--- [Dice] - If Skull Knight performs the factional kill, he will always janitor the role of the target.

[Active - Sword of Beherits] - The Skull Knight possesses a sword technique whereby he coats his sword with beherits, spiritual stone objects. In this form, he may use the following abilities:
--- [Abyssal Vortex] - One stroke of his sword alone operates on a dimensional scale, he is able to form vortexes to trap his enemies. Each phase, he may target 2 players and trap them in a Vortex, making them unable to vote nor target him and his allies. He may not target the same player more than twice.
--- [Portal] - At night, Skull Knight may open a portal next to a target of his choice, that leads to another location on the players list. Any ability targeting the first player will also affect the secondary player during the night. This doesn't apply to certain abilities, including the factional kill.
--- [The Great Roar] - Day 2 or later, Skull Knight may target a player with a space-cleaving stroke of his world. He will super-kill them, and janitor their role. This will trigger the [Great Roar of the Astral World], a night phase where everyone may post and a lynch will occur. During the event, everyone is role-blocked except Griffith. [1-shot]

Lara Croft – @Rheanael / @Yo Tan Wa
“Everything lost is meant to be found.”

[Passive - Incarnations] - Throughout the years, Lara has existed in multiple universes as different incarnations. The Lara Croft role is immune to kills, anytime its current incarnation dies, they will simply show up as their alignment. A phase later, a new player will join the game and be reincarnated as Lara. This is only possible if another member of her Mafia is still alive. If she's the last member alive, she will leave the game.

[Passie - Icon] - Lara Croft is an icon of not only gaming, but pop culture in general. She gains an immunity against any player that make positives remarks about her in the thread. Her being the character, and the current incarnation.

[Active - Archaeologist] - Each phase, Lara may target a write-up and learn the identity of any [???] present in it as well as the effects of each ability performed in it. This may fail on certain abilities.

[Active - Tomb Raider] - Each phase, Lara may target a dead player and gain one of their abilities at random as artifacts. This may fail on certain roles.
--- [Looting] - If she performs the factional kill, Lara may choose an ability from them and gain it. This may fail on certain abilities.

[Active - Utility Belt] - As an adventurer, Lara uses several tools and accessories in her expeditions. They range from survivors kits to weapons for her defense.
--- [Explosive] - Each day, Lara can attach an explosive to 3 post numbers. It will explode, and role-block the person posting at that number in the thread.
--- [Bows] -
Using a special arrow type laced with an hallucinogenic pollen that causes very intense and scary hallucinations, Lara may target a player and poison them with it. Their actions will be randomized for the next 2 cycles unless they're healed.
--- [Grapling Hook] - Using it to swinging around, Lara can bus-drive herself with a target of her choice. [3-shots]

Usopp – @RayanOO
"Man or child, strong or weak, none of those matter once you are out at sea!"

[Passive - Liar Liar Pants on Fire] - As an expert in the lying field, Usopp is immune to lie-detectors and appears as Innocent on even cycles. However, due to lying being a second nature to him, he will find himself always lying about meaningless thing and exaggerating details. As such, he must always lie about an aspect of his role and his actions when asked.
--- [Lieception] - Legend says that Usopp lies often becomes reality...any lie he made about an aspect of his role that gets disputed b y other players in the game thread will become reality the following cycle.

[Passive - Cowardice] - Some may call it cowardice, truth is Usopp is extremely skilled at sensing danger and he prefers to show mercy. Usopp is immune to any retaliation when performing actions, and avoids the first action targeting him each phase.

[Passive - Marksmanship] - As the team's expert marksman, Usopp has the capability of sniping an enemy from hundreds of meters away. If Usopp performs the faction kill against a player that has voted for one of his teammates in the previous day phase, it will be upgraded into a super-kill.

[Passive - Ship's Gunner] - Usopp has responsibility for maintaining the Thousand Sunny's cannons, firing them off if necessary against enemies in a naval battle. Each cycle, that 3 or more team members are in the same location, Usopp will pre-fire the cannons at a random player in that same location, disabling their passives for 2 cycles. If all members are at the same location, Usopp will destroy the first 2 negative actions targeting them that cycle instead.

[Conditional Passive - Sogeking] - After the death of one of his companions, Usopp wil develop an alter-ego so that he doesn't have to go through a loss like this ever again. Disguised in a mask and a cape, Sogeking appears as a hero to everyone. He scans as Innocent and will never appear on a Tracker/Watcher report if he performs the factional kill.
--- [Island of Snipers] - Where is it? It's in our hearts. Usopp lives in the heart of all his teammates, he will gain one random ability from any other teammates that dies. If he dies, he may gift one ability of his to each of his living teammates.
--- [Firebird Star] - On even cycles, Usopp can take a request from one of his teammates and perform one of their abilities for them. He can perform the factional kill using their passives through this ability.

[Active - Engineering Expertise] - As the gadget and mechanics specialist, Usopp has a talent for building creative gadgets for his crew. Each cycle, he may target a player one of his teammates and gift them an one-shot ability that he created. The effects that he's able to create are based on his movement around the map, and the spare parts he may acquire doing so.
--- [Handyman] - Usopp is the handyman of the crew, always fixing anything that needs repairing. If one of his teammate has any issues relating to their role and abilities, he will fix it a phase later.
This includes but not limited to, disabled abilities, lost abilities, role-crushes, vote loss and debuffs.
--- [The Man] - Usopp is the fucking man. He can expand and buff the abilities of his teammates. He may target one of them and re-up one of their limited shots abilities. This may not be used on the same ability twice. Alternatively, he may target one of his teamamates and render their abilities unstoppable that cycle. [3-shots]

[Active - Comic Artist] - It's a running gag in the Strawhat crew that whenever Usopp creates a masterpiece of art, it gets immediately destroyed. Each day, Usopp may create a masterpiece, and draw it himself. He may helped by his teammates. The art piece will be displayed in the game-thread and the hosts will give the players two options - [Destroy the Art] or [Keep the Art]. In the following hour, the payers may vote by quoting it. If the majority of players vote to keep it, Usopp will gain three extra votes that phase and gain an immunity agains the [Yes] voters. If they choose to destroy it, he will lose his voting power for that day but learn the flavor names of the voters (not attached to specific player).

[Active - Gardening] - Over the time-skip, Usopp cultivated some gardening skills which he uses to create his pop greens. During the first cycle of the game and only that cycle, Usopp can create a garden at the location that he is currently in. The garden will be built immediately and as a result, this action can't be role-blocked. Once the garden is created, it cannot be moved. As Usopp stays alive, once per cycle, the garden will create 1 pop green for Usopp to use. In order to claim that pop green, he must be in the same location of the garden and submit the action [Claim <x> pop green(s)] with <x> meaning the number of pop greens he wishes to claim. Then, his [Pop Greens] ability will gain an extra shot.

[Active - Kuro Kabuto] This is Usopp's slingshot, his primary weapon of attack. He may shoot at a player using this and deflect their next action to random target.
--- [Pop Greens] - Using a plant seed, Usopp may shoot this instead at his target. They and anyone who visits them will be role-crushed for a phase. This may not be used two cycles in a row at the start of the game.
--- [Cover] - As the sniper of the group, Usopp can give cover to his teammate from far away. Each cycle, he may target a player and destroy any negative actions targeting them.

Kei Nagai – @Missy / @Marimo_420
“Let your heart guide you and your body will crumble.”

[Passive - Ajin] - As a demi-human, Kei is completely immortal and always regenerates any part of his body he loses. Kei is bulletproof and role-crushes will vote silence him instead. He will regenerate any ability stolen or destroyed the following phase.

[Passive - Calculated] - Logical and heartless to the core, Kei is constantly analyzing his options thoroughly. He is immune to Role-Blocks and redirections.

[Active - Paralysis Scream] - When Kei screams he can paralyze the people around him. During the day, Kei may post in all caps imitating a scream. This will paralyze the people that posted immediately before, and after him. At night, he may activate this ability and instead role-block anyone that visits him as well as the players adjacent to him on the player list. If activated at night, he must post all night long in caps inside his PM and in the game thead if open. If he fails to do that, the scream will not be effective.

[Active - Invisible Black Matter] - Like all Ajin, Kei possesses IBM however he has an abnormal amount of it and thus he can manifest more than the average Ajin. He can summon 5 ghosts normally, and as high as 9 occasionally. While others are able to control their IBM, Kei's IBM simply does whatever it wants, and keeps ignoring him. If they vote for the same target by the end of a day phase, Kei will start gaining control over his [Invisible Black Matter] and may order to perform abilities. He may use 2 of them each cycle during the first cycle after gaining some control.
--- [Black Ghost #1] - At the start of D1, his first Black Ghost will be summoned under the form of a player. @Typo is Kei's Ghost. At the start of the game, he may post and vote in the game thread.
--- [Black Ghosts] [2-5] - After gaining partial control over his IBM, Kei may summon several more ghost that can be used to perform the following abilities. #2 can be used to destroy the next action performed during the day. #3 can be used to target a player and enter their mind learning their role name and the name of the last person they visited. #4 can be used to perform the factional kill. #5 can be used to learn the identity of anyone visiting their target and the effects of the abilities used on them. All the ghosts are simply more clones of [Black Ghost #1], as such, any action performed by them will be performed by @Typo for the purpose of abilities processing.
--- [Flood Phenomenon] - If Kei dies, it will trigger a flood of IBM and cause havoc by summoning multiple Black Ghosts he can't control. Anytime he is attacked, Kei will kill the person that targeted him. If he dies, he will super-kill the last player to vote him and permanently role-crush the first player to vote him.


Griffith – @Go D. Usopp ™
"For me to call a man my friend, he must be equal to me in all respects."

[Passive - Femto] - Griffith starts the game in his human form. Day 2 or later, he may enter his [Femto] form, however, once he does, he may not revert back to Human form for 2 cycles.

[Passive - Hawk of Light] - The people of Midland have received a dream. A dream of an Illuminated White Hawk flying down to end their despair, save them from the invasion of the Kushan, and restore peace to those whose lives have been torn apart. As the the Hawk of Light, Griffith investigates as [Innocent] and he is immune to Lie Detectors.

[Passive - Crimson Behelit] - Griffith is in possession of the Crimson Behelit. The first player to target him during the game will have their action fail and instead steal the Behelit from him. Griffith will know who that player is. But that was part of the plan all along as the new owner of the Behelit will be the centerpiece of the [Eclipse]. As the new owner of the Crimson Behelit stays alive in the game, each player that visits them and they visit will be [Marked]. Griffith will know each player that is marked.

[Active - Saving Grace] - Upon his return to the world, Griffith has gone around and saved villages that were invaded by the Kushan, completely wiping out the opposing forces and as a result, he's gained the villagers' trust. Each night, he may target a player to 'save' them from the enemy by protecting them that night against any negative action. If they survive that phase, he will gain their devotion. For the following night, he may control the actions of his previous target.

[Active - Band of the Hawk] - Griffith has restored his previously decimated [Band of the Hawk] with stronger and more devoted underlings who will follow him to the ends of the Earth. At the start of the game, Griffith may not use more than 3 underlings each cycle. Each individual member of the Band of the Hawk may not be used more than 2 cycles in a row.
--- [Zodd] - Previously a bloodthirsty mercenary, Zodd now follows Griffith's command as the new leader. Zodd will cripple his target role-crushing them for a cycle.
--- [Locus] - As Griffith's primary advisor, Locus follows his orders to the utmost faith and refuses to allow any disrespect upon your name. During the day, he may target a player who is voting currently against Griffith to disable their vote power for that day, and render them unable to target him the following night. If Locus targets the same player a second time, he will destroy any defensive passive they have. This secondary effect may only be used once.
--- [Grunbeld] - A battle-ready warrior, famous for his legendary wars and never-ending victory in battle. An absolute monster. Griffith may order Grunbeld to assemble his troops to prepare for the next battle. The army will target the location where Grifftih is currently in to role block every player in the vicinity for one phase. [2-shots]
--- [Irvine] -
A mighty archer, capable of delivering a headshot to 15 men at once from 500 meters away. Griffith may use Irvine to perform the factional Klill. The kill will then bypass role blocks.
--- [Rakshas] - A former member of the Kushan now a servant to Griffith. Rakshas is a deadly assassin, capable of killing a person in 156,983,471 million different ways. Don't fuck with him. Griffith may order Rakshas to perform the Faction Kill. This kill may not be tracked or watched.
--- [Sonia] - One of Griffith's most loyal members, Sonia, a human girl who's village was saved from the Kushan by Griffith. Sonia's role is that of an empath. She has a unique ability to sense emotions in other people and see bits into the future as well. Griffith may use Sonia's clairvoyant ability to gain access to the next write-up before it even appears. He may then alter these write-ups as he wishes.

[Condtional Active - Falconia] - Griffith will have his own Kingdom. This was his ultimate goal from the beginning. Establishing a Kingdom for all people alike with him as the ruler. In the location that he is currently in, he may create his Kingdom there. That location will be renamed Falconia. Residents of Falconia will live in prosperity having their actions be doubled once per cycle. He will discover exactly who resides in Falconia and their character names. Before forming his kingdom, he must participated in 2 mislynches in-a-row in order for Town to be in disarray and require a ruler. [1-shot]
--- [Tax] - Once per phase, Griffith can impose a tax on a player who lives in Falconia. The tax will be to vote for another player that Griffith desires. The primary player will have the option to accept or decline the tax. If they decline the tax, then Griffith will discover their full role.

"Death on the battlefield comes regardless of class, royal or common. The loser must die!"

[Passive - God Hand] - Femto belongs to the God-hand, a group of supreme beings who have ascended demons and humankind. Utterly untouchable. Femto is bulletproof, he is immune to role-crushes and any kind of debuffs. He will survive a super-kill or a lynch, whichever happens first. If one of those two happens, this ability will be disabled for the next 2 cycles.

[Active - Brand of Sacrifice] - As a member of the Godhand, Femto has the power to brand a player as a [Sacrifice] each cycle. Branded players are constantly haunted by demons, resulting in their actions having a 20% chance of being redirected. The percentage goes up as the phases go by until the 3 cycles mark which will see them die of poison if not healed in the meantime. Femto is immune to the actions of branded players, and players that were previously [Marker] will be automatically branded.

[Active - Eclipse] - During the day, Femto may unleash the [Eclipse] upon the Weebs which will take place the following night. A night lynch amongst a pool of players will take place under the form of a sacrifice. [Branded] players will be automatically added to the pool, as well as someone dear to Griffth, a team member or himself. During the night, each player must vote to feast on of the targets and the player with the most vote will be lynched at the end. Only their alignment will be revealed, Griffith shall feast on the remains of their role and gain their abilities. During the [Eclipse], Griffith possesses a voting power of three. [1-shot]

[Active - Band of Falcon] - Reborn from the ashes of the [Band of Hawk], Griffith's underlings are stronger and more devoted to him than ever before. Each cycle, Griffith may call upon any number of his underlings to do his bidding.
--- [Zodd] - Now in his beast mode, Zodd has gained the power to permanently role crush a player for 2 cycles. He will also destroy one of their active abilities permanently.
--- [Locus] - In his knightly form, Locus has gained tremendous fighting power. If performing the faction kill against a player who has claimed in the thread, it will be transformed into an super-kill. If he fails, he will role-block his target for the following cycle bypassing any immunity.
--- [Grunbeld] - Apostle Form Grunbeld may now lead the other Apostles to role-crush anyone present in the location Griffith is in. [1-shot]
--- [Irvine] -
Griffith can call upon Irvine to use her arrow super-blocking a target of his choice and role-blocking the two players adjacent to them. [4-shots]
--- [Rakshas] -
Calling upon Rakshas when in need, Griffith can order him to perform an additional factional kill on a target of his choice. Day 4 or later, this may be used during the day. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to The Beautiful Boys Mafia.
The Guardians Mafia


Miyamoto Musashi – @jinri
“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them”

[Passive - Kensei] - Thanks to his legendary skills in swordsmanship, Musashi has been given the title of Sword Saint. He has a voting power of three.

[Passive - Dokkōdo] - This book expresses the stringent, honest, and ascetic view of life that Musashi has. As long as he adheres to these laws at all times, Miyamoto is immune to all actions targeting him except super-kills.
--- [Accept everything just the way it is] - He may not complain about anything in the thread or his role PM.
--- [Do not seek pleasure for its own sake] - No participating in thread events, nor visiting special map locations.
--- [Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling] - Musashi must never act confused by anything in the game thread.
--- [Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world] - Be humble. Musashi must never brag about his role nor his actions.
--- [Do not regret what you have done] - Musashi must never show regret for the death of a player he has lynched, or his faction has killed.
--- [Never be jealous] - He may not show any sign of jealousy or envy for another player's role, abilities or alignment.
--- [Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love] - Musashi must never vote for another player if he was specifically asked to do so. He is immune to charms.
--- [In all things have no preferences] - Musashi must vote for at least 5 different players in a day phase.
--- [Be indifferent to where you live] - Musashi must never spent 2 cycles in a row in the same groove.
--- [Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need] - Musashi must discard any item he possesses within 1 cycle of gaining.
--- [Do not act following customary beliefs] - He must post once each night phase, even if it's against the rules.
--- [Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful] - He must not perform the factional kill twice in a row.
--- [Do not fear death] - Musashi must never ask for protection.
--- [Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help] - Musashi must each cycle thank the hosts for hosting this game.
--- [Never stray from the Way] - Never stray from the way...[Secrets]

[Active - Niten Ichi-ryū] - Conceived by Musashi, this classical japanese swordmanship style is renowned for its dual wielding techniques. Each cycle, Musashi may target two players to role-block. If he targets the same player twice, this will role-crush them for that phase.
--- [Two Blades as One] - Wielding a katana on the offensive right hand while the Wakizashi on the defensive left hand, if Musashi performs the factional kill he will kill anyone that targets him with a negative action that night.
--- [Booken] - Musashi often carves and carries wooden swords to deal less damage. Each cycle, he may target two players and disable one of their abilities for that cycle.
--- [Secret Technique] - Day 3 or later, Musashi may perform a factional kill on an additional target. [1-shot]

[Active - Musha shugyō] - In his quest as a Samurai Warrior, Musashi must target a player and challenge them to a duel each phase. Both player must submit 5 R/P/S picks. At the start of the game, if Musashi wins a duel, he steals the vote of his target and learn their full role. If he loses, he is vote drained and may not challenge anyone to a duel the following phase. The more duel he wins, the stronger he becomes. After winning his first 2 duels, Musashi will also role-block his target as well as learnung their full role and steal their vote. After winning 4 duels, he will role-crush them instead. After winning 6 duels, he will have completed his Pilgrimage and will turn his defeated targets into permanent disciples. He has access to a chat with his disciples, and control their role in their first cycle as new disciples. At the end of his Pilgrimage, factional kills performed by him are upgraded to super-kills.

[Active - Koryu] - Intending to pass his art to others, Musashi created an ancient martial art school to find worthy disciples. Each phase, he may target a player and take them as his disciple. This will initiate a duel between him and his target that follows the same rules as [Musha shugyō]. If he wins, they will become his disciple and gain a chat with him for a cycle. At the end of the cycle, his target may continue on as his disciple or leave. If they choose to continue, they will become his disciple permanently. Musashi controls the votes and actions of his disciples. Musashi may order any player that has been his permanent disciple for 3 cycles or more to attack a player of his choice even if they don't have a killing ability.


"Why? For The Glory Of Satan of course!"

[Passive - My Name is Kumamon, For We Are Many] - As the mascot of his team, Kumamon is immune to death as long as one other member of his Mafia is alive.
--- [Public Employee] - Kumamon is a national treasure and a civil servant, he scans as [Innocent]. If he performs the factional kill, he may not be tracked nor watched.

[Passive - Cuteness Overload] - Kumamon is immune to role-crushes, poisoning and any kind of debuffs.

[Passive - Cash Machine] - Thanks to his cuteness and unusual market strategy, Kumamon continues to be a tremendous economic success. For each vote or action targeting him, he generates 100K Berry in revenue.

[Active - Free Licensing] - Behind Kumamon's commercial success, this strategy grants usage rights for free to anyone as long as their products promote his team. Each phase, Kumamon may be used to perform the ability of one of his Mafia partners.
--- [Going Global] - Starting on D3, Kumamon may be used to perform the abilities of a revealed town role. This may fail on certain abilities. [3-shots]

[Active - Kumamon Square] - Celebrities of this magnitude are normally shielded from the public, but Kumamon still makes near-daily appearances in his home town to meet his fan. During the day, Kumamon may switch his position in the players list and set us shop. The square is comprised of the 2 slots above and underneath his position. Too busy being entertained by Kumamon, visitors to the square will see their actions targeting him and his team fail that phase.

[Active - Influencer] - Kumamon is a man in demand, anything he touches turn to gold. Each phase, he may sponsor a fake write-up and have the host post it.

[Active - Fundraiser] - Once during the game, Kumamon may promote a fundraiser effort by having the host post a message to the thread on his behalf. He may urge people to donate to the fundraiser. Any player donating will unbeknownst to them donate their role to him for the remainder of that cycle. [1-shot]

[Active - Why? For The Glory Of Satan] - Of course...If all his team members are dead, Kumamon will make a last stand to achieve victory for his team. For their glory, and for the glory of Satan. Factional kills performed by him will be upgraded to a super-kill and each night, he may use [Free Licensing] a second time to perform the ability of one of the dead members of his team.
--- [Bonfire] - Kumamon may target a Grove and set fire to it for the glory of Satan, he will role-crush any player present there for 2 cycles. [1-shot]

Yhwach – @Alibaba
"Conflict is always such a bitter affair."

[Passive - War And Peace] - As a self proclaimed lover of peace, Yhwach hates conflits and would rather avoid them or deal with them as swiftly as possible when necessary. If a player ends up voting against him for two cycles in a row, Yhwach gains an additional vote when voting that player and if he attacks them, his attacks will be upgraded.

[Passive - Restoration] - Should Yhwach's physical or spiritual capabilities be impaired by his opponent, he can easily restore them. He is bulletproof and immune to role-crushes. He will regenerate any ability stolen or destroyed the following phase.
--- [Reishi] - Twice during the game, Yhwach may target a limited use ability and restore it by channeling reishi through it. He may self target, however he may not target the same ability with these two shots.

[Passive - Omniscient] - For everything he sees, he will also understand. Yhwach starts the game aware of the identity of half the roles that made it into the game. Each phase, he will learn about a new one.

[Passive - Auswählen] - Yhwach despises failure and weakness more than anything. If one of his teammate were to die in the game, Yhwach will strip them of their abilities and make them his own. Upon Yhwach's activation of this ability, his targets are engulfed in massive columns of light. Their abilities will not appear on their role-sheet upon their death.
--- [Consumption] - If he performs the factional kill, he will absorbs the power of anyone he kills and gain a 1-shot ability from their role at random. If he's among the three first voters of any successful lynch wagon, he will consume his target the same way.
--- [Power Bestowal] - Yhwach has the power to share his spirit with others, he may choose to redistribute the abilities he's stripped to his other teammates.

[Active - Sankt Altar] - Summoning five orbs of Reishi above his fingers to surround his opponent, Yhwach fires beams of energy that steal power from his target. Each cycle, he may target a player and steal one of their active abilities temporarily. This may fail on certain abilities and roles.

[Active - The Almighty] - Yhwach can see everything that is about to occur from the present moment into the far-flung future. Each cycle, he will evade the first negative action targeting him. He will learn the effect of it, and the the role name that targeted him as well.
--- [Omni-Precognition] - Rather than seeing a linear future, Yhwach observes all possible futures at once and uses that knowledge he has gained to anticipate and counter his opponents. He will immediately commute himself during the Twilight Phase if he's the target of the lynch, even if the vote count do not reflect it. Due to the commute, he will be unable to perform an action the following night phase. [1-shots]
--- [Future Acausility] -
Yhwach's true power is the ability to alter the future into whatever outcome he desires. He sets trap to where his opponents will be. Each day phase, Yhwach may select a post number and 2 players. He will place a trap targeting them on that location, if they post on it, he will role-crush them and gain their voting power temporarily.
--- [Future Modification] - Once during the game, he can target an ability in the write-up and change its target. The original effects will be nullified, and it will affect the secondary target. This may fail on certain powerful abilities. [1-shot]
--- [Power Intuition] -
Any power of which he "knows" will become his ally. That power will not only be unable to defeat him, but become unable to harm him in any way. Yhwach is immune to the attacks of any player that has claimed their role in the thread.
--- [Concussive Force] - Yhwach can fire blasts of force powerful enough to send his targets flying. Each cycle, Yhwach may target a player and destroy the next action they perform.

[Active - Blut] - An advanced Quincy technique which grants one inhuman offensive and defensive capabilities. On odd cycles, Yhwach may use it to become super-bulletproof for the duration of a phase. On even cycles, Yhwach may use it to upgrade his factional kill into a super-kill. Each effects lay only be used twice at the start of the game.

[Active - Soul King] - After participating in the lynch, or personally killing 1 member of each alignment, Yhwach will become the new [Soul King] absorbing the abilities of his three victims and gaining access to a few others as well as improving his older abilities through an enhanced and increased spiritual power.
--- [Barrier Generation] - Yhwach can create an enormous black barrier over an area by merely unleashing darkness from his fingertip. On odd cycles, Yhwach may switch his position on the player list and create a barrier engulfing 15 slots above and underneath him. Actions performed by players outside of the barrier will fail against him, and any team member within it. A super-kill will break it.
--- [Eyeball Creatures] - Through his access to the power of the Soul King, Yhwach can manifest these tiny creatures to devour and absorb the abilities of anyone killed by his team. Once during the game, he may devour a lynched player that he voted against. [3-shots]
--- [Matter Transmutation] - Having a certain degree of control over physical matter, Yhwach may create a one-shot ability and gift it to a player of his choice or use it himself. [3-shots]
--- [Worldly Assimilation] - Yhwach can manually merge all groves into one. Once during the game, he may activate this merger during the day and all players will be located on the same grove the following night. [1-shot]

Oden – @Cinera / @Noctis
"I am Oden! And I was born to boil"

[Passive - Hardboiled] - Oden is immune to poisoning and any kind of debuffs.

[Passive - Strong Will] - Oden is an extremely brash, confident, and self-willed man. His vote and actions are immune to any kind of manipulations.
--- [Haoshoku Haki] - Oden possesses the ability to use the conqueror's Haki, a very rare type of Haki whose users are said to have the qualities of a king. Any clash he is part of releases a shockwave that can knockdown nearby players. Any time Oden performs an action, he has a 25% chance of role-blocking the players adjacent to his target due to the shockwave his actions emit.

[Passive - Retainers] - Oden is an extremely charming man with people becoming devoted to him after witnessing his actions. Any player that performs 2 positive actions on Oden in the game will become his retainers. Oden's retainers are loyal to him until the end, he is immune to their votes and actions permanently.

[Passive - Voice of All Things] - Oden possess the very rare ability to hear the [Voice of All Things], a unique power that only a few people in the world can manifest. He is able to hear words conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that do not speak the human language. At the end of each cycle, he will learn the identity of any [???] appearing in write-ups.

[Active - Philologist] - As a descendant of the Kozuki Family, Oden inherited from his ancestors the knowledge and skill to read Poneglyphs and write its ancient language, the write-up language. Each phase, Oden may create a write-up and have the host post it.

[Active - Oden Nitoryu] - Oden's swordsmanship style is based on powerful attacks with two swords, placing a particular emphasis on advanced Ryuo, one's spiritual energy.
--- [Togen Shirataki] - Oden hardens both his swords using Ryuo and then delivers a diagonal slash with each one of them at the same time. Each cycle, he may target a player and destroy one of their abilities permanently. Due to the range of this attack, it has a 50% chance of affecting the players adjacent to his target. If Oden performs the faction kill, and fails to kill their target, he will damage half their abilities disabling them for two cycles.
--- [Gun Modoki] - After hardening his swords using Ryuo, Oden crosses his swords and charges forward, slicing anyone in his path. During the day, Oden may position himself in the sign up thread and face a direction. For the next 4 phases, he will destroy any destroy any defensive passive his 4 targets have. Each day, he may cancel this ability and reposition himself to a new position.
--- [Togen Totsuka] - His ultimate ability, Oden hardens his swords using Ryuo, then leaps toward his opponent, and performs an X-shaped slash capable of going through anything. D2 or after, Oden may target a player and super-kill them.


Kei Tsukishima – @Random Asshole
"Hi. I'm the normal guy. Nice to meet you."]

[Passive - Psychological Warfare] - Tsukishima takes pride in and relishes when his opponents see him as a nuisance due to his smug attitude. He must always reply to people quoting and tagging him in a snarky manner, or he'll be mod-blocked the following night. If they comment on his attitude, he will gain an additional voting power when voting against them that phase.

[Passive - Calm] - Tsukishima is a calm and collected person who thoroughly analyzes his actions. He is immune to role-blocks and possession. Never falling for decoys, Tsukishima's actions will always find their target.

[Passive - Time Difference Attack] - By strategically delaying his attack, Tsukishima is able to bypass any wall against him. If he performs the factional kill, he'll bypass protections.

[Active - Reconnaissance] - The only thing Tsukki trusts is information. Able to quickly process all the opponents informations, Tsukki may target a player during the day and learn their role.

[Active - Blocking] - Tsukishima is immensely proficient at blocking primarily because of his height. Each cycle, he may target a player and shield them from any negative actions including super-kills, redirecting any actions targeting them back.
--- [Block Playmaker] - Twice during the game, Tsukishima may organize his team into a blocking wall and guide them into redirecting back any actions targeting them. The blocking last a phase. This may not be used two cycles in arow. [2-shots]

[Active - Feint] - When not defending, Tsukishima is always ready to attack and he's not a slouch on that end either. Using a feint strategy to trick his opponent, Tsukisha can redirect their action to a secondary target of his choice. This may not be used on the same player twice in a row as they'd get used to his feint.

Sailor Moon – @Robin
"In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

[Passive - Leader] - Originally from a prosperous civilization on the Moon known, Sailor Moon has reborn and re-awoke as the leader of the [Guardians Mafia]. She is their Godmother, granting her immunity against Role-Crushes, possessions and any kind of debuffs.

[Passive - Sailor Moon] - As the Sailor Guardian of love and justice, Usagi appears as Town if investigated. She is also immune to lie-detectors.

[Passive - Sailor Form] - In her Sailor's uniform consists, Usagi possesses a white chest-armored leotard protecting her. She is super-bulletproof.

[Active - Disguise Pen] - Using this item, Sailor Moon can disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily. While she looks like the person she wants to be, she gains the knowledge of whoever she changes into. Each day, she may target a player and disguise herself as them. She will learn any information they have received previously, and receive during that day. Votes and actions against her will also effect her target. Any action she performs will appear as if it was performed by her target.
--- [You've Really Done It Now] - Twice during the game, Sailor Moon may target a player that has claimed their role and voted against her 2 cycles in a row. She will gain access to their role. [2-shots]

[Active - Supersonic Waves] - A vibration-based attack used only rarely, as a least resort to defend herself. To perform this attack, Sailor Moon panics and start crying. This causes her Odango Covers to amplify her wailing until it became physically painful for her enemies. During the day, Sailor Moon may post in the thread a post containing 4 different crying emojis. The shockwave from that post will role-block the next 3 players that post after her, and grants her immunity against them for that cycle. If a player quote it, her wailing will be unbearable role-crushing and draining them of their vote. [3-shots]

[Active - Sailor Moon Kick] - While Sailor Moon prefers not to fight opting instead to spread love and hope, she can throw hands when it's needed. Or kicks in this case. Sailor Moon can perform her famous Sailor Kick on a write-up of her choice disabling it. Any effects it had are nullified. [2-shots]

[Active - Eternal Sailor Moon] - After the first lynch of one of her team, Usasgi will gain a brooch enabling her to transform into [Eternal Sailor Moon] in order to protect her team.
--- [Eternal Tiare] - The strongest and most powerful moon weapon, this grants ESM an immunity against role-blocks. Factional kills performed by her are upgraded to super-kills, however she may not perform one two cycles in a row.
--- [Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss] - Using this healing-based attack, ESM may target a player of her choice and healing them and returning them to their start of the game state. This refills any expended X-shots. Players affected by this ability must post "Beautiful!" alongside 5 of their posts the following day phase.
--- [Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power] - Eternal Sailor Moon's final and most powerful attack. ESM combines all of the Galaxy's Sailor Crystals into the Cosmos Crystal and unleashes the Lambda Energy to super-kill a player of her choice. If her target had claimed in the thread previously, this will bypass any super-protection or super-bulletproof status. Due to the AoE of this attack, it has a 50% chance of killing the players adjacent to her target. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to The Guardians Mafia.
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