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Independents -

COVID-19 - @oddoddfruit

"The threat is the virus, not the people."
You are Covid-19

[Passive - Patient Zero] - Before a virus ravages the world, before the deaths soar, before the outbreak triggers fear, a Virus strikes a single person. During D0, the player that is lynched will actually survive. Due to them being buried alive and lack of hygienic preparations, they will contract COVID-19 during N0 after accidentally eating a bat while passed out.
--- [Man-made Virus?] - Nature always finds a way. If a [No-Lynch] occurs, the first 2 people to target COVID-19 will contract the virus and become the patient zeros.

[Passive - Contagious] - Due to its contagious nature, anytime a players interact with a player that has contracted the virus, they risk a chance of being infected themselves. The risks depends on how contagious a player. The hosts roll a D10. During the first phase, only 10 would infect them. During the second phase, [9-10] would infect them. This goes on following the same pattern until the end of the . Players in the same special locations may infect each other as well.
--- [Incubation Period] - As is common with infections, there is a delay between the moment a person first becomes infected and the appearance of the first symptoms. After being infected a player develops symptoms only 3 phases later. That is when they'll learn if they are infected.
--- [Asymptomatic] - Any player that doesn't develop symptoms at the end of the incubation period remains contagious for a cycle.
--- [Second Wave] - A player that has gone through the different cycles of the infection will become immune for a cycle. Afterwards, they may be infected again and this time their incubation period will only a phase and their chances of developing symptoms are double.

[Passive - The Silent Killer] - COVID-19 doesn't appear in write-ups when performing actions.

[Passive - Novel Virus] - COVID-19 is immune to most offensive actions in the game. As no one knows much about it in the early days of the pandemic, any investigations targeting will return a no result.
--- [Live with it] - COVID is here to stay, that is until a vaccine has been developed. Even if the role dies, the effects and consequences of the virus will still remain present in the game. It may win even after death.

[Passive - Symptoms] - The symptoms period begins 3 phases after a player has been infected. An infected player runs a 25% chance of developing symptoms. Players with symptoms are 95% infectious.
--- [Comorbidity] - If a player suffers from some negative effects during the incubation period, they'll develop symptoms 100% of the time.
--- [Fever] - A player suffering from fever will be more vulnerable. Protections and defensive passive have a 30% chance of failing.
--- [Cough] - A player constantly coughing will have their actions be redirected 30% of the time.
--- [Tiredness] - A player suffering from fever will have their actions fail 30% of the time.
--- [Serious Symptoms] - If a player is role-crushed while developing the infection, they will suffer grave symptoms. Hospitalized for a 4 phases, they will be unable to perform any action. Their role will be under the control of the virus.

[Active - Both Sides] - After the discovery of the first cases, COVID-19 will be able to count on true allies to both his causes. Each phase, the virus may share a write-up to the public through the host. This is immune to any write-up investigation.
--- [COVID Party] - Twice during the game, a party may be hosted at night in defiance against the fear mongering. All alive players will be invited, and they may choose to attend or not. A hot bed for infections, attendees to these parties run a higher risk of getting infected than the usual single interactions.

Wincon - All living players must have abstained at least once by fear of catching/spreading COVID, or because of its symptoms.​
Clown - @Midnight Delight

"The role of a clown and a physician are the same - it's to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering."
You are Clown!

[Passive - Clown Knowledge] - Clown is the only professional fool in town, the only one that really knows the job and has put in the hours. He'll always recognize the works of amateurs. At the end of each cycle, he will learn how many tampered write-ups there has been (if any).
--- [This Is My Corner] - He may select a write-up he thinks has been tampered with, and if correct it will be fixed. Anytime he successfully out the work of nefarious acts, he will earn an extra life and his [World Clown Association] invite may not be refused.

[Passive - Clown Costume] - Wearing the freshest costume, our friendly Clown is ready for any bullshit that comes his way. He is super-bullet proof and immune to Role-Crushes.
--- [The Village Idiot] - Everybody knows him, and everybody loves him. He can't hurt a fly. Clown appears as Innocent and he is immune to lie-detectors and role-cops.

[Active - The Circus] - Each, The Clown may target 2 player that has received more than one vote the previous day phase, and show them the way of clowns. Give them a better life. Clown will start by gifting them some clown shoes easing them into their own life. Wearing the shoes, his targets will learn how to take it easy in life and worry about meaningless votes. They will start the following phase with -1 vote. Alongside his target, he must choose 5 players in the game. During the following cycle, if any of those players target him, they will instead be redirected to his previous night target.
--- [World Clown Association] - Each cycle after gifting his shoes, Clown may follow it up by gifting them their own Clown Costume and taking them under his wing. They will be offered a new role based on a submission that hasn't made it into the game, with a clown-ish twist. If they accept, they will join him in the [World Clown Association] chat and become his underlings. If they refuse, he will gain a permanent immunity against their votes and actions. He will also learn their role.

Wincon - The Clowns outnumber the rest​
Burger King - @DynaMight

"The Home of the Whopper"
You are Burger King!
[Passive - Too Big To Fail] - Good times come and go, but the Whopper still stand strong. Burger King is immune to death, it will always be present in the game. If successful killed, the current holder of the role will step down as CEO, and leave the game. A new CEO will take its place a cycle later after an extensive search by the board of a directors.
[HIDDEN] - An advertisement will be made the following phase of the CEO's death looking for new CEOs to players visiting Grove 50. Players may apply privately through the hosts until the end of that phase. They will be asked to provide resumes. The following phase, they will participate in an [Interview] process, silencing them and starting the phase with votes against them. The resumes will be provided to a jury formed by friends of the [Board of Directors] (of the hosts lol). The winner becomes the new CEO.

[Passive - Lawyer Army] - Burger King is immune to any kind of investigations in the game. Nothing can bypasses this. He will always appear as a non-threat.

[Passive - Grove 50] - Having recently opened its doors on the Island, Burger King has invested enormously on this new location with the shareholders anxious from some good returns. Each player that visits this Grove will have the opportunity to grab a meal there.
--- [CCTV] - Unbeknownst to its visitors, Burger King will learn the identity of any player that visits it. On a second visit, Burger King will learn their role names. On a third visit, any attacks targeting Burger King will redirect to that players, this includes even super-kills. On a fourth visit, Burger King will gain control of their role for the remainder of the game.
--- [Free Wifi] - Offering free wifi as an amenity to its clients, at night players dining at the restaurant will join a [Burger King] chat where they may talk with each other during that phase.
--- [Whooper] - It's here, and it's better than ever. Empowered by it, players that grab a bite from your Whoopers may not be role-blocked nor redirected that phase. It costs a 50K Berrys.
--- [French Fries] - Players may opt for a side dish of your famous [French Fries]. The will gain an additional vote the following phase. It costs 40K Berrys.

[Active - New Menu] - Each night, Burger King may craft a new item as a special that will appear temporary on the menu the following cycle. The same item/effect may not be used twice in a row. A new item must be approved by the [Board of directors - Hosts].
--- [Ad Campaign] - Each new launch of a product, Burger King may purchase an ad slot in a write-up for 50k belly to promote its new menu.

[Active - Coupons] - To get new customers inside its doors, Burger King may give out a free coupon each phase to a target of her choice, gifting one item on the house.
--- [Go To McDonald's] - Burger King may weed out non-BK material persons. Each phase, she may target a player and ban them from the restaurant. Bans may be lifted. Any player that ends the day voting against Burger King will be automatically banned, and they must be eliminated.

Wincon - All the remaining players in the game must have visited Burger King.​
Kool Aid Man - @SinOfGreed

"Dammit, Kool-Aid Man, what the hell!"
You are Kool Aid Man!

[Passive - Mascot] - As the mascot of the game, Kool Aid Man is immune to death as long as players believe in him. If he's lynched, he'll be terminated by the drink company employing him and leave the game.

[Passive - Creepy] - Even though he means good, people can't be helped but be a little bit creeped about his appearance and behavior. He starts every phase with 3 votes against him, and do not have a voting power. With everyone preferring to stay clear of him, he is immune to Role-Crushes.

[Active - Oh Yeah!] - Each cycle, Kool Aid Man may broadcast his presence in the game as a savior, and leave his number with the host. Players may call him on it asking for his assistance. He may select a player every phase that has previously called them that cycle and answers their calls. Gifting them with pitcher full of Kool-Aid, his targets are immune to any negative actions that cycle. He will learn the identity of anyone that call his number. Any player that has been assisted by him must seamlessly work an "Oh yeah" alongside at least 5 of their posts the following phase.
--- [Leaving A Mess Behind] - One frequent issue with Kool-Aid Man is that he always leaves a mess behind. He doesn't enter from the front door when called, he breaks the whole instead. He's one for dramatic entrances. Anytime Kool Aid Man helps a player, the host will role a D20.
[1 - 5] - Kool Aid Man will also vote-silence his target.​
[6 - 9] - He will role-block them that phase.​
[10 - 13] - He will inadvertently redirect their actions to a random target that phase.​
[14 - 16] - He will disable half of their abilities for a cycle.​
[17 - 18] - He will role-crush them for a cycle.​
[19 - 20] - The biggest of messes. He will inadvertently kill the target he's supposed to protect.​
--- [No More Mistakes] - If he rolls a 10+ more than 3 times, he will be under a lot of pressure from management to not mess up again. His next 2 visits will not cause a mess while he's on his best behavior.

Wincon - Town wins the game, and a player he has assisted survives until the end of the game​
Kurapika - @MangoSenpai

"I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time."
You are Kurapika!

[Passive - Phantom Troupe] - After infiltrating the Weebs journey, the Troupe has made its way into Sabaody. At the start of D1, eight players in the game will be marked as [Spiders]. Each of them will receive a slight buff to their role, and learn that you've began hunting them down. They're the target of your revenge, and must be eliminated at all costs.
--- [Nen Contract] - As proof of his determination and to achieve his goal, Kurapika has placed a Nen Contract on himself which gives him a boost in powers but subsequently restricts him. He may not use his [Chain Jail] or [Judgment Chain] on non troupe members. If he does, he will die.

[Passive - Master Strategist] - Kurapika can formulate flawless plans even in combat to exploit his opponent's weaknesses to the fullest and to minimize the risks to himself. He can't afford to die before having finished his revenge. Kurapika evades the first action targeting him each phase.

[Conditional Passive - Scarlet Eyes] - As the last remnant of his clan that was wiped out for these eyes, Kurapika is fueled with an insatiable rage. Any time a vote is placed against Kurapika, his eyes glow scarlet red until they change their vote. If at least one player ends the day voting for him, his eys will remain red during the night phase. Alternatively, any time he finds a Troupe member or one of them dies, his eye will glow red for the following cycle. With his eyes glowing Red, Kurapika's abilities are enhanced.
--- [Specialist] - When his eyes shifts to scarlet, Kurapika becomes a specialist which allows him to use all Nen categories at 100% efficiency. In this state, Kurapika is bulletproof and immune to Role-Crushes as well as any kind of debuffs. He will survive a super-kill targeting him, however it'll force him out of this state immediately, and role-crush him for the remainder of the cycle.

[Active - The Chain User] - As a Conjurer, Kurapika is able to create any object that he wants after receiving the proper training. His chosen object is a chain. One might not believe that chains amount to much, but under his Scarlet Eyes, they are a devastating tool to go up against.
--- [Dowsing Chain] - Shaped like a ball and chain, Kurapika uses this for investigation purposes. Each phase, he may target a player and learn if they're a Phantom Troupe member, or have previously interacted with one during the last cycles.
--- [Chain Jail] - With a hook at the end, this chain restrains any person it encounters, wrapping them up like a blanket. At night, use this on any player that you wish, that player will be role crushed for 2 cycles. It is nigh-impossible to get out of this chain. However, there are some roles that do have that power and cannot be chain jailed.
--- [Holy Chain] - Having a cross at the end of it, this chain is used to heal back injuries. Each cycle, Kurapika may target a player to protect them for that phase. They will be protected against regular attacks. He may self-target.
--- [Judgment Chain] - The ultimate chain that you own, it is a Stake of Retribution. With a blade at the end, this chain wraps around the heart of your target. There are two commands that you can issue to your target with this chain. Your target will be unable to disobey those commands. If they do, they will die. This is a an unstoppable kill. This may only be used when his eyes are glowing Red.
--- [Steal Chain] - With the shape of a syringe, this chain steals the abilities of another person. Each phase, Kurapika can target a player and name an effect or an ability name they may have. If the player has that ability, Kurapika will temporarily steal it and may use it.
--- [Emperor Time] - After Kurapika's eyes shift into scarlet, he will upgrade all the above abilities will. [Dowsing Chain] will give him the names of the players his target interacted with. [Chain Jail] will not fail on anybody. [Holy Chain] can protect against super-kills. [Steal Chain] will only require the role name of his target.

Wincon - You must eliminate at least 4 Phantom Troupe members using your own hands.​
Town -
Guren Ichinose - @Flower

"…Power. I’ll never get the things I want in life…unless I have power."
You are Guren Ichinose!
[Passive - Ichinose Family] - Guren was born into the Ichinose family, a branch of the Order of the Imperial Demons. As a branch leader, his vote counts as two.

[Passive - Strategist] - Guren is famous as an exceptional strategist. He always has a backup plan, and he is able to quickly deduce how to counter the current predicament. His actions and votes are immune to any kind of tampering. He will also permanently develop an immunity against the first type of negative actions used against him.

[Passive - Guren Squad] - During N0, Guren may choose 3 players to have as part of his squad. They will each receive a slight buff to their role. He is immune to the votes and actions performed by his squad members.
--- [Teamwork] - If 3 or more squad members are voting for the same player, their vote will count double.
--- [HIDDEN] [Mahiru-no-Yo] - If all his squad members were to die, they will be sealed into within a sword and become one of his [Cursed Gear]. He will inherit one ability from each member, as well as gain access to a chat with all 3 of them as spirits.

[Passive - Namanari] - After forming a contract with [Noya], Guren became possessed by the Demon. For having 2 souls in his body, Guren possesses 2 lives. He will survive the first successful attempt on his life...He will become a full demon, losing the abilities linked to [Noya] and [Mahiru] and gaining another set of abilities as well as upgrading his other ones.

[Active - Noya] - A high ranked possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series, Noya is Guren cursed gear granting him access to different abilities.
--- [Black Katana] - Noya’s basic form. Guren can wield it to target a player and destroy one of their abilities. [3-shots]
--- [Demonic Thrall] -
Guren can use Noya can enter a player’s dreams and memories to create nightmares and break their will in order to take over his body. At night, he may target a player and redirect their actions to a target of his choice. If he targets the same player twice, he will learn the effect of one of their abilities. If he targets the same player a third time, he will learn the effect of all of their abilities. If he targets the same player a fourth time, he will control their role and vote for 2 cycles. While using this ability, the [Namanari] ability is disabled because of Noya temporarily leaving Gusen’s body.
--- [Possession] - In this state, Noya possesses Guren to grant him immense strength and power as well as enhanced healing and senses. If activated, Guren becomes immune to any negative ability targeting him and his own actions are upgraded. This lasts a full phase. [2-shots]
--- [Manifestation] -
Noya can manifest outside his blade if released and can be seen by anyone. At night, Guren may release Noya. He will learn the name of every player that visited him that night. [3 shots]

[Active - Spells] - Guren specializes in using magic and spell tags, he is proficient in using them strategically in combat. At the start of the game, he has 12 talismans.
--- [Paralyzing Spell] - Once per cycle, Guren may target a player and place a talisman on their back. When activated, his targets are role-blocked for a full phase. He can activate the talismans at any time and the activation action doesn’t count against the once per cycle limit of this ability. If he places 2 talismans on a player, they will be role-crushed for a cycle upon activation.
--- [Illusion] - Once per cycle, Guren can place a talisman on a target of his choice and create an illusion around them. He will learn the target of their actions.
--- [Crimson Red] - Once per phase, Guren can place a talisman on his blade. He may target a player and attempt to kill them by activating 2 talismans. If he places 3 of them on his blade, the kill will be upgraded to a super-kill, however, because of the size of the explosion, the role of his target will be janitor’d.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Wario - @T-Pein™

"Run, or smell the wrath of my armpit!"
You are Wario!
[Passive - Anti Hero] - Just for standing up for himself when treated unfairly against the bully Mario and the popular kids, Wario has been vilified and treated as an outcast. This has created a rift between him and the other townies. As such, he may not be protected nor positively affected by anyone...Sad!

[Passive - Greedy] - A successful business man, Wario is often wrongly depicted as being greedy simply for having lots of money and enjoying the finest things in life. Wario starts the game with 1 million Belly. He's also immune to any kind of possession, or ability manipulation. He's got his affairs in order.
--- [Thief] - Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation, and Wario is already prepared. At the end of each day, Wario will gain the treasures of the lowest posting player that has anything.

[Passive - Competitor] - Wario isn't one to back down from a challenge, he doesn't like to lose. If any of his actions are unsuccessful, he'll try again one cycle later. This does not account against the cyclical limit of abilities, unless specified otherwise.

[Active - Master of Disguise] - Wario is a very stylish man, he's always wearing the finest clothes and dressing up to impress. That hasn't stopped his detractors from criticizing him for dressing well, calling them disguises. At night, Wario may change his outfit and keep things fresh for the following cycle.
--- [Casual Wario] - Wario starts the game wearing his work outfit, a nod to his upgringing as an honest working man. Wario has no voting power and is immune to lynches.
--- [Purple Wario] - Putting in his athletic gear, Wario is immune to role-blocks and may target a player and borrow their belongings.
--- [Scientist Wario] - Showing off his genius intellect, Wario may target a player and heal them. Due to the goggles he's wearing, he will evade the first negative action targeting him that cycle.
--- [Arty Wario] - Wario may choose to show off another side of his intellect, his artistic genius. He may draw something and post it in the thread through the host. It will come to life. Wario being the cool guy he is, he knows that the hosts will not let him break the game, he'd never even attempt something like that.
--- [Sparky Warrior] - BWario can create electricity and light up anything he'd like. He may target a write-up and discover if it was tampered with. He'll also light up a [???] of his choice, and discover the identity of the player underneath it.
--- [Captain Wario] - Wario turns himself into a submarine. He may post and vote at night.
--- [Plus Size Wario] - Called fat by the bullies Mario and co, this Wario is a healthy man that just enjoys a good meal. He will eat and absorb any action targeting him, gaining one-shot version of them. Some abilities may bypass this. [1-shot]

[Active - WarioWare] - As a Video game enthusiast and company owner, Wario enjoys playing game as much as the next guy. He's all about having fun. Each day, he may target a player and invite them to play one of his games. If he wins a game, Wario gains an immunity against his target during that cycle, as well as a certain reward attached to each game and be able to continue playing. If he loses, he will be vote-silenced and may not change his outfit the following night.
--- [Busted!] - The host throws a 1D100 for both players, whoever is highest wins. Wario steals his targets vote.
--- [Crazy Ship] - Wario and his target will face each other in a game of [Battleship]. If he wins, he'll gain an ability from his target temporarily, and may use it that cycle.
--- [Crazy Hand] - Wario faces his target in a game of R/P/S. Both him and his target will submit five consecutive choices, if he wins, he will learn their role name. He may offer them a rematch. If he wins a second time against the same player, he will learn the name of their target the previous night. If he wins a third time against the same player, he will learn their alignment.
--- [Eye Spy] - The host will select a number in the player list, Shunsui and his opponent may try to guess the number. The person closest to the key location wins, and may role-block the other.

[Acitve - Melee] - After participating in one of the Wrestling tournaments, Wario will bring out some of his old moves to show everyone how to do it.
--- [Chomp] - Each cycle, Wario may target a player and bite them. He will destroy one of their abilities randomly. Alternatively, Wario may bite whatever's in front of him, destroying the next action performed. Twice during the game, he may tactically bite the next player to visit him, negating and absorbing the ability they performed as a one-shot. He may only use one of these effects per cycle.
--- [Fart] - It's natural, nothing to be ashamed about. Wario may activate this ability and then fart. He will role-block the players posting adjacent to his next post.
--- [Bike] - On odd cycles, Wario may ride his bikes and charge into a layer role-crushing them.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Nero - @Melontonin

"Without strength, you can't protect anything.... I know that."
You are Nero!

[Passive - Lone Wolf] - Nero is a serious, cynical and somewhat antisocial person. His rebellious nature often leads to him working alone, which he prefers. His role may not be buffed, nor can he be protected. He is immune to any kind of alignment change, and he will decline any invitations to a Neighbors Chat...[HIDDEN] - If targeted twice by the same player with positive actions or invites to a chat, Nero will lose [Lone Wolf] and gain a new [Kyrie] passive. The player triggering this will become Kyrie and gain a permanent chat with Nero as well as a slight buff to their role.

[Passive - Taunt] - Nero is a somewhat cocky person, he has the habit of casually mouthing off to his enemies on the battlefield. He must always taunt and mock the person he's voting against. If they take notice of his taunts and comment on them, his vote will count double against them. If he doesn't [Taunt] at least during a day phase, he will be mod-blocked the following night. [Don't get banned :catsweat:]

[Passive - Hybrid] - Nero possesses both the blood of a demon and human granting him a powerful physiology and superhuman strength. He is immune to role-blocks, and role-crushes will instead vote silence him temporarily.
--- [Accelerated Healing] - Nero will always regenerate any ability he loses after 1 phase.

[Active - Engineering] - Nero is pretty crafty with tools, he's able to design and create efficient weapons on his own. On odd cycles, Nero can create an ability during the day and gift it to a player of his choice during the night. On even cycles, Nero may target a player and upgrade one of their abilities at random.

[Active - Arsenal] - As a Demon Hunter, Nero is armed to the teeth with powerful weapons that he has gained along his journey, or designed and created himself.
--- [Red Queen] - A mechanical blade customized by Nero that has a powerful fuel injection system. During the day, Nero may target a player and vote silence them. Twice during the game, Nero can max out the propellant onto his blade and role-block his target as well. This may not be used two cycles in a row.
--- [Blue Queen] - A unique revolver with two barrels, Nero can use it to fire two simultaneous shot on a target of his choice. This will deflect their next action to a random target. Twice during the game, Nero may channel his demonic energy onto the weapon and perform a [Charger Shot]. He will destroy the next action performed by his target and temporarily disable the ability they performed.
--- [Devil Breaker] - An enriched cybernetic prosthetic that replaced his previous arm...If [Devil Bringer] is ever destroyed, he will regain it through this ability and have it upgraded.

[Active - Devil Bringer] - Nero's right arm and the physical manifestation of his demonic power, [Devil Bringer] possesses superhuman strength, which it can also manifest through a larger, spectral arm. Nero is disgusted by his demonic abilities, considering them a curse. He starts the game covering it with a medical sling to hide it out of shame. After participating in the lynch of an evil player, Nero will come to terms with it and start seeing it as a tool to be used against evil.
--- [Yamato] - Imbued with tremendous demonic power, this word is said to be able to cut through anything. Once during the game, Nero may target a player and cut their abilities away from them, permanently role-crushing them. This bypasses any immunity. After using this blade, Nero will unlock his [Devil Trigger] gaining an immunity against regular kills and vote manipulation.
--- [Aegis Shield] - Nero may target a player and position them infront of himself of another player as protection. Actions targeting the player they're positioned in front of will instead hit them.
--- [Rusalka Corpse] - Each phase, Nero may target an ability used in a write-up and activate an auto-search. He will learn its effects the first phase, its target the following phase, the role of the player performing it the third phase. If an ability he has auto-searched targets him after the 3 phases, he will immediately learn the full role of its wielder.
--- [Sephirotic Fruit] - At night, Nero may target a player and 'wither' any effect they're currently suffering from, undoing it and healing them.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Thor - @Kvothe Kingkiller / @Fujishiro

“You should know that when you betray me, I will kill you.”
You are Thor Odinson!
[Passive - God of Thunder] - Thor is the God of Thunder, one doesn't simply fuck around with this God. As such, vote manipulation abilities do not work on him.

[Passive - Strongest Avenger] - Thor boastfully considers himself to be the strongest Avenger. Considering his superhuman powers, he likely is. The first action to target him each cycle will automatically fail.

[Active - Only the Worthy: Mjølnir] - While Thor is a God with lightning powers and weather manipulation, he can only fully utilize his powers to their full potential using Mjølnir, his hammer. This weapon can only be wielded by those worthy of it. As such, no other player in the game can steal this ability from you, nor can it be crushed. With Mjølnir comes Thor's full arsenal of attacks as displayed below.
--- [Weather Manipulation] - Using Mjølnir, Thor can manipulate the weather around causing great thunderstorms, tornadoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, the works. Day 2 or later, Thor may create an enormous thunderstorm. Due to the severe storm warning in the weather forecast, the following night phase will be skipped. The game will enter a 24 hours intermission between day phases. [1-shot]
--- [Lightning Manipulation] -
Thor can use Mjølnir to summon a lightning bolt from the sky. This lightning bolt will serve as a lightning rod. All actions submitting during that phase will be redirected to it and subsequently fail. This is a night ability-only. Some abilities can bypass this. [1-shot]
--- [Flight] Mjølnir has a unique ability to fly. He can use this flight ability to bypass role-blocks and redirections for a phase. [2-shots]
--- [Energy Projection] -
Thor can project tremendous amounts of energy blasts in his vicinity. This allows him to role crush any and all the people he has voted for in the current or previous day phase for 1 cycle.
--- [Armor Generation] - Thor's hammer allows him to manipulate his clothes, turning even normal civilian clothing into his Asgardian armor. As such, Thor will be regular-kill immune for a cycle. This may not be used two cycles in a row. [2-shots]
--- [Resurrection] - Mjølnir gives Thor the capability even resurrect the dead! As such, Thor may revive one dead player in the game. [1-shot]

[Active - Only the Worthy: Stormbreaker] - If Thor is ever targeted with an ability destroying action, it will only affect and destroy [Mjølnir] which will unlock this ability. [Stormbreaker] grants Thor access to several new abilities. Composed of [Uru], this ability is indestructible.
--- [Noobmaster69] - The player that breaks Thor's hammer will become Noobmaster69, and continue to haunt him. They are immune to Thor's actions and votes, and actions performed by them against him are upgraded.
--- [Bifrost] - Using it, Thor can summon the bridge of dimensional energy allowing instantaneous travel within the nine realms. Each cycle, Thor may target a player and if they are attacked he will immediately travel to their location and protect them.
--- [The Thanos Killing Kind] - Thor may target a player and super-kill them. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Scott Levy - @LuthonTheDragDown

"I'm like a giant candy cane, the ladies want to lick me all over"
You are Scott Levy aka "Raven"!
[Passive - The Raven] - Inspired by the Poe’s poem, the Raven is a depressed misanthrope persona serving as Scott’s character. Every day, he must seamlessly work an eloquent philosophical quote and a quote from the Poem in at least one of his posts. Failure to comply will have him mod-blocked the following night.
--- [Retirement] - After the last tournament, Scott will be forced out of the sport in an early retirement. He will lose access to Raven abilities and...become a podcaster gaining an ability relating to it.

[Passive - Marines Reserve] - As a member of the US Marines Reserves Corp, Scott is ready at all times to mobilize for active duty in case of emergency. He will gain a random ability as a one-shot from each Townie that gets killed. Belonging to Scott and not Raven, these abilities are not subjected to [The Raven].

[Passive - Mensa] - Scott is a member of the famous high IQ society, his actions are immune to any kind of tampering. He will always receive the correct results and may not be redirected. His brain is too big for that.

[Active - Wrestling World] - At the start of the game, Scott he must split the players among the 3 following Wrestling promotions - World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). The player list at the start of the game will reflect the re-partition. You start the game as a member of WCW, and you may join a new promotion every odd day. Starting on Day 2 and every two days, each promotion will hold tournaments in the game amongst its member. You will decide on the match-ups, and a die roll will determine the winner.
--- [WCW] - On Day 2, the WCW promotion will organize a tournament. The player who wins this tournament will gain a super-kill. They must submit the kill publicly.
--- [WWF] - On Day 4, the WWF promotion will organize a tournament. The player who wins this tournament will gain a revive. It must be submitted publicly.
--- [ECW] - On D6, the ECF promotion will organize a tournament. The player who wins this tournament will gain...a wish. They may wish to remove someone from the game, or for an additional role using a non-picked submission.

[Active - Raven’t Nest] - Each night, Scott may choose a player and invite them to join his wrestling stable. They will gain a private neighbor chat, and may talk at all times. Upon joining, Scott will train each new member and upgrade their role. He may have an input on how to implement the buff. Because of their infamous reputation and status as outcasts, Nest’s members will invest as [Guilty].
--- [Gauntlet Match] - Twice during the game, Raven may organize a gauntlet match pitting his group against other wrestlers. An invitation will be posted in the thread through the host, and the first X players to respond to it will form a group (X is equal to the number of members of Raven’s Nest). They will gain a Neighbors Chat temporarily and compete against Raven’s group. The [Gauntlet Match] is a quick series of one-on-one R/P/S rounds. Two players from each team start the game, and they are replaced when one is eliminated and this until one team loses. The winning team will see each member receive a slight buff to their role, while the losing team will form an elimination pool for an extra lynch the following phase. If Raven’s team wins, he may also target one player amongst the losing team and get their full role. If Raven’s team loses, the Nest will be disbanded and he will be role-crushed for a cycle. [2-shots]

[Active - Wrestlers Court] - After the first tournament tensions are sure to rise high as the egos clash, Raven will introduce a mean to settle any beef between two guys of the same promotion before things blow out of proportion. During the day, Raven may target two people that are going at it and have them settle their argument in court. The following night, a trial will take place between the two players with them representing themselves in the game thread and Judge Raven using a sock puppet presiding over the trial. The other members of their promotion will form a Jury, and gain access to a chat where they must deliberate. The player that loses the trial will be eliminated from the game. If a jury tie occurs, Raven will break it. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Town (continued) -

Nagato - @Zem

"Peace… I don't know how to get there… but… but someday I'll break the curse. If there's such a thing as peace, I will find it!"
You are Nagato!
[Passive - Uzumaki] - As a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, Nagato is doted with enormous chakra reserves and he's extremely resilient. As such, he is immune to role-crushes and any kind of debuffs.
--- [Chakra Control] - Nagato has remarkable control over his chakra and could alter its frequency constantly. He is immune to any kind of role investigations as well as alignment changes.

[Active - Rain Tiger] - At night, Nagato can make rain fall using his chakra on a groove. With falling raindrops closely linked to his senses, he will detect when the rain is obstructed by a chakra belonging to an evil person. He will learn how many [Guilty] players are in that groove. Once during the game, he may use this ability during the twilight phase, and discover the number of guilty players on the main lynch wagon. He may not use it again the following night.

[Active - Six Paths of Pain] - Using the Outer Path and with the help of black receiver channeling his chakra, Nagato is able to manipulate up to six bodies as though they are his own. With multiple bodies controlled, Nagato has access to six separate fields of vision at the same time. As such, he will learn the identity of one player that visited him at the end of each cyle, and he's able to evade the first harmful action targeting him each cycle.
--- [Deva Path] - Able to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces, Nagato may target a player and repel their next action destroying it. Alternatively, he may target a player and pull him towards him stealing their vote. At night, he may choose to abstain from targeting other players but instead repelling all actions targeting him. This effect may only be used twice.
--- [Asura Path] - Channeled through a puppeteer, this body augmented with summons of mechanised armour and various ballistic and mechanical weaponry. Nagato may target a player and destroy one of their abilities with a chakra blast. [3-shots].
--- [Human Path]
- Able to read the mind of any target by placing his hand on the target's head or chest and yanking the soul out of the body, Nagato may target a player of his choice and learn their alignment. This can only be used at night. They will be role-crushed the following day phase. [3-shots]
--- [Animal Path] -
Through this path, Nagato may summon various creatures and animals to help him. A [Giant Panda] can be summoned to protect a player of his choice, while a [Giant Chameleon] can be summoned to track a player. Twice during the game, Nagato may summon a player of his choosing. They will commute to his location, actions targeting them will fail however actions targeting Nagato that phase will affect them. He may only summon once per cycle.
--- [Preta Path] - Granting him the ability to absorb chakra in any form, Nagato may form a barrier and absorb all actions targeting him. This lasts a full phase, and it may not be used alongside any other action. He will gain one-shot versions of the ability absorbed. [3-shots]
--- [Nakara Path] -
Calling upon the King of Hell, Nagato may target a player and asks them a question privately through the host. If they're lying, they'll be role-crushed during a cycle. Alternatively, Nagato may target a player and heal them from any ailments they're currently suffering from. This will restore any ability they have lost as well, if any. This ability may only be used once per cycle, one or the other.
--- [Outer Path] - Able to wield the power of life and death, Nagato will unlock his [Outer Path] after using all Six Paths at least once. He may target a player and revive them, in exchange he will be role-crushed for a cycle.

[Active - Chibaku Tensei] - After a second mislynch, Nagato may switch position on the player list and activate this ultimate jutsu. Creating a black sphere and hurling it into the air, it will generate a powerful attractive force. He will role-crush any player within 5 slots of him, bypassing immunity within 2 slots, for a cycle. Any actions targeting him that cycle will be pulled towards the sphere as well, including super-kills. [1-shot]
Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Yun Che - @Juliet

"I’ve always believed in one phrase… and my entire life… has always proven this phrase… in this world… nothing is impossible!"
You are Yun Che!
[Passive - Living Doll] - Due to his extraordinary appearance that is coupled with a domineering and indistinct noble aura, Yun evoked favorable feelings in any woman’s heart. Each cycle, he will passively charm one random female role that targets him each cycle. He becomes immune to the negative actions and votes for the player he's charmed for 2 cycles.

[Passive - Evil God] - As the successor of the Evil God, Yun Che possesses five out of the six Evil God Seeds, granting him immunity to their corresponding elements. Yun is immune to recruitments, role-crushes, manipulations and poison.

[Passive - Mirror of Samsara] - Also known as the Regeneration Mirror, through it Yun Che can pass through the reincarnation cycle. As such, if Yun Che dies, he'll reincarnate into the body of a recently killed townie one cycle later. He will gain the abilities of his new body, and discard the old ones. In his third life, Yun Che will reincarnate into his original body...
.[Sky Poison Pearl] will fuse with his right arm if he were to die, and as such he will always have access to its abilities.

[Active - Sky Poison Pearl] - The pearl is one of the [Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures] with its capabilities centered around poison, medicine, purification, and space. It is rumored to be able tocure all poisons under the heavens, and even detoxify the soul. At night, Yun Che may target a player and use it to heal them from any ailments they're suffering from. The target will also be protected from destructive effects that same night.
--- [Infinite Inner Space] - Similarly to a Space Ring, the pearl possesses in inner storage space. It can house other occupants in their spirit form. As such, as long as he's in possession of it, Yun Che may communicate with the spirit of any dead player that has been in contact with the Pearl.
--- [Purification] - After storing a spirit in his [Sky Poison Pearl], Yun Che will gain the absolute power of purification. Each cycle, he may target a player and purify them restoring them to their start of the game state and refining it. All their abilities will be upgraded.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
The Lord of The Coast - @Ratchet

You are The Lord of the Coast!
[Passive - Marine Life] - The Lord knows the identity of [Gawr Gura - @Rej], another sea being present in the game. They share a mason chat.

[Passive - The Legend] - Famous as the only being in the world to have maimed a Yonko, the Lord of the Coast is feared across the ocean. Some even wonder if he hasn't ascended to being the 5th Yonko. As such, as long as he's alive and keeping everyone in check, lynches cannot be manipulated in any way. All votes counts for 1, and abilities manipulating the lynch itself and/or votes are nullified.

[Passive - Guardian] - After lying low in the East Blue for years, the lurking legend finally decided to enter the Grand Line. He now inhabits the waters around and inside the Sabaody Archipelago. As the guardian of these waters, he'll learn the name of any player that moves from one Groove to another. He'll receive the list at the end of each phase detailing all the movements.
--- [Not today] - As the lord of these parts, the legend may target a player each phase and stops them from moving locations during one cycle.
--- [My place, my rules] - Any player that moves around the map must abide the Lord's rules. Starting on D2, he may target a player each day that has performed a move the previous cycle and asks them to perform an action for him. The effects available are - Role-block, Track, Watch, Protect. If any, he will receive results himself. If his target refuses, he will spare their life but they'll be stuck for 2 cycles until he forgives them their insolence. Twice during the game, the Lord may ask 2 eligible players to attack a third player. The action will only proceed if both accepts. This latter effect may not be used two cycles in a row.

[Active - Arm Maimer] - During the day, the Lord may target a poor soul and snatch their arm with a ferocious bite. He will permanently destroy one of their abilities at random. Taking pity on his victims, the Lord will not attack the same player twice.

[Active - Sea King] - Ruthless sea monsters who would attack anything that comes within reach of them without mercy, Sea Kings like the Lord are feared across the seas. The mere presence of one freezes people. At night, the Lord may surface around a Groov. The sight of him will role-block any player currently there. Shivers. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Dazai Osamu - @Reborn

"Man fears death and yet, at the same time, man is drawn to death. Death is endlessly consumed by men in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one's life that none may reverse. That is what I desire."
You are Dazai Osamu!

[Passive - Port Mafia] - As a former member of the Port Mafia Organization, Dazai shows up as [Guilty] on investigations.
--- [Defector] - Having defected from the Mafia’s ranks, Dazai is lying low in order to avoid retribution. He may not role-claim nor share any informations about his role in the game thread.

[Active - Suicidal] - Hiding behind comical manners, Dazai is a suicide maniac who wishes to commit double suicide with a beautiful woman. Each day, Dazai must select a player to commit suicide with. The host will roll a D20, and if it lands on 20, both will die. This bypass any kind of immunity.
--- [Counterpart] - Named after one of the foremost fictions writers of the 20th Century...Dazai always fail at committing suicide. He will never not die at if a D20 is rolled, but his target will. He will instead gain a role based on the real Dazai Osamu.

[Active - Armed Detective Agency] - An ability user’s group focused on solving crimes considered too violent. The agency has an entrance exam for employees to assess if they’re the right fit. Each cycle, Dazai may target a player and set up an entrance exam for them. The test will consist in a riddle provided by Dazai and accepted by the host. If the targeted player solves it, he will then ask them this question - “Are you willing to risk your live to save people ?”. If they answer positively, they will successfully pass the test and become members of the agency. Members have access to a private chat, and will see their abilities refined, receiving a slight buff. Twice during the game, Dazai may target a player that failed the exam and investigate them, discovering the identity of any players they interacted with in the game up to that point.
--- [All Men Are Equal] - All official members are affected by this ability belonging to the agency director. Each cycle, Dazai may contact the director and ask him to suppress temporarily the abilities of one member, role-crushing them for a cycle.
--- [Webpage] - The Armed Detective Agency has a webpage which displays their address and their phone numbers. Dazai will learn the location of all members each cycle.

[Active - No Longer Human] - Dazai’s special ability. NLH annuls the skills of anyone he touches. He’s immune to certain physical abilities, including doctors. Each phase, Dazai may touch a player of his choice. The exact effect of this ability will depend on the following instances.
--- [1 Fingers] - Dazai may touch a player with a single finger, disabling the one of their abilities for a phase. If he targets a Mafia player, this will disable any killing ability they have. If they do not have one personally, it will disable their access to a factional kill.
--- [2 Fingers] - During the day, Dazai may touch a player with 2 of his fingers and disable any passive ability they may have. [4-shots]
--- [3 Fingers] -
Dazai may target a player and role-block them for a phase.
--- [4 Fingers] - During the day, Dazai may touch a player with 4 fingers and role-crushes them for the rest of the cycle. [3-shots]
--- [1 Hand] -
Dazai may target a write-up and disable any ability that was used to change it (if any). He will receive an untampered write-up.
--- [2 Hands] - At night, Dazai may target a write-up and disable an action, erasing it and undoing its effects. The same physical abilities restriction still apply. [2-shots]
--- [Full Stop] -
Dazai may abstain from targeting a player and instead perform a defensive stance, he will nullify any ability targeting him that phase and role-block the players performing them. [2-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Fubuki - @Sallucion

"I won't hand over the position I worked so hard for!"
You are Fubuki!
[Passive - B-Class Rank 1] - The player list will be split up into hero class ranks. From S-Class to C-Class. There is a select number per class and players will be slotted in each at random. Aside from you, players will not be aware of their class rank. Fubuki is automatically slotted into B-Class Rank 1.

[Passive - Amazement] - Fubuki is always in awe whenever she meets an S-Class hero as they have proven themselves to be the best of the best and as such have her respect. Fubuki's vote will not count against S-Class heroes.

[Passive - The Blizzard of Hell] - With an alias such as Blizzard of Hell, only one can wonder what her personality might be. Fubuki is cold-hearted and ambitious. Confident in her abilities but aware of her own limits. She doesn't play around. As a result, actions from C-Class heroes are subject to failure, except for kills.

[Active - Blizzard Group] - Fubuki doubts she can match her sister through her own individual prowess, so she decides to instead, do it with strength in numbers. Once per cycle, Fubuki may ask a player to join her Blizzard Group. That player has the option to accept or decline. If they accept, they will be added to the neighbor chat alongside the rest of the group. Fubuki will automatically learn of their character name and hero rank. Only B-Class and above can join. C-Class heroes aren't welcome into the Blizzard Group.
--- [Newbie Crusher] - As she views any rising star in the ranks as a threat to her domain, Fubuki is a prominent newbie crusher, destroying the careers of those who refuse to join her Blizzard Group. If a player has declined her offer to join the Blizzard Group, she will find out and can role crush them for 2 cycles if she wishes. [2-shots]

[Active - Talented Esper] - While not as renowned for her psychic abilities as her sister, Fubuki is still an extremely capable esper, capable of pulling off moves that could take down even A-Class heroes. As she is a force to be reckoned with, Fubuki is always role-crush immune.
--- [Psychokinesis] - Using her psychokinesis, she can fling objects and people hundreds of meters away. She may target a player to have their action be moved at a rapid pace, allowing them to get to their destination much quicker. Her target's next action will be redirect and role-block immune.
--- [Psychic Barrier] - Fubuki is talented enough to point of creating barriers to protect herself and her friends! She may create a psychic barrier around her target. She herself will automatically be behind the barrier as well. This barrier will protect from regular and super-kills. However, it is quite the taxing ability to her stamina, as such, she may not use another action for the remainder of the cycle.
--- [Telepathy] - Using her esper powers, she can telepathically communicate with other players in the game. She may write a message to the host for a specific player in the game. The host will relay the message to that player. The player may respond back once.
--- [Physical Enhancement] - Fubuki can provide great buffs for those around her. She may target a player to buff their physical attributes, one random x-shot ability will be increased by 1-shot. This ability can only be used on members of the Blizzard Group. She may not use this on herself nor on the same player more than once.

[Active - Hell Storm] - This is Fubuki's strongest esper attack. She traps her target in a tornado full of rocks and nearby debris. The player will be role-crushed for 2 cycles as they are stuck in this tornado. At the end of that cycle, they will die. If this is used on an S-Class player, they won't die. If used on a C-Class player, then it will turn into a super-kill. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Trafalgar Law - @Natalija

You are Trafalgar D. Water Law!
[Passive - Member of the D. Clan] - Those with the name of D strike fear into the hearts of the World Government. A troublesome clan of people that leaves those around them wary and fearful. You will investigate [Guilty] to Cops.

[Active - Surgeon of Death] - Law is an extremely skilled doctor, learning the art of medicine every since he was a kid. One per cycle, you may target a player to heal them from any attacks that occur to them during that phase. If you use this ability while Room is activated, your surgical abilities will increase tenfold and you can heal your target from super-kills as well. However, doing such will leave you unable to use this ability for 2 cycles.

[Active - ROOM] - Law's devil fruit allows him to encompass a selected space within a bubble, inside that bubble he may all sorts of mayhem to disrupt his opponents. Activate room for one phase. The sub-abilities under here can be used within that phase. You may expand your room to last for one cycle if you wish. As a result, your abilities can be used for a total of 2 times each within that cycle. However, doing this expends your stamina. Thus, Room will have a [1-phase cooldown] if you do that.
--- [Shambles] - Your most commonly used ability of the Ope Ope no mi. Target two players to switch their locations. Players who visit player A will visit player B instead and vice versa.
--- [Takt] - Using two fingers, you can levitate anything inside of your room and move them wherever you please. Target a player to redirect their action to another player.
--- [Scan] - Imbue your sword with the power of your fruit and then, using it as an x-ray machine, scan through the room to discover any items that those inside are possessing. Target a player to learn of one ability that they have.
--- [Personality Transplant Surgery] - You can use your shambles power to switch not only physical properties but intangibles as well! Target two players to switch their personalities for one cycle. As a result, their actions will be swapped. For example, player A is switched with player B. Player A targets player C and player B targets player D. Player A will instead target player D and player B will instead target player C. This is similar to a Bus Drive but it's reverse.
--- [Mes] - A powerful ability that allows you to remove a person's heart from their body, albeit not killing them. Target a player to remove their heart, as a result of losing such an important organ, that player will be role crushed for one cycle.
--- [Countershock] - Place two thumbs on a player of your choice to send a rapid electrical current flowing through their body. The player will be momentarily halted and as such, role blocked for the phase.
--- [Gamma Knife] - Your ultimate ability under your room. Rush towards a player to puncture them using a blade of energy. The player's organs will be destroyed while their outer body left intact. As a result of internal bleeding, the player will be super-killed. Do note that this ability takes a toll on your stamina since it is your strongest. Thus, if you use this, you will not be able to use Room again for 3 cycles. [1-shot]

All of these sub-abilities require you to first activate Room before you can use them.

[Active - Immortality Operation] - The ability that made the Ope Ope no mi known as the Ultimate Devil Fruit. Perform the immortal operation on a DEAD player of your choice. That player will be revived and be unable to die for 2 cycles. However, as a result, you will die.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Town (continued) -

Kurumi Tokisaki - @Kvothe Kingkiller

“Okay then-----Let’s begin our war?”
You are Kurumi Tokisaki!
[Passive - Worst Spirit] - Infamous as the most dangerous Spirit ever known, Kurumi is feared and despised by everyone. She starts every phase with 3 votes against her.

[Passive - Astral Dress] - Created through her spiritual dress, Kurumi’s dress acts as an armor. She is bulletproof and immune to any kind of poisoning.

[Active - Spacequake] - Created through her movements, Spacequakes are like a bomb explosion that destroys everything that it engulfs. At night, Kurumi may move from her position in the player’s list to a new one. The explosion will occur at her last position, and role-block the 8 nearest players alive. She may not perform any other action that same night. [2-shots]

[Active - Angel: Zafkiel] - As a Spirit, Kurumi can summon Angels through [Sephira Crystals] granting her access to several abilities. Armed with a pistol, Kurumi can manipulate time through the use of special bullets. Each phase, she may load her gun with one bullet and fire at a target of her choice. She may not use a bullet more than once per cycle, and must use at least 3 different bullets in a 2 cycles period. She may self target for certain bullets.
--- [First Bullet: Aleph] - Accelerates external time on its target. Kurumi may target a player and enable them to use the same ability a second time that cycle. Because of their enhanced speed, the second usage of the ability will be unstoppable.
--- [Second Bullet: Bet] - Slows down the external time on its target. Kurumi may target a player and delay all their actions 1 cycle.
--- [Third Bullet: Gimmel] - Speeds up internal time to cause the subject to age. Kurumi may target a player and age their role. They will unlock any restricted ability they may have. Their role will reflect this.
--- [Fourth Bullet: Dalet] - Rewinds time on a target. Kurumi may target a player to restore the limited shots abilities they have expanded. Alternatively, she may rewind time to heal them from any ailments they’re suffering from. She must submit the time she’d like to rewind.
--- [Fifth Bullet: Hei] - Allows Kurumi to see a glimpse of the future. During the day, Kurumi may shoot herself to get a glimpse of the future. She will receive a vision of the following hour. During that hour, the game will be frozen in time. All actions sent during that hour will only get processed when time resumes, except her own actions (if any), and Kurumi will get her hand on all frozen write-ups before anyone. If a player next to her performs an action, she will learn the name of their target. If someone targets her during that period, she will learn their full role and may act in anticipation once the game resumes. After the hour has passed, the game will resume normally and no one except her will know anything. She may not use this two cycles in a row.
--- [Sixth Bullet Vav] - Sends the consciousness of its target into the body of a past version of themselves. Kurumi may target a player and vote silence them.
--- [Seventh Bullet: Zayin] - Temporarily freezes the target’s time. Kurumi may target a player and role-block them for a phase.
--- [Eighth Bullet: Het] - Creates a temporal clone of the target. During the day, Kurumi may shoot herself with this bullet and create a clone of herself from a previous cycle. Her clone will appear under the form of a Sock Puppet account that she may gift to a person of her choice that isn’t part of the game. They will have control of the sock puppet account, and may take part in the game. A special chat will be created after the appearance of her first clone, and all subsequent clones will joint it as well (if any). Her clone has access to her experiences, memories and abilities. They will have an exact copy of her role. They have full autonomy, however she may kill a clone each cycle if they disobey her.
--- [Ninth Bullet: Tet] - Allows Kurumi to share her senses with someone in a different time or dimension. Kurumi may target a player and send them a message through the host.
--- [Tenth Bullet: Yud] - Peeks into the past of any object struck. Kurumi may target a player and look into their past. She will learn the target of their action in the previous phase (if any).
--- [Eleventh Bullet: Yud Aleph] - Sends its target to the future. After using all her bullets at least once, and [Gimmel] twice, Kurumi will gain this eleventh bullet. She may target a player and commute them to a future day phase. They'll temporarily leave the game until that the day they're time traveling to arrives. Not physically present in the game, they may not be targeted b any actions whatsoever nor are they able to post or perform actions. Their role will age to reflect it when they reappear.
--- [Twelfth Bullet: Yud Bet] - Sends its target to the past. After using all her bullets at least once, and [Vav] twice, Kurumi will gain this twelfth bullet. She may send a player to a past day phase, trapping them there. Living in the past they'd be unable to interact with the present game, making them unable to vote nor perform any action. They may not be voted nor targeted as well. A thread titled 'Day X' with X being the number of the day they were sent back to will be created, they may post there alone.

[Active - City of Devouring Time] - Kurumi has her life force/time consumed any time she uses her abilities because of how powerful her angel is. At the start of the game, she may only use one bullet per phase, however she will gain an extra usage per phase each cycle. After summoning her first clone, she will gain access to her own pocket dimension within her shadow that she can use to absorb the time of anyone that steps within it. Each cycle, Kurumi may switch her position on the player list and summon this. The players 1 slot above and underneath her position (dead players slot count), as well as anyone that targets her, are engulfed in her shadow. She will gain an extra usage of a bullet for every two players engulfed in her shadow. Actions performed against her by players trapped by her will bypass any immunity she has.
--- [Shadow Manipulation] - Twice during the game, Kurumi may switch position with a player within her shadow. Actions targeting her will affect that player, and vice-versa.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Satoru Goatjo - @Akai2 / @Light D Lamperouge

“Don't Worry, I'm the strongest.”
You are Satoru Gojo!
[Passive - Limitless] - Quite possibly the most broken ability in Jujutsu Kaisen. This is a cursed technique that allows Gojo to manipulate the infinity around him, making him untouchable. Not a single person is capable of harming Gojo. You are immune to all regular kills, role crushes, role blocks, and other debuffs. You will survive one super-kill but it will consume this ability.

[Passive - The Strongest] - As declared by himself, Gojo is the strongest person in the world. Undefeated and beatable to none. As such, your actions will take the highest priority in the order of actions.

[Passive - Why is he so pretty?!] - One of the universe's most asked questions. Why is Satoru Gojo so pretty?! Look at his eyes! During the day phase, the first player to vote for Gojo will be mesmerized by his beauty and as a result, their vote will not count.

[Active - Cursed Technique: Red] - Gojo channels the infinity around him into a single point, that point will shape into a dense ball of red cursed energy. Gojo may release this ball, exploding it in the air. Players who visit Gojo during that phase will have their actions fail and be role crushed for a cycle. [2-shots]

[Active - AHAHAHA, BUKKOROSU] - Quite the sadistic man that he is, laughing in the face of his enemies as he prepares to lop their heads off. Starting D3, you may kill a player of your choice.

[Active - You're Weak] - Gojo has absolutely no qualms calling another man weak directly to his face. Once per cycle, he may target a player to call them weak. The player will receive the message: "Satoru Gojo has called you weak!" That player will in turn be depressed and be unable to turn in any action for the remainder of the cycle. They will be told as such. [3-shots]

[Active - Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void] - A cursed technique that leaves your opponents dumbfounded as you bring them into a void of infinity, with them unable to do anything. Target a player to bring them into your void of nothingness, you and that player will have a chat together to discuss with. The chat will last for one cycle. The player will be role crushed during that period. They will be able to be visited by any other player for that time.
--- [Kill] If you see fit that the player should be sentenced to death after your discussion with them, then you may do so. This kill is separate from your I'm Gonna Murder You ability. The player will be killed at the end of the phase. [2-shots]

[Active - Throughout the Heavens & Earth, I Alone Am the Honored One!] - Enough said. There is not a single being in existence who is superior to Gojo. The Heavens have declared it as such. During the day phase, you may activate this ability to reveal yourself as Gojo Satoru. You will be confirmed Town from that point on and your abilities cannot be stolen. However, upon doing this, you will lose both of your passive abilities. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
MUUGEN - @Yo Tan Wa

"This forum sucks, y'all are some weak ass scrubs"
You are MUUGEN!
[Passive - Are You Gonna Fucking Contribute Or Not?] - Muugen absolutely detests players who fluff, waste around, and just flat out be productive. This game is serious business here. He ain't got time for that nonsense. Any player who has failed to vote at least once by the end of the day phase will be role blocked the following night phase. If a player fails to vote a second phase, he will be role-crushes them for as long as he is alive. He may undo a role-crush if he believes a player has paid their due and has become productive. If a player doesn't vote three times, he will kill them. This same passive applies to Muugen as well, because for shame if he himself cannot even contribute in the day phase.

[Passive - Ningens] - Everywhere he goes, he spots another ningen. Ningens here, ningens there, ningens everywhere! Muugen is superior to these plebs. As such, if lynched he will survive it. [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Don't You Ever Say That Again] - Muugen has zero tolerance for anybody trying to case HIM. He's obvious Town, and anyone wasting his precious time is either scum or brain dead town. Each phase, Muugen may target a player that is currently voting for him to give them a warning. The player will receive a message from the host warning them to switch their vote immediately and drop their suspicions of him. If the player keep their vote or scum reads Muugen again, he will discover their alignment.

[Active - You Fucking Suck] - Without a shred of remorse for his insults, Muugen doesn't hesitate to call another player trash when they're playing like garbage. During the day, Muugen can activate this ability. He must then tag or quote his targeted player and roast the crap out of them in the game thread. Due to the ferocity of his verbal abuse, his target will be too afraid to perform an action during the rest of the cycle in case of messing up.

[Active - Get Good Scrub] - Muugen demands expert play from the players around him, refusing to allow any scrubs in his vicinity. He may target two players. One will be the primary target and the other the secondary. His primary target will be directed to [Attack] or [Defend] the secondary target. Muugen chooses which one. Depending on the one that is picked, the primary target will receive some sort of positive or negative effect.
--- [Attack] - The primary target will be given the goal of getting the secondary target lynched by the end of the next day phase. Completion of that will lead to them gaining double action for all their actives in the following cycle.
--- [Defend] - If the primary target has to instead defend the secondary target, then they will do as such. They must defend the secondary target against all and any accusations. Failure to do so will lead to them being role blocked for one cycle.

[Active - Beta Tier] - Some players in the game are so horrendously bad at playing mafia to Muugen that he has classified them as Beta Tier. During the day phase only, Muugen may select 3 players who he believes are Beta Tier. Those 3 players will subsequently be forced into visiting one another with their night actions. They'll be told that they can only target the 3 names that Muugen selected, themselves included.

[Active - Fuck This Place, I'm Deleting My Account] - Muugen is prone to ragequitting anytime he sees something that he does not like. Therefore, during the night only, he may delete his account. He will be taken out of the game for the next cycle. He won't be able to post, vote, or like any posts. He won't be able to perform any actions nor can anybody target him. He'll be listed in the write-up as "removed from the game." [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Baby Yoda - @Salah WG

"Take care of this little one. Or I'll take care of you."
You are Baby Yoda!

[Passive - Retrieval] - Baby Yoda must sit tight, and look cute. There is a contract on his head. During D1, players may contact the host about information regarding the contract. Any player interested in the contract will receive instructions regarding tracking and retrieving Baby Yoda. Once the retrieval is complete, the player that successfully retrieved him will receive two choices.
--- [Complete Assignment] - They may bring you back and collect the money. They will earn 1 Million Berry. However, branded as a [Child Trafficker], their voting power will permanently be 0 and they will be unable to be affected by positive actions throughout the game. Baby Yoda will unlock his [Force Abilities] the first time he is attacked.
--- [Protect The Baby] - If they choose to abandon the mission and protect him instead, they will gain a [The Mandalorian] role and acquire the task of protecting him. A chat will be open between them and Baby Yoda where they may talk at all times. Baby Yoda will unlock his abilities.

[Passive - Baby Yoda] - With his big round eyes and small claws, Baby Yoda is a cuteness sensation. He is immune to lynches, and each cycle he will charm one random player that has voted or visited him. He is immune to the votes and actions of charmed players.

[Passive - The Child] - As force sensitive being, Baby Yoda is being hunted by Imperial officers and bounty hunters alike. As such, he may not reveal his identity to protect himself.

[Active - The Force] - Baby Yoda is able to harness the mystic energy of the Force on account of his force sensitivity. During the day, Baby Yoda may target a player and heal them with the force. He will protect them against kill for the remainder of the phase and heal them from any ailments they suffer from (if any). At night, Baby Yoda may telekinetically target a player and redirect their actions to a target of his choice. As the game progress and by using his force powers, Baby Yoda may grow more skilled in his use of the Force...

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Ulti - @Seraphoenix

You are Ulti!
[Passive - Mean Girl] - Ulti is a bold and aggressive girl. Always ready to snap back at anybody that displeases her, even her own boss. As such, during the day phase, she must be sassy at all times. If she can maintain this short-tempered attitude for the lengthy day, her vote will count as 2 at the EoD vote tally.

[Passive - Pay Pay] - Ulti has quite a violent and overprotective relationship with her younger brother Page One, whom she calls Pay Pay. @Tris will be your Page One in this game. If during the day phase, he or she is being suspected, you must defend them at all costs.

[Passive - Tobi Roppo] - As a member of the Flying Six, Ulti has gained a lot of authority over people around her. As such, it takes one more vote to get her lynched.

[Passive - THAT DAMN YAMATO] - Yamato is nowhere to be found and Kaido is desperate to have her be returned! This is an absolutely golden opportunity to land an All-Star position by finding Yamato! A player in this game will be coined your Yamato. It is your job to find them. If you do, you will be able to take a spot in the Weeb Council.

[Active - UI-Zugan] - One of Ulti's classic attacks. A basic-ass headbutt. Instead of once per cycle, she may target a player once per phase to headbutt them. That player will be role-blocked the whole phase.

[Active - Pay Pay, give me a piggyback ride!] - Whenever she wishes, Ulti may call upon her younger brother to give her a piggyback ride. If you activate this ability, <name> will carry out your next UI-Zugan action. If he is role blocked or redirected, your action is will be affected. If you instead are role blocked or redirected, then the action will still go through normally. [4-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Noah - @Pantheos

"A great flood is coming"
You are Noah!

[Passive - Labored Faithfully] - Noah is an intensive hard-working man, building the ark on God's orders without hesitation. As such, he has 2-shots of each of his active abilities. If this passive is destroyed, then the shots will be automatically reduced to 1 and those already at 1 will be consumed entirely.

[Passive - Savior of Man and Animals] Noah's ark saved animals of all kinds from land to air to sea. He may not be lynched.

[Active - Noah's Ark] - Noah was given the command to create a massive ark that would house 1 male and female of each species of animals in the world. He starts the game constructing the Ark. After the construction, he will gain one active ability from each role in the game. The names of the abilities have been turned into animal names as a way of not giving you any sort of unnecessary info about other roles. The descriptions have also been modified as to not reveal the character of said ability.
--- [Polar Bear] - Noah may target a player and protect them against regular kills. He may self target.
--- [Gray Wolf] - On odd cycles, Noah may target a player and gift them a one-shot he's created. On even cycles, he may target a player and upgrade one of their abilities.
--- [Crow] - At night, Noah may activate this and learn the identity of any player that visits him.
--- [Peregrine Falcon] - Noah may track a player, he will learn the identity of anyone they visit that phase.
--- [Bald Eagle] - Noah may target a player and permanently destroy one of their abilities.
--- [Rattlesnake] - Noah may target a player and heal them from any ailments they're currently suffering from.
--- [Alligator] - Noah may target a player and disable any passives they may have.
--- [Roadrunner] - He may target a player and enable them to use their abilities a second time this phase. The second usage will be unstoppable.
--- [Racoon] - Noah may target a dead town player and gain an ability from them as a one-shot at random.
--- [Sea Lion] - During the day, Noah may activate this to be able to post and vote the following night.
--- [River Otter] - On odd days, Noah may target a dead revealed town and get access to their abilities that cycle.
--- [Asian Giant Hornet] - At night, Noah may target a player and redirect their actions to a secondary target of his choice.
--- [Cougar] - At night, Noah may target a player and gift them a one-shot Watcher ability.
--- [Nile Crocodile] - Noah may target a player and redirect their next action back to them.
--- [White-tailed Deer] - He can target a player and gift them a one-shot killing ability. If they already possess an offensive ability, they may use it to upgrade it.
--- [Meercat] - On even cycles, Noah may target a player and move to a new position in the players list alongside them. Actions targeting Noah and his target will fail, while actions targeting that position will affect both.
--- [Wildebeast] - At night, Noah may target a player and heal them from any ailments they're suffering from and protect them from destructive effects.
--- [Honey Badger] - Each cycle, Noah may target two players and role-block them. If he targets the same player twice, he will role-crush them instead.
--- [Bengal Tiger] - Noah may target a player and super-kill them.
--- [Tasmanian Devil] - During the day, Noah may move to a new player on the players list. He'll be immune to the players 2 slots above and underneath his new position.
--- [Kangaroo] - Noah may target a player and steal on their abilities temporarily. They will lose access to it while he has it in his possession.
--- [Moon Bear] - Noah may target a player and protect them against all negative actions. He will redirect any actions targeting them back.
--- [Leopard Seal] - Noah may target a write-up and disable an action performed in it nullifying its effects. This may fail on certain actions.
--- [Emperor Penguin] - Noah may target 2 players and trap them in a chat with him. He may question them each phase. The first time they lie, he will learn their role. The second time, he will role-block them. The third time, he will role-crush them temporarily until they respond truthfully.
--- [Platypus] - Noah may target a player and create a portal next to them leading to another player. Actions targeting his first target will also affect his secondary target. Some abilities may not work.
--- [Armadillo] - Noah may target a write-up and learn the identity of [???] in it.
--- [Octopus] - Noah may target a player and refill the shots of one of their abilities.
--- [Sperm Whale] - At night, Noah may activate this and block anyone that visits him.
--- [Bottlenosed Dolphin] - Noah may activate this and receive the next write-up in advance. He may modify it as he pleases.
--- [Orca] - After activating this, Noah becomes immune to role-blocks and redirection for the remainder of the phase.
--- [Hammerhead Shark] - Noah may target a player and shield them from attacks against them and him.
--- [Lynx] - On odd cycles, Noah may target a player and steal an ability from them. On even cycles, he will steal any item or money they have on them.
--- [Bullfrog] - At night, Noah may activate this and grant a chat the following phase to any player that visited him that night.
--- [Poison Dart Frog] - During the day, Noah may target a player and heal them. At night, he may target a player and redirect their action to a player of his choice.
--- [Gorilla] - Noah may target a player and role-crush them for a cycle.
--- [Lemur] - Noah may target a player and stop them from submitting actions for the remainder of the cycle.
--- [Spider Monkey] - Each phase, Noah may target a player and block them.
--- [Black Widow] - Noah may target a player and super-kill them. He will lose his abilities if he kills an innocent player.
--- [Ostrich] - Noah may target a player and investigate their death. He will learn the names of any player that has visited them previously.
--- [Vulture] - Noah may target a player and learn their alignment.
--- [Caracal] - Noah may target a player and upgrade their abilities temporarily.
--- [Osprey] - Noah may target a player and have them attack or defend a secondary player of his choice. Attack entails getting them lynched, while defend entails stopping a lynch on them. If they succeed, he will gift them double actions while if they fails, he will role-block them.
--- [Moose] - Noah may target a player and role-crush them for a cycle.
--- [Cockroach] - Noah may target a player and scratch a vote against them. He must also select 5 other players, any of those player targeting him will be redirected to his target.
--- [Dragonfly] - Noah may activate this to conceal himself avoiding actions against him, or to destroy someone's ability.
--- [Komodo Dragon] - Noah may target a player and disable the next ability they perform for a cycle.
--- [Puff Adder] - Noah may post a message to the thread through the host as its own write-up.
--- [Anaconda] - Noah may post a message in the thread to advertising an ability to heal players. He may target a player that call him upon it and protect them that cycle.
--- [King's Cobra] - Noah may target a player and kill them.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Town (continued) -

Joseph Joestar - @~UwU~

"Well if I'm gonna be waiting around for 30 minutes, I've got nothing better to do. Best place to wait is right in front of Lisa Lisa's door. And if my eye just happens to wander near the keyhole...Niiiiice!"
You are Joseph Joestar!
[Passive - All The Smoke] - Joseph is an absolute hothead. He has zero qualms getting violent against even police officers at the slightest provocation. As such, at all times during the game, you must be aggressive. If someone votes or suspects you then you cannot ignore them. You must reply back and huff and puff in anger.

[Passive - Thinking 5 Steps Ahead] - As a brilliant mastermind, Joseph is never surprised in battle. Perfectly capable of predicting his opponent's next move, he wins every battle through sheer wit. As such, Joseph has laid a multitude of traps throughout the game.
--- [Grenades] - Joseph is a British-American, born in London but living in the states. He knows full well that people here love burgers, especially one from Burger King. There are three grenades in the Burger King location. The first three players to visit that location will have different things happen to them depending on the order. Joseph will learn the names of those who activate his grenades.
  • 1st Grenade: the first player to visit Burger King will be hit by this grenade. As a result, their first action of that cycle will be permanently destroyed for the game.
  • 2nd Grenade: the second player to visit Burger King will stumble upon this grenade. That player's vote will be silenced for one cycle.
  • 3rd Grenade: last but not least, the last grenade. No harm will happen to this player instead, Joseph will learn two active abilities that they possess.
--- [Strings of War] - Joseph may target a player of his choice to intricately set up a trap of strings, that is juiced up with the ripple, around them. The first player to visit them will be entangled into the ripple strings and subsequently have their passive abilities disabled for 1 cycle. Their action will also fail.

[Active - Your Next Line is Going to Be...] - Joseph's feat of perfectly guessing what someone will say next is some absolute remarkable stuff. During the night phase, he may activate this ability to guess what the lynch of the next day is going to be. If he guesses right, then he will receive the true voting tally at EoD. [4-shots]

[Active - Joestar Family Secret Technique!] - Joseph is the creator of the Joestar Family Secret Technique. Just how powerful is this technique you ask? It's utterly foolproof! Works every time! The secret is to away from all your dangers! Joseph may bring out the secret technique once per cycle and all negative actions that come his way will be dodged. [3-shots]

[Active - Talented Hamon User] - Joseph was born with a rare talent in Hamon, likely inherited from his grandfather: Jonathan Joestar. As a natural-born destroyer, everything he touches will be upgraded to the next level. If he targets a player performing a role-block, it will be upgraded to a role-crush. Regular kills to super-kills. Regular protects to super-protects. Role-crush to a regular kill.

Old Joseph

As the game progresses, Joseph will age, going from his boisterous teenage self to a super buff old man. At some point in the game, you will trigger into your Stardust Crusaders form and gain brand new abilities. All of them are hidden at the start of the game.

[Active - Hermit Purple] - Joseph has unlocked his stand, Hermit Purple! It allows him to see into the secret depths of his enemies. During the day phase, Joseph may target a write-up of his choice to learn of one [???]of his choice.
--- [Oh My God!!!] - Joseph may choose to scream OH MY GOD!!! in every single post for the remainder of the day phase. At the end of it, he will learn about all the [???]'s.
--- [Image of the Future] - Hermit Purple grants Joseph the capability of seeing the future. It's how he always knows what his opponent will say next. Joseph may see into the future using Hermit Purple and subsequently be warned of any incoming danger. Each cycle, he may target a player and warn them of any incoming danger, they will evade the next harmful action targeting him that phase.

[Active - Holy Shit!!!] - During the day phase, Joseph may express his anger at the sudden death of a specific townie by shouting HOLY SHIT!!! in each post for one full day. These can take one of the two effects. At the end of the phase, he will receive the exact results of the killer of that chosen player or he may learn the full role of a [Cleaned] role. He can only pick one.

[Active - Son of a bitch!] - Joseph has quite the foul mouth, not hesitating to call someone else a son of a bitch if he feels like it. During the night phase, he may target a player that he'll have to tag in every post and call them a son of a bitch(something like @xyz son of a bitch would work. No need to flat out say "you are a sob"). If he completes this by the end of the phase, he will receive [Innocent] or [Guilty] results on them. These results WILL NOT be tampered with.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Richard Archeron - @Jew D. Boy

"You’re not worth it, kid. I killed more Daxdians in a month than you’ve ever killed anything in your life. Fight me, and you’d be a corpse in seconds."
You are Richard Archeron!
[Passive - Deepblue] - As a Mage, Richards requires mana to power his abilities and cast spell. He employs a special mediation technique to capture astral energy and feed his mana pool. Every 3 phases, he will take a cool-down to re-energize himself, leaving him unable to perform any action and disabling any defensive passive he may have. During this phase, he will heal himself from any ailments he may suffer from. As the game progresses, he may unlock stronger version of this meditation technique...

[Passive - Dizmason] - Following the example of his mentor, Richard never half asses it. As such, his actions have a 30% chance of affecting the players adjacent to his targets.

[Active - Bloodline] - Thanks to his heritage, Richard has access to several abilities relating to his two bloodlines. Each cycle, he may attune to one his bloodlines and use its related abilities. He may not use one assimilate to one bloodline three cycles in a row.
--- [Archeron Family] - His father bloodline, the Archeron share the bloodline of a race of Demons. On odd days, Richard may target a player and empower them with [Eruption]. Their action will bypass role-blocks. On even days, he may target a player and greatly amplify the effects of abilities used against them. They will bypass any immunity, and be upgraded. He will learn the flavor name of the players that performed the abilities he amplified.
--- [Silvermoon] - A descendent of the Silvermoon Elves through his mother, Richard has an affinity to several elements. Thanks to his nature affinity, Richard may target a player and allow them to merge with their surroundings protecting them against any action, excluding super-kills. Through his restoration affinity, Richard may target a player and heal them from any ailments they're suffering from.

[Active - Soul Abilities] - Blessed by his "Other Half" with diving blessings granting him access to several abilities. Each cycle, he may choose to use one of his blessings and the abilities linked to them. He may not use the same blessing two cycles in a row.
--- [Wisdom] - Able to see and understand things at an overwhelming speed, Richard may target an ability in a write-up and discover its nature and effects. Once during the game, he may target a full write-up and discrover the nature and effects of any ability appearing in it. Night write-ups may not be targeted.
--- [Truth] - Allowing him to see the truth behind things and helps his perception, on odd days Richard may target a write-up and discover if any part of it has been tampered with. Twice during the game, he may unlocked the identity of any [???] in the write-up he's investigating. On even days, he may target a player and lie-detect on of their posts.

[Active - Royal Runemaster] - Possessing a high rune capacity, Richard is an extremely skilled runemaster having crafting his first rune at a very young age. At the night, Richard may inscribe a magical rune and gift it to a player of his choice the following cycle. He may not target the same player twice, nor can he use his own runes.
--- [Elemental Agility] - This rune enable its user to evade the first action targeting them after it has been activated.
--- [Lifesbane] - A rune capable of cultivating a soul. Its user may target a recently deceased player and seal their soul in it, giving them a chat with their target for the duration of a phase.
--- [Disintegrator] - This rune privately enabled its user to attack a target of their choice and attempt to kill them. If they have an offensive ability, this may be used alternatively to upgrade their attack.
--- [Guide of Secrets] - This rune enables its user to discover the alignment of their target.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Bokuto - @Mat D. Bizzo

"It's not 'impossible', it's just 'hard'!"
You are Kotaro Bokuto!
[Passive - Top 5 Ace] - As one of the top 5 Wing Spikers in Japan, Bokuto is an absolutely dominant force to be reckoned with. As such, you have role crush immunity.

[Passive - I want to be in the big Arena!] - Bokuto is a man who desires the spotlight, the big crowd, he excels under the many watching fans. Going off-radar is a ludicrous idea for him. Bokuto must retain the spotlight in the day phase by being a proactive player and never letting his presence be unnoticed. He must be one of the top 5 posters in each day phase. As a result, his performance will improve and his [Incredible Straights] ability will be turned into a regular-kill for the following night only.

[Active - Incredible Straights] - Bokuto's powerful straight spikes are his hallmark attacks, capable of busting through any wall of defenders. Once per cycle, you may target a player to role block them for that phase.

[Conditional Active - Rebound] - In the event that Bokuto's [Incredible Straights] ability fails, he will find out and will have the option to rebound from it. Bokuto may use [Incredible Straights] again for that phase but this time, it will be upgraded into a role crush. He may only use it against the same player he targeted earlier. [5-shots]

[Conditional Active - HEY HEY HEY HEY!] - When Bokuto does something crazy spectacular, he lets out his signature catchphrase! In the event that you participate in a scum lynch, you may activate this ability the following night. Regular kills that phase will fail on you.

[Conditional Passive - Emo Mode] - Anytime Bokuto fucks up, his confidence goes lower, lower, and lower until it hits rock bottom. Your Emo Mode has 3 phases:
--- [Blank Stare] - The first phase of your Emo Mode, the confused and dumbfounded look as you try to regain yourself. If you participate in a town lynch, you will be in this phase and be unable to perform an action for the following night phase.
--- [I can't spike] - Your second phase of Emo Mode. Participate in a second town lynch, in a row from the first, and you will be unable to vote for the next day phase.
--- [DON'T SET TO ME ANYMORE] - Your final phase. If you participate in 3 straight scum lynches, you will be role crushed for the remainder of the game.

NOTE: participating in a scum lynch at any time in the game, will automatically remove Emo Mode from you until you lynch a townie again.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Mr. Vergo - @Fujishiro

"You damn brats should know your place!"
You are Vergo!
[Passive - Mr. Vergo] - Mr. Vergo demands the respect of his fellow Townies and as such they must call him by his proper name of Mr. Vergo. At the start of D1, you will be revealed as Mr. Vergo in the game-thread. Players from then on will have to call you Mr. Vergo anytime they refer to you. Those who don't will be susceptible to your wrath.

[Passive - Food Magnet] - Mr. Vergo always happens to have some leftover food stuck on his face every time he eats. Each day, a vote against him will stack and transfer to the next day phase.

[Passive - Mr. Steel] - Mr. Vergo has a steel-like body that not even a Judge's Son could break. Vergo will survive the first kill targeting him, however he will be role-crushed the following cycle.

[Passive - Left Leg] - Mr. Vergo is a master of deception. Attacking his opponents with an outreached left leg only to immediately pull it back and switch it with a right leg in the blink of an eye! Never see it coming! As a result, Mr. Vergo cannot be redirected. His actions won't appear in the write-up.

[Active - Right Leg] - This is Mr. Vergo's true attack! After pulling in the left leg he dials up his right leg in position to thwart his opponent away. Mr. Vergo may attack a player of his choice with his right leg and they will be role crushed for 1 cycle.

[Active - Demon Bamboo] - True to his epithet, Mr. Vergo wields a large bamboo stick that is deadly in his battles. Starting D3, he may target a player of his choice to kill them using his bamboo. If he kills a townie, Mr. Vergo will be role crushed for 2 cycles.

[Conditional Active - Full-body Haki] - As a result of extensive training under Armament Haki, Mr. Vergo has developed the capability of fully coating his entire body in Haki. Before he can do this, however, he needs to be pushed to the breaking point. If 6 or more users fail to call you Mr. Vergo in the game-thread by the end of the day phase, you may go into your FBH form. Your [Demon Bamboo] will be turned into a super-kill and your role [Right Leg] will permanently crush a player instead. [2-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Number Five - @Ryu Kishi

"Jesus, who do I gotta kill to get a decent cup of coffee?"
You are Number 5!
[Passive - The Kid] - Trapped in the body of a child, Five is often left frustrated when people do not take him seriously due to his appearance. As such, he doesn't have any voting power.

[Passive - Strong Will] - Due to his prideful nature, Five doesn't like being told he can't do something. even if he might not be fully prepared. He is immune to role-blocks, and may not be controlled.
--- [Time Distortion] - This impulsive behavior has sometimes backfired however. Using his power despite warning, he found himself transported into an apocalyptic future. At the end of each day phase, votes against him transfer to the next one.

[Active - Master Assassin] - Number Five was the most deadly assassin in the Temps Commission, able to use his powers he was able to kill multiple people in a matter of seconds. On even days, he may target a player and kill them.

[Active - Space Time Manipulation] - As one of the forty-three children who were all born on October 1st, 1989, to a mother without any previous signs of pregnancy, Five has a supernatural ability enabling him to travel through time and space.
--- [Teleportation] - Number Five has the ability to teleport both short and long distances. On odd cycles, Five may teleport himself to a new position on the player's list. He will evade the next action targeting him. On even cycles, Five may target a player and take them with him as he teleports the same way. Actions targeting him and his target will fail, however actions targeting the player's holding the position they teleported to will effect both of them. Twice during the game, Five may open a portal leading to another player on the players lists. Abilities targeted the first player will also affect the secondary player during that phase. Some abilities may fail due to not being able to pass through the portal.
--- [Chronokinesis] - Five can travel through time. Once during the game and on even cycles, he may leave the game for a phase. Any actions targeting him will fail, and he may not use any ability. If used during the day, if a player posts within 30 seconds if the ability being processed, they'll be caught in the warp and time-travel alongside him. Once during the game and on odd cycles, Five may reverse time by an hour, undoing events during that time so that only he remembers them and can alter them. For an hour, the game time will be frozen and abilities performed during that period will not be processed. He will learn everything about them.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Yuffie Kisaragi - @Tobi

"I know you want my help because I'm so good!"
You are Yuffie Kisaragi!
[Passive - Optional] - Due to her status as a secret character, Yuffie will start Day 1 taking a step back. She may not post until a player has mentioned her in the game thread. She also doesn't have any voting power unless voting for the lead wagon.
--- [Recruitment] - Before beginning to post, she will challenge the first player that mentions her in the game thread to a game of [War Card Game]. If she wins, she will gain [Neighbors Chat] with them becoming a party. If she loses...she will still gain a chat with them and tag along.

[Passive - Confidence] - Yuffie boasts non stop about her skills and strength even when defeated. On odd days, she is immune to role-blocks. On even days, her action may not be manipulated through redirections or possessions.

[Passive - Ninja] - While the self bestowed honorific are debatable, Yuffie is a reliable and very skilled Ninja. She avoids the first action targeting her each cycle, and she does not appear on Tracker/Watcher type investigations.

[Passive - Motion Sickness] - Prone to getting hill when on board a moving vehicle, Yuffie actively avoids that mode of transporation. As such, she's unable to move between Groves on the map. Her starting choice will be her only location during the whole game.

[Active - Thief] - Yuffie is an accomplished thief, being able to steal information and treasures alike.. On odd cycle, she can target a player and steal an ability at random from them. She will get a one-shot version of it, summarized as an effect solely. On even cycles, she can target a player and steal any object and/or money they may have. The host will roll a D10, and the results times 10 is the percentage of their money she will steal (if any).

[Active - Materia] - Obsessed with Materia, Yuffie believes that it's the key to accomplishing her goals and restoring Wutai's glory. Occurring naturally in the environment, these items can be used to craft spells and abilities to use in combat. This game, some players have environmental ingredients inside their waist bags, hidden on the player's list. Each day, Yuffie may target a player and attempt to collect their ingredient (if any). After collecting 2 items, she'll be able to craft a 1-shot ability and give it to a player of her choice.

[Active - Quarantine Hut] - Yuffie has extensive experience with contagious diseases...after the first hospitalisation due to COVID-19 and the announcement of a pandemic by the Weeb Health Organization, Yuffie will start working on preventing the propagation of the virus. She will gain an immunity against infection, as well as the ability to target 3 players each cycle quarantining them. They may not visit any Grove during that cycle, and actions performed by and against them have 50% less chances of infecting. Thrice during the game, she may quarantine someone severely for a cycle. They will be role-blocked through immunity. This will fail on a player not infected.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Town (continued) -


"Die before I've felt some boobs? Fuck off!"
You are Denji!
[Passive - Simp] - Denji is emotionally damaged, and desperate to feel love and be loved by someone. This results in him being charmed by any female characters he interacts with. Women characters are immune to his actions and votes.
--- [Mindless Dog] - Clinging to any women that gives him her attention, Denji often wishes that he was just a mindless dog just so that he doesn't have to think for himself. If he's asked in the thread to vote or target someone by a female player, he must oblige. While interacting with him, if a female player share suspicion on another player, Denji must always back her up even if he disagrees.
--- [The Chad Simp] - Denji isn't your usual simp, he's transcended past it. His actions will not fail against women characters and players if he's determined enough. He will charm one women character that he has simped for temporarily each cyle.

[Passive - Pochita] - Denji has a made a contract with this Devil also known as the [Chainsaw Man]. After a near death experience, Pochita saved Denji and assumed the function of his heart. Thanks to this presence, Denji is able to heal completely from nearly any fatal injury, and in some instances recover from death, so long as he consumes a sufficient amount of blood. He is bulletproof, however if he's attacked, he'll be role-crushed the following cycle while regenerating.
--- [Hero of Hell] - Denji will not spend any time regenerating, and role-crushes now vote-silence him.

[Active - The Chainsaw Devil] - By pulling on the cord emerging from his chest, Denji can transform into a bloodthirsty Chainsaw Man. Similarly to his regenerative ability, Denji requires blood in order to transform. In this game, votes against him act as the blood he needs. Each vote is a vial of blood that he may consume at any time to transform and perform his abilities. Each vote that appear in the final vote count of a day phase is collected in a flask. He may only collect one vial per player during any given cycle. He needs to consume 3 vial of blood to be able to transform into his Chainsaw Devil form. Each transformation lasts a phase. He may transform each phase.
--- [Enhanced Strength] - Denji is able to catch any object and throw it back equally as hard. Each cycle, Denji may target a player and catch their next action then redirected back to them. This consumes 3 vial of blood.
--- [Chainsaw Entaglement] - As part of his transformation Denji grows fully-functional chainsaws from his arms, legs, and head. He is able to disconnect them and wrap it around the body of a target, immobilizing them. Each cycle, Denji may target a player and role-block them for a phase. This consumes 5 vials of blood.
--- [Chainsaw Massacre] - At night, Denji go into a trance and attack a target of his choice. He will attempt to kill them. Any player that survives is vote silenced the following day phase. This consumes 3 flasks of blood, or 30 vials.
--- [Full Devil Mode] - After surrendering his contract with Pochita, Denji can transform into a Full Devil. In this form, Denji and super-bulletproof and his kills are upgraded to super-kills. Due to the carnage of these attacks, Denji's targets are janitored. This lasts a full cycle, and at the end of it, Denji will be role-crushed for 2 cycles. This consumes 8 flasks of blood.
--- [Chainsaw Unleashed] - Denji can now collect an unlimited number of vials per player during any given cycle, and a vote on him at EoD now acts as 2 Flasks. [Enhanced Strength] will disable the ability he redirects back for a cycle. [Chainsaw Entaglement] will bypass immunity. [Chainsaw Massacre] will super-kill his target. [Full Devil Mode] will only role-crush him for a phase instead.

[Active - Devil Erasure] - Famously known as [The Hero of hell], the Chainsaw Man is a devil that is feared by all devil. He hunts the hunters. Denji is able to consume players that he kills, erasing them from existence. He may activate this ability alongside his kill ability and consume his target if the kill is successful. Any actions that they have performed in the past will be undone, and living inside him, they will gain access to a private chat with him. Unlike normal limited abilities, this ability will not be expanded if the kill fails. [2-shots]
--- [Constant Threat] - If Denji is amongst the 3 first voter on any lynch wagon, he may choose to consume the lynched player.
--- [Body Assimilation] - Denji will gain the abilities of anyone he consumes.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Bouya Harumichi - @Tris

You are Bouya Harumichi!
[Passive - Four Kings] - By the end of his senior year, Bouya was part of the Four Kings, the Four strongest boys in the country. He wasn't just part of this, he was the strongest of the Four Kings. As the strongest, Bouya has 4 votes to spare. He must split these votes individually to 4 different users each day phase. Failure to do so will lead to him being mod-blocked for the next night.

[Passive - Champion] - Bouya doesn't back down from a fight and has a history as a champion. 26 fights with 21 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw. Quite an impressive resume. As such, if a role-crush or killing attack is performed on him. Bouya will force his visitor into a duel with him instead. The duel is to see who can make the most posts by the end of the current or next day phase. If Bouya wins, the kill or role crush will fail and he will learn the name of his visitor. If the visitor wins then the action succeeds.

[Active - Greatest Man] - Bouya is widely considered to be the Greatest Man at Suzuran High School. He was the established boss there, even above the teachers. As the boss, Bouya has the authority to do an investigation on the current situation. In the event that someone was killed, Bouya may investigate the players' death and receive a list of names of people that visited that player during the entire game.
--- [Revenge] - Whenever Bouya discovers that one of his friends has been beaten up, he promises to avenge them. As such, Bouya may target one of the players in the list that he received and super-kill them. [1-shot]

[Active - The Legend of Dede] - During Bouya's middle school days, he headbutted his perverted principal, stripped him down butt-naked, then hung him upside down at the school's rooftop. Absolutely ruthless. Bouya may perform this heinous act against a player of his choice. That player will be role-crushed for 2 cycles and Bouya will learn their full role. [1-shot]
--- [Tall Tale] -
This incident has become rather a tall tale, passed down to lower generations getting stretched and stretched. As such, Bouya may perform this action again after already expending that 1-shot, however, it will be weaker this time. The player will be role-crushed for 1 cycle and he will instead learn of 2 random abilities of theirs. [3-shots]

[Active - Bodyguard] - As the Greatest Man in school, it is Bouya's responsibility to protect his fellow students, acting as a bodyguard to them from bullies. He may target a player to protect for 1 cycle. If that player is attacked then the attack will fail and Bouya will strike back, role-crush the attacker for 2 cycles. His protection only stops regular-kills.
--- [Underling] - Bouya's protection doesn't come without a cost. If he successfully protects a target then they will join him as an underling. The player will be fully protected for the remainder of the game. However, they will be unable to vote for Bouya as well.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Denzel Quincy Crocker - @Smileyman

You are Denzel Quincy Crocker!
[Passive - Mother's Basement] - Even though he is a grown-ass man, Denzel still resides in his mother's basement as if he's a high schooler. He represents the epitome of a man who lives in their mother's basement. As such, whenever Denzel performs an action, it will not appear in the write-up.

[Passive - Believer of Fairies] - They called you crazy; they called you a psychopath; they called you a goddamn madman! But you assure them that they exist alright. FAIRIES EXIST AND YOU WILL PROVE IT!! During the day phase, Denzel must make at least one essay post where he creates an argument that proves the existence of fairies. Depending on the reactions he receives, they will determine the power-ups you get.
  • If players react to your theory believing it, Denzel will gain +1 vote power per person.
  • If players react in disbelief and/or ridicule you for it, then Denzel will be even more motivated to convince them, unlocking these active abilities below to use.
--- [Magic Detector] - this device allows you to sense fairy magic and trail it. Target a player to find out if they're using any bizarre abilities. You will then discover who that player visited during that phase.
--- [Heat-Seeking Fairy Suit] - don this outfit and you'll be able to detect even the tiniest and most invisible fairies. Target a player and you will receive a list of whoever visited them at the end of the phase. This ability will bypass Ninja passives. [3-shots]
--- [Crocker Virus] -
a computer virus which you invented that basically destroys the software of any computer you hack this into. Target a player to hack their role with this virus. The player's passive abilities will be disabled for a cycle. [3-shots]

[Passive - Varying Intellegience] - Mr. Denzel Crocker is a man of high intellect while at the same time being a complete dumbass. Whether he is a genius or an idiot is entirely dependent on the plot. If you participate in a scum lynch, you will be a genius until the next lynch. If you participate in a town lynch, you will be an idiot until the next lynch. Genius mode gives Denzel several perks to use to his advantage. Idiot mode gives him absolutely nothing. The Genius mode perks can be found below.
--- [Anti-Mind Reading Helmet] - one of your crazy inventions again. This is a passive ability that automatically unlocks during Genius mode. With this helmet on, you will be unable to be redirected in any shape or form.
--- [Crocker Pot] - it's a trap! Another wacky invention that this time traps any visiting players allowing you to learn their character name. You can place the Crocker Pot on yourself or another player of your choice. [4-shots]

[Active - Class Time Kids!] - As a 5th-grade teacher, Denzel has the authority to assign a class for his students. During the day phase, pick 9 players who you wish to attend class. You must also create a Pop Quiz of 3 questions. Those 3 questions can be anything that you find important. During the following night, you and those 9 players will participate in a night chat where you will discuss the Pop Quiz you have created.

At the end of the night, you will have to assign grades. There are only two options: A and F. Only one player can receive each of these grades so a total of two.
--- [Ayyyyy lmao] - choose one player from that night chat to give an A to for the best performance on the Pop Quiz. That player will receive double-action for the following cycle.
--- [Give em an Eoufff] - choose a second player to give a grade F to for the worst performance on the Pop Quiz. The player will have their actions be role blocked for the following cycle.
--- [Homework] - the remaining 7 players will automatically receive homework to complete by the end of the next cycle. The player will be given the choice to complete or not do the homework. If they choose to do it, nothing happens to them. If they choose not to do it, however, you will learn the name of their character.

[Conditional Active - FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!] - In the event that Denzel gains at least 3 votes on him during the day phase, he may use this ability to go on spams screaming FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!! As a result, a random voter against him will be frightened and have their vote be forcibly removed from you. They will not be told that this happened to them.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Gawr Gura - @Rej

"Don't be an asshole, just go about your day and don't bother anyone."
You are Gawr Gura!

[Passive - Shark] - Hailing from the Lost City of Atlantis, Gura has an affection for marine life. She knows the identity of [The Lord of the Coast - Ratchet], and shares a Mason chat with him.

[Passive - VTuber] - As a Virtual Youtuber, Gawr Gura is more comfortable interacting with the game through her digital avatar, keeping her identity secret. She may not claim her role in the thread or reveal any information relating to her role. Investigations targeting her will fail as her identity is well protected.
--- [Youtube Channel] - As a Youtuber, she relies heavily on views and subs to keep her channel growing. During the game, ‘Likes’ and ‘Quotes’ are the equivalent of views. If player quote her 20 times throughout a day phase, they will be automatically subscribed to her channel for a cycle. The number required to subscribe a second time is 30, and she needs 10 more quotes at each stage. She is immune to the votes and actions of her subscribers. She earns money through the number of likes and quotes posts related to her content, earning 10k Belly for each Like/Quote her posts get, or her action write-ups. Actions performed by her receive their own write-up in order to track their views.

[Passive - Left and Right] - Gura has sometimes telling left from right which often leads to her getting lost. On even day, Gura will find herself in the [General Mafia Chat] instead of the game thread, making her unable to post in the game thread that day. She may post in the other thread and play the game as usual there.
--- [Idol] - Gura has many fans, and her actions may influence people to imitate her. Players that interact with her in the [General Mafia Chat] instead of through the game thread and break the rules will not be punished. It is her responsibility to prevent them from breaking the rules, for each player that posts game relating content in the [General Mafia Chat], she will face repercussions that will hurt her channel.

[Active - Introduction] - At the start of the game, Gura must introduce herself to the thread through the host asking people to sub for her. It can be a message or an audio file using [Vocaroo].
--- [Ad] - Each cycle, she may purchase an ad slot in a write-up for 50k belly to promote her channel.

[Active - Stream] - On odd days, Gura may start a gaming stream and take control of a dead revealed townie role to “play it”. She will gain access to its abilities as they were at its death, and she may use them during that cycle. The stream must be setup the previous night to give a heads up to her fans. On even days, she may post a [Vocaroo] audio message to the thread through the host.
--- [Chat] - While setting up the stream for the following night, she will invite her fans to join her in a private chat the following cycle that will last the duration of the stream. She gains 100k Belly for each presence.

[Active - Shrimp] - Gura is grateful for all her loyal fans that support her monetarily. If a player spends 3 cycles subbed to her, they will be permanently subbed to her granting her permanent immunity against their actions and votes. She will learn their full role, and each cycle, she may control the role and vote of one of her permanent subs. She may not control the same player more than once.
--- [Bloop] - The first player to permanently sub to her channel will become the Mascot of her channel and her own 'emergency food ration'. The first time she's targeted by a kill or a role-crush, it'll affect them instead.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Dr. Robotnik - @krogothwolf

You are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, The Eggman!
[Passive - 300 IQ] - As a man of extreme intellect, Eggman can't be fooled by simple tricks and gimmicks. As such, he is immune to vote manipulation.

[Passive - Overzealous Courage] - One of Dr. Robotnik's greatest attributes is his astounding courage. Always putting himself headfirst into danger even when he doesn't need to. During the day phase, Robotnik must have a vote placed on someone at all times. During the night phase, he must always perform at least one action. He can't abstain.

[Active - Escape Artist] - Eggman has an absolute knack for escaping from the trickiest of situations no matter the predicament. After activating this ability, Eggman will spend one whole phase to create an escape route. He may not do anything else in that timeframe. After that phase has gone by, Eggman's escape path is fully set. If he is attacked or lynched then he will survive it and then he'll have to do it all over again. Super-kills will not bypass this. Eggman may target one other player to bring with him during the escape. They will be protected from the same things. [4-shots]

[Active - Highly Advanced Glasses] - Ivo's glasses are a remarkable piece of technology, capable of many wonders. Eggman is free to target a player using his glasses to discover if they are [Innocent] or [Guilty].

[Active - Hidden Jetpack] - With a press of his golden shirt button, Robotnik can unveil his jetpack and fly away at a moment's notice. He will be role-block and redirection immune for that cycle. [3-shots]

[Active - Ultimate Life Form: Shadow the Hedgehog] - Eggman's grandfather created this counterpart to Sonic. It's locked up away in a capsule and only Ivo knows how to unlock it. At any time during the game, he may unleash Shadow the Hedgehog. In the current location that he is in, Shadow will go on a rampage and permanently role crush any and all who visit Robotnik during a 1-phase timeframe. However, if Robotnik were to unleash this beast, then he will permanently lose his aforementioned abilities for the remainder of the game. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Eiffel Tower - @Michelle

"Greetings from the prettiest tower on the planet."
You are the Eiffel Tower!
[Passive - Symbol] - The Eiffel Tower is a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Her presence, and locations in the game will be revealed.
--- [Attraction] - The Tower can be seen from around Paris and its suburbs. It is photographed, drawn, filmed, and replicated in all kinds of circumstances. At the start of each day, the list of players that visited the Eiffel Tower the previous cycle will be made public.
--- [Copyright] - Due to the tower's various illuminations being protected by copyright, any player that visits it at night must pay a 100K Belly fee. If they do not have enough funds, their vote will be used as payment.
--- [Paris, you have my heart] - One of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower often takes the breath of its visitors. If a player visits it three times, they will be charmed. The tower is immune to the votes and actions of charmed players.

[Passive - The Iron Lady] - Constructed with special iron refined to obtain almost pure iron, the Eiffel Tower was from the best and most robust of materials. As such, she is immune to any kind of debuffs, poisoning and role-crushes.

[Passive - Visitors] - The Tower has three floors that are open to the public: the 1st floor, 2nd floor and summit. Restaurants are located on the first two floors, and there is an observation deck at the top. Alongside it's identity reveal at the start of the game, the tower must also broadcast a message to the thread inviting them to visit and promoting its services. Each player that visits her will have the option to use one of its services.
--- [First Floor Restaurant] - Players may come here to dine. Thanks to the amazing food and the breathtaking view, your visitors actions will bypass any role-blocks. A visit costs 35k Bellys.
--- [Second Floor Restaurant] - A Michelin star restaurant, patrons of this restaurant may perform their action twice the following night. A visits costs 50k bellys.
--- [Observation Deck] - Visitors of the summit may target a player and watch them. They will learn the identity of anyone that visits them (if any). A visit costs 75k bellys.

[Active - Restriction] - The Eiffel Tower management firm handles everything related to the tower. Each cycle, they may deny access to 3 players of their choice and offer free entry coupons to 2 players of their choice.

[Active - Keep Fighting!] - At night, the Eiffel Tower may be illuminated to pay tribute to the fallen townies. She will role-block all players in the game due to dazzling show she will putting up. [1-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Town (continued) -

Obito Uchiha - @Naomi

"The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate."
You are Obito!
[Passive - Team Minato] - At the start of the game, Obito must select 2 players and respectively assign to them the roles of his friends: Kakashi and Rin. They will each receive a slight buff to their roles. The members of the team are immune to the votes of each other.

[Passive - Fashionably Late] - Obito is always helping out and performing random good deeds around Konoha, especially for the elderly, which makes him always late. As such, he will always miss the first 6 hours of a phase, being unable to post nor perform an action. He's immune to actions performed on him during the period as he's absent.

[Active - Sharingan] - A kekkai genkai, the Sharingan is an ability unique to the Uchihas and Obito's birthright. The dojutsu becomes more and more powerful at different stages based on tomoe in the eyes, with Obito awakening it with already 2 of them. He may acquire a third tomoe during the game...
--- [Movement Prediction] - Obito avoid the first action performed against him each cycle.
--- [Chakra Signatures] - During the day, Obito may target a player and learn if they have offensive abilities. If he targets the same player twice, he will learn the target of their next action. At night, he may target a write-up and discover if it was tampered with.
--- [Copy] - Locked.

[Active - Fire Release] - As an Uchiha, he has a natural aptitude for [Fire Release] techniques, and could perform the [Great Fireball Technique] at an early age. As such, he's immune to fire based attacks.
--- [Great Fireball Technique] - At any time, Obito may hit a player of his choice with this large fireball. He will role-crush them for one cycle. This may not be used two cycles in a row.


"I'm a schoolgirl in love with her Senpai!"
You are Tobi!
[Passive - The Troll] - Tobi likes to have fun, and never really takes anything seriously. He will always keep a fun humor when posting, cracking jokes and always respond to votes against him in a humorous manner. As long as he keep this up, any actions targeting him will fail, passing right through him, excluding super-kills. If he fails to comply, he will be to ashamed to perform an actions the following night, opting instead to spend some time working on his act.

[Active - Sharingan] - Still possessing this powerful dojutsu, Tobi may target a player each and discover their alignment. If he targets the same player twice, he will learn their full role.
--- [Kamui] - Having awakened a further stage of his Sharingan, the [Mangekyou Sharingan], Tobi is able to use this space-time ninjutsu which grants him his intangibility. Each cycle, Tobi may target a player and teleport their next action to his own personal dimension, rendering its effects null. The ability linked to that action will be disabled the next cycle. Alternatively, he may target a player and teleport their passives away disabling them for the remainder of the cycle. Twice during the game, he may target a player and trap them in his dimension for a cycle, they'll be role-crushed and vote-drained. Any actions targeting them from someone other than Tobi will fail without exclusion. He may not use more than two of these effects in any given cycle.
--- [Time Out] - Twice during the game, Tobi may teleport himself away from the game at night. He will spend the following cycle in his own personal dimension, the [General Mafia Chat] thread. He may post about the game and vote there. During that cycle, he may not perform another ability, however as he's not present in the game, he may not be target by any action including super-kills and he may not be lynched. He may take someone else with him once.


"Now that the war has began names are irrelevant...Madara, Tobi... Call me what ever you wish."
You are Madara Uchiha!

[Passive - Madara Uchiha] - Madara doesn't mess around, he means business and doesn't have any time to associate with lower beings. He will always keep a cold and distant tone when posting while making sure he never loses his cool. He must never quote nor tag a player when posting. As long as he keep this up, any actions targeting him will fail, passing right through him due to his intangibility, excluding super-kills. If he fails to comply, his intangibility will be deactivated temporarily.

[Active - Mangekyo Sharingan] - Madara may target a player each phase and copy one of their abilities as a one-shot. If he targets the same player twice, he will copy one of their abilities permanently.
--- [Kamui] - Madara is able to use this space-time ninjutsu which grants him his intangibility. Each cycle, Madara may target a player and teleport their next action to his own personal dimension, rendering its effects null and destroying the ability linked to it. He will learn its effects. Alternatively, he may target a player and disable their defensive passives aways for a cycle.
--- [One on One] - Once during the game, Madara may trap a player alongside him in his own pocket dimension. He will challenge them to a duel, they will battle each other in a game of [Battleship]. If he win, he will super-kill his target bypassing any immunity they have. If he loses, he will be role-crushed for a cycle through his immunity, and his opponent will learn his role and gain both a permanant immunity against him as well as his vote while he's crushed. While engaged in a duel, both Madara and his target may not post in the game thread, instead they may use the [General Mafia Chat] thread. Any actions targeting them during that period will fail, and they may not perform any as well. If he wins, he will gain an extra shot of this ability.

[Active - Rinnegan] - Madara may choose to eliminate Nagato from the game, and recuperate his [Rinnegan] to use himself. He will gain abilities relating to the [Sage of Sixth Path], however he will lose his Town win-condition.

[Active - Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I'm not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I'm not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano'o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu.]
- The answer is no. Madara my ask this same question to the thread and each player will have until the end of the current phase to answer. If a player answers [Yes], Madara will role-block them. He may upgrade one of the role-blocks. If a player answers [No], they'll have recognized Madara's greatness and their votes and actions will not affect him for the remainder of the cycle. If a majority of players vote for [Yes], Madara may choose to super-kill one of them and remind everyone about his greatness. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Dracula - @Kiwipom

“Remember my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker”
You are Dracula!
[Passive - The Count] - As a Transylvanian nobleman, Dracula has a voting power of three. His vote may not be manipulated in any way. Possessing great wealth, Dracula starts the game with 1 Million Bellys.
--- [Decaying Castle] - Dracula lives in an isolated castle acting as a fortress. Its location on top of a hill enables Dracula to see his visitors coming. At the end of each cycle, he'll learn the name of one player that visited him at random.

[Passive - Aristocratic Charm] - Dracula is a well-spoken, charming man. He must always keep his calm and composure in the thread. He must never be aggressive, swear nor snarky in the game thread. Failure to being cordial at all times, Dracula will fly into a fit of rage and stay in his castle the following night not performing any action. If he keeps it up and doesn't receive any vote during the day phase, he will be bulletproof at night.

[Passive - Scholar] - Possessing the highest development of the scientific knowledge of his time, there is no branch of knowledge that he did not essay. As such, he will learn the identity of one role that didn't make it into the game at the end of each phase.
--- [Thirst for Knowledge] - Yearning for knowledge, Dracula may target a player at night and discover the effect of one of their abilities at random.
--- [Dark Arts] - At night, Dracula may target a player and discover the effects of the abilities that targeted them. If he targets the same player twice, he may combine the abilities used on that player to craft an ability.

[Passive - Fiction] - A popular culture icon, Dracula has appeared numerous times in fictional works with his characters aspects and abilities altered in each portrayal. As such, any time a player in the game mentions an aspect of Dracula's role that ought to be present in this game, Dracula's role will change and reflect it. He may not reveal anything about this in the game thread.
--- [The Ability Thief] - On odd nights, Dracula will now also steal an ability from his target when feeding off of their blood. On even nights, player that he turns into Vampire will see their abilities restored and gain a [Vampiric] ability themselves.

[Active - The Undead] - Believed to have made a deal with the Devil, Dracula is an undead vampire possessing numerous supernatural abilities.
--- [Hypnotisme] - At night, Dracula may target a player and redirect them to a target of his choice. Alternatively, he may target a player and compel them to match his next day vote. He may only use one of the two effects each cycle.
--- [Telepathic] - At night, Dracula may target a player and relay a message to them telepathically. They may respond to him through the same channel.
--- [Shapeshifting] - At night, Dracula may shape shift himself to avoid danger or move rapidly. He may bus-drive himself to a position in the player's list. Actions targeting him will fail, however actions target the player on the position he relocate to will affect Dracula too. [2-shots]
--- [Vampirism] -
The progenitor of all vampires, Dracula is able to bite people feeding off of their blood and/or turn them into vampires. On odd nights, Dracula may target a player and feed off of them, role-crushing them and vote draining them the following cycle. On even nights, Dracula may target a player and feed them his blood. He will drain his vote, and role-crush himself the following phase. Players that receive his blood will slowly turn into Vampires, receiving a slight buff to their role and gaining a telepathic connection with him.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​
Ruby Toujo - @Finalbeta

"You're sadly mistaken if you think you can escape from that easily!"
You are Ruby Toujo!
[Passive - High School Crush] - Ruby has developed a crush on Tsukune Aono, willing to risk anything in order to make him happy. In this game, @Marimo_420 is your crush. You must ensure by the end of this game they town reads you. If you die and they town reads you cause of the role flip, it does not count.

[Passive - Taking Orders] - Ruby is someone who loves to take orders from people, hating having to dish them out herself. During the day phase, she must always vote on the leading wagon regardless of whether she believes that player is scum or not. If Ruby does not then she will be mod-blocked for the following night phase. If she does, however, then she will be role-crush immune for that night phase.

[Active - Masochistic] - Ruby is the biggest masochistic person on the planet. Her desire for pain causes her to go to extreme lengths to feel that gratification. Once per cycle, she MUST activate this ability to bring all the attention to herself. The first harmful action used afterward will be immediately redirected to her. If she uses this ability, regular kills will have no effect on her. Super-kills, however, will kill you. This is a required action that you must perform each cycle.

[Active - Magic Staff] - As a witch, Ruby wields a magic staff that allows her to produce powerful magic against her enemies. If Ruby gets this ability stolen from her, she will not be able to use the magic spells below.
--- [Transformation Magic] - Ruby can transform herself into a raven to follow someone without arousing suspicion. Choose a player to track as a raven, you will discover who the player visited. This action WILL NOT appear in the write-up.
--- [Talking Book] - Using talismans as intermediaries, Ruby can write whatever she wishes in her book and it will come to life. Ruby may create a mask from this book, and can distribute at most 1 mask per cycle to a player of her choice. Ruby automatically has a mask on.
--- [Iron Maiden] - This is Ruby's most powerful technique. She wraps a talisman around herself which makes wings that can elongate and pierce her opponents. It also allows her to fly of course. In this form, she can choose a player to attack, that player will be super-killed. Since she is in flight mode, actions on her will miss for one cycle. However, this is a technique that causes her quite harm the longer she uses it. As such, if she uses this ability, Ruby will be vanillaised for the remainder of the game. [1-shot]

Primary Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.
Secondary Wincon: Protect @Marimo_420
Artoria Pendragon - @Noctis

“Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless?”
You are Artoria Pendragon!
[Passive - The Servant's Life] - Saber has no life without a Master. She must be summoned... [HIDDEN] The first Town player to challenge or invite her will summon her into the game, and gain a chat with her where they may communicate at all times. She will gain access to her abilities and her summoner will also gain the status as her [Master] that she must protect. If her [Master] dies, she will leave the game.
--- [Untouchable King] - Before her summoning, Saber isn't physically present in the game. She may post and vote, however she doesn't have any abilities and she can not be targeted by any action whatsoever except the ones that would summon her.
--- [A Tool] - Saber's master has access to her abilities, and may order her to use 1 action per cycle how they see fit. As the game progress, she may slowly become aware of herself as more than a servant...[HIDDEN] - If they disagree in their chat about the target of one of her abilities, the action will not be performed as she will never reject her morals and beliefs. If they disagree a second time during the game, she will lose this passive.
--- [HIDDEN] [Saber Alter] - If Saber isn't summoned by the end of Day 4, she will comes to the realization that the duty of a hero is to be hated and ostracized, that a hero's only duty is to cut down foes using all their strength. She must cleanse this game by her own hands. As such, she will appear in the game as her alternate version [Saber Alter] and gain the win condition of eliminating all players in the game.

[Passive - Code Of Honor] - Resolute in following her morals, Saber may not lie in the game about anything. She will always respond truthfully when asked a question in the thread. Failure to comply will see her have trouble live down the shame her actions brought on her causing her to not perform an action the following night. This strong belief in her morals and indomitable grants her immunity against vote and action manipulation. Her actions may not be tampered with, and will always find their target.

[Passive - Magic Core] - Born with the magical energy of a Dragon, Artoria possesses magic circuits in her body that transcend normal human beings. She is bulletproof and she is immune to role-crushes and poisoning.
--- [Servant-Master Connection] - Artoria will gain any immunity that her [Master] possesses through the spiritual line connecting them when she was summoned into the game.

[Active - Saber Class] - Famed for its great power, Saber Class is one of the Servant classes and the one Artoria was summoned into. Each cycle, Artoria may target a player and protects them against negative actions, excluding super-kills, targeting them for the duration of a phase. Twice during the game, she may upgrade her protection which will include protection against super-kills.

[Active - Noble Phantasms] - As a Heroic Spirit, Artoria has access to several of these armaments as weapons.
--- [Invisible Air] - Saber may activate this ability to conceal herself. She will evade any actions targeting her during that phase. Alternatively, she may use it to release a compresses wind and destroy an ability of her target. She may not use the same effect more than twice. [4-shots]
--- [Excalibur] -
A divine construct forged by the planet, Saber wields this sword that convert her sword into light. Each cycle, Artoria can target a player to kill by converting her voting power and access to her other abilities as the light needed. She may channel the 'light' of her [Master] to upgrade this kill into a super-kill. For every three dead Townies, she will harness enough mana to convert into light without sacrificing her abilities and vote for the cycle. Alternatively, she may sacrifice them to upgrade it into a super-kill that cycle. [Excalibur] may not be upgraded two cycles in a row.
--- [Rhongomyniad] - Granting her the authority of the Tower of Light, Saber may use this lance to automatically lynch a player that has 3 votes in any given day phase. The 3 votes required may not be those of Artoria nor her master. This lynch will bypass any immunity, and end the phase immediately. [1-shot]
[Human Illusion] -
Also known as 'Crystalized Mysteries', [Noble Phantasms] are made using human imagination as their core...[Secrets] - [HIDDEN] - It is impossible for myths and legends to start from nothing, the anecdotes about the prowess and weaponry of any Heroic Spirit all become part of the very "symbol" of their existence. As such, any time a player in the game mentions an ability that Artoria may have, it will materialize a cycle later as a crystal that Artoria may use. This is affected by legends about Artoria the role, and the player holding it as well.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
I got 2 awesome random abilities from Constanza :

[Active - Import/Export] - One of George's many profession is that of an Importer/Exporter. Each cycle, George may target a player and import their role. He will learn their full role. Upon a second importation, he may use his target's role during that cycle. Anytime, he targets a player for the second time, he will export his voting power and they will gain it during that phase.

[Active - Pilot] - Once during the game, George may pitch a [Pilot] to the host and ask for volunteer actors in the thread via a subsequent write-up. The Pilot requires 5 volunteers. If he gets them, it is a go. As the writer, he will control the actions of the 5 actors during the shooting and have them follow his script. [1-shot]

That, Pilot is umm the fake WU about covid volunteers is design by Typo.
Too bad you died before using that . That sounds really cool, Lara was op as fuck :josad:

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Frank Reynolds – @Lindltaylor
"I don’t know how many years on this earth I’ve got left. But I’m gonna get real weird with it."

[Passive - Fringe Class] - Frank lives on what he calls the "Fringe class", a dirty bachelor life with no restraints. He lives in complete squalor and nothing can faze him anymore. He is immune to role-crushes, poisoning and most debuffs.

[Passive - War Veteran] - Having fought in the Vietnam War, Frank is a brave war veteran. He has a voting power of three.

[Passive - Business Man] - Frank is a very successful and wealthy man. He starts the game with 2 Million Berrys.
--- [Get Rich Or Die Trying] - Frank is an expert at making money and fast through some very legal and very safe investment strategies. Each cycle, he may post a message in the thread promoting an object that he's selling. He must create the effect of the tool, and put a price on it, before activating this ability. It is all scam, and the products do not work as advertised. Frank will pocket the money, and he gains an immunity against anyone that purchases from him.

[Passive - American Hero] - Frank doesn't leave anything to chance anymore, he's always strapped with his 2 pieces. If a player targets him with a negative action, Frank will shoot them. However, since he doesn't see too good unfortunately, the shot has only 35% chance of hitting the target.
--- [Blasting] - Frank doesn't quit. If he misses, he'll shoot them again the following phase.

[Passive - The Troll Toll] - At the end of each cycle, Frank learns the identity of every player that have targeted him or his team. He will also learn if him or one of his teammates have been investigated. If a player targets members of his team twice in the same cycle, Frank will learn their role.

[Active - The FRANK System] - Each day, Frank may drop 2 large sized condom next to 2 different posts of his choice. The player posting on that number will be informed, and they must either pick it up or not. If they do, Frank will learn their full role and gain control of it during the rest of the cycle. If they refuse, the shock of Frank's disgusting behavior will leave them at a loss of votes.

[Active - Torture] - Frank is an expert at waterboarding. Each cycle, he may target 2 players and start torturing them. He will start a private chat with each of them, and begin questioning them. Each phase, he may ask a question. The first time they lie to him, he will steal their vote and learn their role. The second time, he will role-block them that phase. The third time, he will role-crush them permanently until they answer truthfully.

[Active - Pump and Dump] - Each day, Frank may choose 2 words. He'll invest in the first, and publicly make the second "taboo". As is customary with him, the second word isn't actually turned taboo. For each 5 instances of the first word being used to replace the second due to the taboo scare, he may invest the gains into one of his teammates enabling them to perform their actions a second time. He may not double the same ability more than once. He may not use the same combination of words more than once.

[Active - Casino] - If he fails to sell any item two cycles in a row, Frank will turn towards this new business plan and start building a casino in the game. He will choose a Grove location and place a casino there. The construction will last a full phase, during which he must choose 5 different games that will be played in his casino. He sets the rules as well as the ticket prices. Each player visiting the Grove where his casino is located will receive the option of entering it alongside their Grove write-up. Frank gains a cycle immunity against any player that visits his casino, and he will learn their role and identity. If a player visits his casino twice, he will learn their full role and develop a permanent immunity. If a player visits his casino a third time, he will gain access to their abilities that night, as well as during any further visit.
--- [Russian Roulette] - Twice during the game, Frank may select two players that have visited more than once and have them player a round of this game. The hosts will roll a dice for both, the player with the lowest dice roll will be super-killed.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Mafia​
Absolutely fucking incredible, I would have had SO much fun with this one...but I feel compelled to clear up a few things:
  • He didn’t fight in the Vietnam war, he went there in 1993 to open a sweatshop (and a lot of good men died in that sweatshop!)
  • You GOTTA pay the troll toll if you wanna get into that boy’s soul, you gotta pay the troll toll to get in
  • While the D.E.N.N.I.S. and M.A.C. systems stand for something, Frank’s is unnamed because he just gets the scraps (or “thirds”)
  • Would absolutely LOVE an episode where he sets up a full casino in Paddy’s, he hasn’t tried any gambling shit since Charlie went America all over everybody’s ass
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