I just tought About Ushimaru story and why he is still gonna be a Beast even though he was turned into a number.

WE know Ushimaru never fought Kaido but was defeated on his way to him.

First Ushimaru was left for weeks whithout eating into a cave before going to Kaido.

That alone is hype cause it mean he was not at 100% that day and was nerfed.

Second, I think the main reason why Ushimaru was Taken down is because Kaido's mens managed to capture his wife who was pregnant and this Ushimaru was forced to sacrifice himself for his wife to get out of Wano.

So basically like Oden, Ushimaru might have sucessed if not for hostage and him being not at at full HP.

Im pretty sur its 100% this the reason and Once why Oda has Yet to reveal how Zoro left Wano and ended in East Blue its linked to Ushimaru's downfall.
I hate not being able to understand Japanese
the most interesting part in his analysis is about King being a coal man
He is saying that as a coal man you can survive any kind of environment (even underwater), and also you can explode if overheating fire and if you compress coal you get diamond. Basically King is a Diamond King.
He is saying that as a coal man if you compress coal you get diamond so basically Zoro has to cut diamond to first make King bleed.
Also interesting part is what Enma is for Zoro. He is saying that Enma was perfect to open Zoro will, he has no more thing stopping Zoro will, in metaphor Zoro finally can fly to heaven.
He was wrong about chapter 1034, his prediction was again about King but it's about Sanji vs Queen.
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