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So we eating today, fellow Sanji fans!

I know it's not for long, but that kick is glorious, whatever happens next.

Also it's funny how Sanji had his exo mode vs Kizaru and base mode vs Nasujuro, check his eyebrows:

Sanji's been eating good this arc tbh ^^
- Flexed on S-Shark (shame we didn't see how that concluded)
- Quickly read situation and dispatched Kaku by trapping him in a bubble ball when Lucci's slimmy ass bit the hand that fed him lol
- Defied the laws of physics by kicking a friggin lazer (shocking Kizaru)
- Been coordinating the SHs escape from Egghead and was basically the tie breaker for Zoro v Lucci
- Now he's clashed with Nusjuro in order to save Bonney (deflecting his sword and taking out a tooth in one attack)
- He's also has some really cold ass dialogues this arc tbf. Liked the line he told Kizaru about writing a written apology for failing to capture them but his line to Nasujuro this chapter was pretty cold 🥶 :willight: