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I added you . Welcome. To start as member here:
-Explain why you like Chopper.
-Explain why the fandom is wrong in mistreat Chopper the way they does. A true Chopper's fan should know it.
-Tell what you predict Chopper will do in the current war. Not medicine related,but adventure and fighting related.
I like him for:
1. his cleverness, easily being in the spectrum of top 3 doctors in the verse
2. his cuteness as an animal
3. his personality and his dynamics with the strawhats, especially with robin and zoro
4. his value as a doctor, when i first saw him, it amazed me a lot how dedicated he was even after all that had been dealt to him
5. his physical aptitudes, he tanked a direct hit from big mom without any noticeable injury, easily one of the best feats a non top tier could have

Why chopper deserves more than it is:
1. he is often referred as one of the weak trio when in fact this heavily contradicts the feats chopper has offered so far as explained in my last points in prior section, his monster point is so beastly that it would tear apart even steel as shown in the manga when he fought the fishman
2. he is actually one of the most well developed character in the series imho, his past really hit me hard and i find it intriguing how kind he is even after what has been dealt to him in the past. He went through all of those sufferings ALONE

My Prediction:
- he will surprise us even more by his strength, honestly speaking im curious how strong would he be if he eats 3 rumble balls, i couldnt imagine it lol
- hopefully Chopper will see Dr Kureha again telling how great his story is, and this is also why chopper is one of the most slept on character by the fandom, he is not JUST a doctor, his purpose was also to have a great adventure along with the strawhats
I agree with you, and honestly speaking, half of the strawhats do deserve more character development too

Let's see how it will play out, hopefully Oda gives chopper more respects by giving him more screentime and development, he's one of the crucial crew member imo given his role as a doctor and his strength is really underrated as a fighter, it's just shameful many still call him weak

We need more chopper's glory
Add me, I am recently a Chopper fan because of his great sacrifices
I have followed your content since you joined WorstGen. And i remember perfectly how you always showed you're not the kind of people i can welcome here.
-You said Nami is a better character than Chopper.
-You said you think Chopper is at best as strong as a Gifter.
-You said Chopper can't compete against characters like Yonko's commanders and never will.

If something happened which changed your mind about all that,please explain me and i will think about welcome you here.

AL sama

Battle God
I want to make this fanclub the perfect place to share enjoyment with Chopper in the internet.
Therefore,i can't accept as member any people who will bring nothing but more of the generic mistreatment with Chopper which exist excessively around the internet.
lmao can you stop me tho??

I m being nice and asking you to let me join but you're trying tp stop me for no reason whatsoever

also I like chopper for his cuteness
@nik87 @Light D Lamperouge @Marimo_420
Guys,help me.
This people,who made clear how much he look down at Chopper in Chopper's power level discussion thread,is shamelessly entering here,thinking he did nothing wrong and asking to join us.
It isn't true that he is not a true Chopper's fan and not deserve be welcomed here?
Having sinned against the great Choppaemon, he deserves to be whipped 10 times. :goyea:
I am interested in this FC, but kinda scared if Peper is able to find anything where i mentioned chopper negatively. Somewhere, around 1998 in school.
We shouldn't let the past define everything. If you really grew up with time and acknowledge Chopper currently,you will be welcome here.