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I'm seeing hints that Chopper will fight Ice Oni Drake.

Page One -> with Usopp
Ulti -> with Nami
Black Maria -> will be with Robin (occupied with Sanji)
Sasaki -> with Franky
Who's-Who -> will be with Brook? (occupied with Jimbei)
Drake -> with Chopper (to protect him from Ice Onis)
Good for Chopper to help out against a Calamity. He may end up looking better than Jinbe this arc..
I had felt for awhile that he and Robin had had the least amount of time to shine compared to the rest of the Straw Hats so far. Oda could have easily had Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji deal with him, still get cheers from readers, and that might have been the end of that, but nope, it’s Chopper who gets his time to shine, along with getting more allies in the process.
Chapter 1007 is probably the best post-time skip chapter to simultaneously display Chopper’s character and capabilities beyond the sidelines, and the best part is is that this is only the beginning.