What did you like and dislike about GT ?

Dragon Ball GT had a potential to become a decent sequel to a immensly popular Dragon Ball.It had many great ideas that surpassed many of DBS ones such as SSJ4 or Tuffle-Saiyan War.
I would have liked GT more if Goku would have turned back into an adult after the Black Star arc. Also wasn’t a fan of Pan, she would have been much better as a backup character like Piccolo and the humans were in the Buu arc. It would have been nice to see more from Gohan, Trunks and Goten.
Like: Concept of SSJ4 and SSJ 4 itself even if the Vegeta stuff was shit

Shadow Dragon Saga concept and

Super 17... Holy shit that was bad

Everything else
SSJ4,Especially Fusion, Made Goku more intimating
Super 17, Interesting Concept, just executed poorly, still like him.
Goku's new attire, I thank whoever changed it, that shit should of changed after frieza but whatever, better late than never.
GT(English) Opening, come on, that was a banger.
Baby, Great Villain

:pepestrike: PAN
Good god, she has to be one of the most annoying characters in all of anime, served no purpose other than be a fucken hinderance to the characters and overall story. GRANDPA GRANDPA.

Story Dragged with one too many fodder bad guy stories
Wasted potential of uub,Why focus on him at the end of Z only to become a punching bag for majority of GT? Where was Yamcha when you needed him. :pepehands: