What was the last movie you watched?


"Dreams are Messages from the Deep"
"DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" (1965). 4/5

A very beautifully shot film with a great musical score by Maurice Jarre, great central performance by Omar Sharif. Not my Fav David Lean film (Lawrence Of Arabia is my fav film of all time). But still a VERY good film and a classic that is worth watching.
The main theme is beautiful

Foul Legacy

Transformer the rise of the beast.
I must say I'm disappointed....
Tranformer VFX peaked at Revenge of the fallen.
Rise of the beast feels like it's for kids kind of VFX.
Freshman on saturday (forgot which streaming App), was kinda disappointed since there was no mafiosi work in the whole movie except the delivery of some endangered Komodowaran to some other shady guy. The "comedy" in the movie also didn't really move me.