Which WG fanbase has the most toxic members?

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Could go either way between Zoro and Akainu fans.

Also I don't believe there are yonko fans or admiral fans, it looks like to me akainu fans overrating akainu and thus they can't separate akainu from the admirals thus they overrate all admirals against healthy yonko by pretending that WB wasn't weaker than the other Yonko in MF battle, and people who disagrees with that classified as ''yonko fans'' I mean why should I be a shanks, or kaido or big mom fan just because I find the akainu arguments illogical.

And the one side believes that Zoro is not an underling / lackey and denies being inferior to his captain Luffy, @Shelby experienced this recently.

And the Akainu fans believes that Akainu can beat even Kaido despite Oda directly saying Kaido>Akainu in SBS, you can see Akainu getting %30 votes in the thread, and they also claim that Akainu lowdiffed Mf WB based on the face injury he gave to MF WB, despite WB saying that he is going to die 2 chapters before even fighting Akainu and before receiving that face damage, they believe WB died because of Akainu when the manga says opposite of it.

These are the two most toxic imo.