Character Discussion Who is your least favorite Strawhat


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Science Nerd 🌌 🌍 🧬 ⚛️

boring character and useless role on the SHs....his gag is literally that there is no gag
even Law would make a better nakama
I would have loved that extensively. Law is likely too much of a warm heart who would not abandon his personal crew in order to join over another. And his crew would probably not accept the offer of joining the Grand Fleet whilst saying goodbye to their former captain.
Any other answer than Chopper would seem weird to me. I hate how he's the doctor of the crew, but other characters continuously steal the shine in that regard (Law in Punk Hazard, Caesar in Zou, now with Zoro the Minks in Wano). He might have been involved, and the Ice Oni stuff actually was his big moment, but the other examples couldn't have been resolved without help. Although Marco was necessary with that virus as well, so...