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    Controversial Top 5 strongest factions

    world government revolutionary army shanks pirates BB pirates strawhat pirates
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    Character Discussion Mihawk disgraced Blackbeard

    the thing about BB is that he is always getting his ass kicked by everyone yet at the end he wins
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    General & Others Next Straw Hat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    tbh unless you see the charcater die on screen like ace, never be a hundred percent sure a charcater is dead in one piece
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    Fanclub „Big Eater“ Jewelry Bonney - FC

    no, it will be heavily implied that she will join the crew but at the last minute she will say no i have some bullshit duty and can't join the crew
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    Controversial When One Piece Will End Prediction

    at the end of 2026 if we're being realistic
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    Future Events Their Agendas aside if those 2 were to make a Alliance for going after the World Gouvernement is there any Crew/Group/Organization who can stop them?

    we don't know how strong is imu or how strong are the gorosei but with three admirals and dozens of vice admirals and tens of thousands of fodders the world government can stop them
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    Speculations Do Celestial Dragons have the best genes?

    nah they have shit genes, since they don't marry outsiders they must be super inbred
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    Chapter Discussion Bonney more talented than Luffy?

    she is technically in her twenties since she changes her age a lot
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    Anime & Manga The Manchester City's coronation waiting room

    we are the serial killers in gta
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    Fanclub „Big Eater“ Jewelry Bonney - FC

    another yamato scenario
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    she has a crazy strong devil fruit, that's why. you can give kizaru's devil fruit to a random 10 year old child and they would low diff arlong with it, it doesn't mean that the child is strong it means the devil fruit is strong
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    General & Others Egghead Island Arc Rating so far?

    yeah anything more than another chapter about kuma's flashback would be stretching it
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    nah it doesn't mean that, pretty sure the cp8 agents will low diff arlong
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    Chapter Discussion Bonney more talented than Luffy?

    I don't think that cp8 agent is on the level of lucci/who is who