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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers Discussion

    You do realize that BB scarred a young Shanks who had not even formed his crew yet. I doubt he was strong enough that you can use him to hype BB. Teach with his DF was bodied by Magellan, who was considered an equal to Shiryuu. I doubt he was admiral level, probably was close to Marco in terms...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers Discussion

    Or he is the one Luffy ultimately has to surpass to bring about the dawn, just like the story has been telling us since chapter 1. Having one's headcanon shattered is hard, but my friend this was always inevitable.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers Discussion

    Have you considered that Shanks could be on different tier, higher than Kaido and Linlin.
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    Powers & Abilities Mihawk bounty is purely based on his strength

    Its baseless statements like this that make me question whether these Zoro fans actually use logic in their reasoning. Crocodile and Buggy's bounties skyrocketed into the billions for the threat they pose by hunting down marines, but, only Mihawk's bounty is due to strength alone ...
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    Future Events At This Point, Sabo is More Likely to Confront Imu Sama than Sakazuki

    Luffy will only fight Sakazuki if the battle occurs before Imu. If the battle happens simultaneously, someone else has to fight Akainu, which is why people think it will Sabo, since other than Luffy he's the only one with a connection to Ace. Luffy's dream involves freedom and therefore Imu, so...
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    Chapter Discussion It took Imu over a month to prepare this attack

    The king and princess were at the Reverie, they were only imprisoned/exiled when they came back. Before that the WG wouldn't have known of any rebellion since there wasn't one. My full statement was: From the Gorosei's conversation, what's clear is that Sabo being at Lulusia makes him an...
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    Chapter Discussion Was Bonney at Lulusia kingdom

    In Chapter 1060, we see the the eddy current, which is said to be a mass body of warm water from some place in the ocean. This place is most likely Lulusia since an explosion just happened there. If Bonney was there, she will tell the Strawhats of what happened and about Sabo (If she was with...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why didnt Imu shift delete Ohara?

    The World Government initially had no intention of killing the Ohara scholars, they only decided that when they learned that Professor Clover knew about the Ancient Kingdom. If they knew that the Ohara scholars had knowledge of the ancient kingdom before the invasion, Imu could have just...
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    Chapter Discussion Zoro saved the crew

    You mean the same Roger that declared war against Shiki when vastly outnumbered and had to be saved by a storm, even Garp mentioned that he was lucky to have lived that long given his recklessness. Beckman implied Shanks was a handful in Chapter 1059. This is the same guy that went to stop...
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    Chapter Discussion It took Imu over a month to prepare this attack

    This doesn't make any sense, Lulusia kingdom only started rebelling after the Reverie, why would Imu have planned to destroy it before it even rebelled. Based on the Gorosei's conversation, Imu destroyed Lulusia because Sabo who knows the truth about him was there and since it was rebelling...
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    Chapter Discussion Zoro saved the crew

    None of the great captains actually run their crews, it's the right hands that do so. A few example include Rayleigh and Roger, Marco and Whitebeard, and Beck and Shanks. The captains are usually the dreamers and strongest on the crew, they leave the logistics to the right hands.
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    Character Discussion Zoro will always be the opposition of the crew

    He's the right hand so he has to be the voice of reason in the crew. Although Luffy rarely actually listens to him, and ends doing what he wants.
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    Chapter Discussion Zoro saved the crew

    He's shaping up to be a great right hand. Not sure about him carrying the crew.
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    Future Events Akainu & Imu: who will fight what

    Imu is the final villain of the story, and will be fought in the same arc as Akainu and the other admirals since they are subservient to him/her. One piece has a rule: Luffy always fights the boss, as such someone else will fight Akainu
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    Break Week Shanks at Marineford doesn't look that special anymore

    Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. Why are you zoro fans so obsessed with downplaying Shank's feats. The Marines along with the Blackbeard pirates were issued with a challenge and they ultimately chose not to face Shanks and his crew. That is all. Now you can come up with theories on why...