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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1015 Spoilers Discussion

    I really hope that Luffy is rescued by Hancock, I voted for it even if it is unlikely. In fact I think that he will most likely be rescued by one of between Zunisha (even if it seem from the spoiler that Momo heard Luffy's voice, despite the fact that in the last chapter Momo had the same...
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    Current Events Chapter 1004 predictions

    I would like if Kaido (with perhaps a little bit help of Big Mama) will defeat all the supernova in just one chapter, and then we will have the end of the the arc 3. However I am not sure if we will get it, I believe it is unlikely.
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    One Piece Episode 958 - A Legendary Battle! Garp and Roger

    Afer this episode I still believe, just like for the manga, that Fujitora is going after Hancock. What do you think about it?
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    One Piece Episode 957 - Big News! An Incident That Will Affect the Seven Warlords

    I really believe this is the best episode of the series, or at least one of the best. Hancock is really great, usually in the anime (during the war) they made her look horrible at the opposite this time she is even better than how she was in the manga. Other than Hancock that she is my favourite...
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    Character Discussion Oda teases Shanks in 2021

    So is fake the news that Mihawk was defeated? I hope and believe it is fake, usually Oda don't say things so clearly.
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    Jump Festa 21

    Actually in the last jump Festa Oda did not said that something bad would happened to Sabo, Hancock or Vivi, that was a wrong translation, He just said that they will do something (He said "Hancock will, Vivi will, Sabo will"). Hancock will surely fight the Navy, I believe that She will not be...
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    Current Events Will Act 3 end in Chapter 1000?

    I really hope that Luffy (perhaps with Kidd and Killer) will reach the top of the dome where there are Kaido and BM and then Kaido after reaching the flower capital will drop the island. I rally hope for this, because counting the pacing of the actions, of the last chapters this would be too...
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers Waiting Room - The Dating Room

    I hope that we will get the chapter between the 25th December and the 1st January, it would be better if it will be near the latter. I hope this because if we will get the chapter too early we willh have to wait 3 weeks for the chapters 1001.
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    Current Events Is Jinbe vs Who’s Who their actual matchup?

    I believe that Robin and Brook will fight Black Maria and Who's Who while later Sanji and Jimbei will fight Queen (Zoro at the opposite will fight King) and Jack.
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    Jump Festa 21

    Thanks. I was aware that we could not get any leaks in advance since it is a live event, actually I feared that the informations would arrive few days later, perhaps even one week later (unfortunately I don't remember what happened last year, so since I can't wait to get info of what will...
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    Jump Festa 21

    The Jump Festa will be held from 19th December to 20th December, but when should we start to get the first info about it?
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    Questions & Mysteries Chapter 999 hints ?

    I believe that in 999 we will have the flashback of Yamato about Ace destroying the dragon's statue, perhaps Page One and Ulti will reach Nami and Usopp. In the 1000th chapters Bi Mama will reach Kaidoh at the top (but it is possible than this will happen to the 999) and then Onigashima will...
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    Jump Festa 21

    What I really want to know is what happened to Vivi, Sabo and Hancock (Hancock the most). Unfortunately I don't believe that we will get more information at the Jump Festa, I just wish to know what happened in the next year.