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    Chapter 1079 - The Emperor Red-Haired Pirates

    First look at Luffy finding Kid washed up on the beach of Elbaf with all of his crew dead, and Luffy getting mad at Shanks.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers Discussion

    Don't know if it was said or not but I think that Vegapunk is gonna fangirl all over Chopper because of his Rumble Ball (+Cuteness).
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    Future Events What we expecting from Elbaf

    And all the giants working for Buggy suddenly quit too as per 1058.
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    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    Also the fact that one page before in the play, the dude telling the story adresses Orochi only using Kurozumi when he said : "With his last one detached and burning, the twisted Kurozumi was at long last brought to his knees!" Seems natural to continue using Kurozumi in a singular form to make...
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    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    It does change, the pun is meant to be in singular form and not plural. Meaning that it only targets a single individual, Orochi. Or do every people talking shit (and rightfully so) about any bad guy in History are wishing the things they say to all people wearing the same Last name ? Should...
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    Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 155 - Fever

    So Hakari's Curse Technique is...Subway Doors ? :suresure:
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    One Piece Chapter 1018: Jinbe vs. Who’s Who

    Just saw the cover page and realized that the plushies are the Ancient Zoans from the Beast Pirates. :suresure:
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    That part with Kinemon and Kaido was just like in Kingdom with :steef:
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    Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149 Spoilers Thread Discussion

    I think this is a really beautiful way for Mai to die. She never wanted to be a sorcerer and wanted her sister to stay with her forever. By creating a weapon with her remaining life force it's as if she fulfilled her whish to always be by Maki's side as Maki will never toss that weapon aside...
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    Future Events These will be the Final Matchups for Wano's Endgame.

    What about Apoo, Hawkins and Drake though ? :choppawhat:
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    One Piece Chapter 1007 : Tanuki-San

    He has it on some panels and sometimes he doesn't during this chapter. :milaugh:
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    One Piece Chapter 1007 : Tanuki-San

    At the end we can see that Oden has his goatee but he only had that full goatee from the end of the 5 years of shame to the eve of his execution (he doesn't have it anymore on the day of his death). What could this mean ? :memehm: This could really be Oden sent on a time limit to the future...
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    My Hero Academia - Chapter 272: Good Morning

    No one will destroy Shigaraki, after this arc he will go liberate AFO and then AFO will use a quirk to swap bodies with him to be even more powerful than before, leaving Shigaraki in the trash. (Or Shigaraki will predict that and reduce AFO to ash.)
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 980 Spoilers Discussion

    I think people are misunderstanding something about Apoo's DF. Since it's based on sound you can't really use Future Sight to predict where he's gonna attack you, you can't evade sound. It's also even a possibility that Armement wouldn't protect you and that it launches internal attack on the body.
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 977 : "The Party Won't Start Now"

    I see where the son storyline is going : Kaido's son is a disgrace in his eyes (either he's a good guy who doesn't like what his father is doing or a weakling or both) that's why between Oden's flashback and now Kaido changed and wants to die, because he's ashamed of his son. Kaido said that...