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    One Piece Chapter 1017: Order

    Atleast we got to see jinbe fight a bit and see wsw hybrid. Still this is off panel piece so can't expect much more, atleast show us some more yamato.
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    Djokovic is the GOAT

    Djokovic is the GOAT
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    General Tennis thread

    Djokovic is the GOAT. He was already in my eyes, but now it's done. To come back from 2-0 down and the way Stefanos was playing while also beating Nadal and being 2-0 down in another match no words.. The mentally strongest athlete that there has ever been in all of sports bar none. He unlike Fed...
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    Powers & Abilities If Yamato has the Byakko DF

    How powerful do you think it will be? It said that the white tiger is equal to the dragon, but I find it hard to believe it would be as powerful as Kaido's fruit. Considering his is the most impressive so far by far and him being the strongest creature. Then again you would think that the...
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    Speculations What will happen to the remaining 5 Numbers?

    Chopper maybe? They are not very strong and he needs some feat after getting fodderized along with brook by perospero. He is the one that doesn't have a real matchup so far (I don't count queen)
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    Fanclub Yamato, Daughter of Kaidou Fanclub

    Yo, sign me up! Gotta rep the best thing that has happend to this series since the post-TS. #Yamato4nakama
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    Powers & Abilities Does Yamato Have Haoshoku?

    Yes, I can gurantee she will have it. She is Kaido's only kid and she will inherit it similar to how Katakuri inherited it from big mom or Luffy from Dragon. There is another thing going for her having it and that's her potrayal/parallel to Oden that had it and was apart of the PK crew who had 3...
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    Future Events Are You Excited for Yamato vs Kaido?

    Yeah, I can't wait to see her in action for real, not really that excited for how much of a fight she will put up more to finally see her devil fruit (byakko) and her hybrid.:finally:
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    Character Discussion Oda Actually Respects Yamato?

    Respecting women and Oda shouldn't be in the same sentence. So far he has respected Yamato the most, but that can change when she joins the crew easily. Robin was treated pretty good before she joined and well now you know.. He does atleast seem to respect her strenght, but let's how it develops...
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    Character Discussion What is Yamato's Devil Fruit?

    Voted white tiger. Hard to believe that Kaido being the captain of a crew full of zoan users would give his only kid anything less then a mythical zoan. Honestly, anyhting other then a mythical type zoan would be underwhelming and disappointing. I could also see a nue, but that is a distant...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do people want get rid of M3?

    Becuase this is more a fandom thing than it's a cannon. Don't get me wrong it has been mentioned in the manga, but it's no big deal, nobody in the one piece world is calling them that. When was even the last time the M3 term has been used in the manga? I honestly can't even remember and it must...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who does Kaido respect more Luffy or Zoro?

    Luffy, you can see that he has a certain level of respect and admiration for his fighting sprit and strenght.
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    Current Events CHAPTER 1000 PREDICTIONS

    First off, I usually don't read the spoilers and certainly wouldn't for this chapter in anticipation. (hopefully it will deliver since it's a big milestone) I would expect for what the D means/stands for probably destiny or something since when people mention it, it's like fate or something and...
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 985: New Onigashima

    Great chapter 10/10 and I'm usually very critical of OP and Oda's writing in general but cred where it's due. I loved how King just handed Kaido his sword to behead Orochi and Yamato and Luffy watching from the roof the whole speech and beheading lol.
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    Yamato will be the last one to join the main crew. I don't think more will join and this is coming from someone who believed for a long while that we would get four new nakamas in the new world. (you know the pattern) The only thing I'm really wondering is what her role will be on the crew...