Who will win the World Cup 2022 in Qatar?

  • Argentina

    Votes: 52 56.5%
  • France

    Votes: 40 43.5%

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The experts and commentators were shocked when coach subbed them out so early.

You need experience when pressure would be more. Mbappe was left alone with a team who hardly did anything worthy of defending champions in finals

As I said earlier, Mbappe was so distraught that he didn't stand with his own team (a bit far) when they were posing for silver medals.
Deschamps totally deserves the blame here. He should have bought in martial when benzema was out. Arrogance to the point I prefer he resigns immediately.
pele winning 3 WCs remain unmatched but Messi won more trophies than both Pele and Maradona :kayneshrug:
Comparing different eras does not really work for the most part.
The level of football they played back then was objectively worse, the current players' athleticism is miles aheqd, but the game could also be harder physically back then.
The older players do admit that unless they have issues.
He was unreal this match.
Singehandedly dragged France back.

He's definitely gonna dominate in the years to come.
Reckon he's either winning this BdO (or Messi) or very likely the next one.
He barely did 20% of the team performance. Dude is getting overhyped. He was missing in the first half. Did not even get the penalties as well.

He played well with the goal and the final minutes of the extra time but that alone is not enough to say he dragged France lol. If Messi had played like that, he would be called washed lol.

Mbappe needs to evolve more as a complete player. At this point, he is not at the level of current Messi let alone prime Messi
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Why "has become"?
Thats the kind of sport football is and always has been no?
Never has been so
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Exactly this lol.