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Lara & Ms. Clownshoes Catch Another L

@Zara [Roy Mustang] has been killed!

You are Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist

[Passive – Trusted Companions] Roy and Lt. Riza Hawkeye have worked together since the beginning and trust each other to the fullest. As such, Roy’s vote will always count for zero against Riza.

[Active – Snap of my fingers] As a proficient user of flame alchemy, Roy can snap his fingers to incinerate his target whenever he wishes, except when he’s wet of course. Roy may consume his target in flames and kill them. An unconditional vigilante.

[Active – Trusted Subordinates] Roy has a solid group of men under him that he built a bond with. Couple that with his foster mother, Roy is capable of using them to gain an advantage.
-----[Madame Christmas]: Roy’s foster mother owns a secret information network that allows Roy to obtain info about what’s going on in Amestris. During the day phase, Roy may call upon his foster mother and he will learn of the true vote tally in the thread. In the event that town has a scum lynch, this ability will receive an extra shot. [1-shot]
-----[Lt. Havoc]
Using his marksmanship skills, Roy may call upon Lt. Havoc to aid in assassinating a target. With a combo attack, Roy and Havoc can kill a player bypassing role blocks for that night. This ability must be used in conjunction with Snap of my fingers for it to work. [2-shots]

[Conditional Passive – Revenge] Roy is determined to avenge the killer of Maes Hughes, his best friend. In the event that Roy targets him, Snap of my fingers will automatically be upgraded to a super-kill.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Amestris.
Secondary Wincon: Avenge Maes Hughes by killing his murderer.
@Tris [Mei Chang] has been killed!

You are Mei Chang!

[Active – Alkahestry Genius] For such a young girl, Mei is extremely talented in Alkahestry, being capable of fully healing injuries on herself and other people. However, it is a timely process. You may target a player to create an Alkahestry circle around them. This takes one night. Then the following night, if that player is attacked once, then they will survive. This does not protect against multiple attackers. [2-shots]

[Active – Xiao-Mei] This is Mei’s pet panda that has accompanied her throughout her entire life. Once during the game, you may use your pet panda as an extra vote power, making your vote count for 2. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Amestris.
It is now Day 2.
You have 24 hours to discuss.



Oda's accuser
The TAC twist was unanticipated for me. I must recognize he was on point and never striked to me like an indie.

His strategy of deceit was fundamentally about playing a reverse gamestyle than in the other game, whilst still being a scum, albeit an indie, yet still scum.
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