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Players have the option to perform Human Transmutation. Whenever they do, they will meet the Truth. Human Transmutation works similar to revivals. Whoever performs it will revive a player that they wish to return. However, it is not a perfect revival. Instead of receiving their full role, the revived player will only be able to talk and vote in the day phase. Human Transmutation follows the Equivalent Exchange rule. The player who performs it will give up their abilities and be turned into a vanilla/goon for the remainder of the game.​
we should force Larimo to sacrifice himself if a important townie dies


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Meant to add this to the OP but forgot to. Something important that everyone should know is the Town and Mafia wincon in this game.

Town: Eliminate all threats to Amestris.
Mafia: Eliminate all threats to the Homunculi.

Since this is an open claim game, I'm doing this to reduce the likelihood of angleshooting which in this specific case would be people asking each other's for their wincons and trying to out scum that way.

I also feel that Drago has been implying that Town and Mafia are the only factions present in the game, for the simple notion I'm bolding.

He mentions he is clarifying all of this so that angleshooting to specifically find scum won't be a trouble anymore.

As we know scum is intended as a generic term which therefore englobes all types of scums and Mafia is just one. So if he specifically mentions scum he intends all scums by intending Mafia.

In other words if 3rds were present in the game he could have simply typed Mafia instead of scum.

But why restricting the thing to just Town and Mafia if 3rds were present in the game? Isn't angleshooting feasible to entertain onto any kind of faction?

Of course we have no solid proof of it but this way of interpretation.
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