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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Is Sentou'un double teaming Ranbihaku and Rokuomi?

How strong are these dudes like wtf?

Tou needs to dominate Yoku this time
Sentoun my best general from chu :steef:

About tou and yoku
He put a up a good fight 4 years ago
He should be a lot better now same as shin and ohon
So i dont think tou can dominate him now
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Wei Side:
After taking Bakai's head Genu's army begins to cut the Wei down from the end. Junei moves towards that end in order to support while Ryuuhan is in a stalemate. The only way to improve the situation is by utilizing Ranbihaku but he is busy fighting Sentoun along with Rokuomi.

Mid Battle:
Sentoun is holding off both Ranbihaku and Rokuomi. The Wei HQ can't believe there's someone holding off both Ranbihaku and Rokuomi and the soldiers are struggling to find a way out of this without using Ranbihaku while Gouhoumei thinks.

Qin Side:
Moubu's army is struggling to push past Manu's army's elites to get to Manu. Tou is starting to notice Manu's soldiers trickling into their side before being attacked by Koyouku and his Bakuya sword. Koyouku says it's been 6 years since they met and how he'll take Tou's head in a blink of an eye to which Tou responds he's a thousand years too early. The Qin HQ is also struggling to figure out a way out of this situation.

Wei Side:
The soldiers at Wei HQ keep mentioning problems to which Gouhoumei tells them to be quiet and that they're changing plans so they should send a messenger to Ranbihaku and Rokuomi.

Mid Battle:
Wei's messenger gets to Rokuomi and Ranbihaku with a message from Gouhoumei. Rokuomi is to hold Sentoun's army there while Ranbihaku goes elsewhere. Rokuomi agrees and goes with the plan.

Qin Side:
The Qin HQ thought Ranbihaku would go on to help the Wei army but he went towards Tou's location instead. Tou and Mouki understood Gouhoumei's plan. Mouki couldn't believe it while Tou moved past Koyouku. Ranbihaku's aid said to leave half here and to move towards Moubu next.

No break next week!

credits to jeeswag
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Spoilers for chapter 656 :

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Moubu getting rekt like this.... even Kanmei's soul in hell want to die again after seeing this. Lol

Summery thanks to Nigma in TKC :

Man’u was enlightened by “nihility” or “nothingness” (or something of that sense, most likely a new power concept)
He knocked down Moubu on their FIRST strike!
Such nonsense!
Was Moubu too careless or cocky?!
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This nihility can be interesting. It can be opposite of weight. Where all characters use the strength of the deads or friends and have goals etc Man U uses strength just because he can without any goals now, just for the fun because nothing matter, so he is a lot more relaxed ?

Those kind of beliefs which give powers remind me Mangoku (the white hair guy who wanted revenge for Haku Ki slaughter). Him and his army were tough as hell, were able to move and fight without limbs etc. They used their rage to gain strength and power.
Wtf is this
Kanmei is a proud general of Chu and is accepted by everyone to be the strongest
Man u overpowering Kanmei's equal is bullshit :lusalty:
Shin killed the strongest character in this series way too early and now we have to deal with asspull