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Did Shanks stop Kaido by fighting him?

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For a long time, people have been questioning how Shanks stopped Kaido when the latter tried to attack WB during the summit war. I think the recent fight between Big Mom and Kaido provides enough hints that Shanks probably stopped Kaido by martial might.

Big Mom and Kaido fought for 2 days straight without inflicting any noticeable damage on each other. Shanks is also an emperor, I don't think it's insane to speculate he could also fight and stalemate Kaido for a couple of hours while he tries to reason with him. Remember,the summit war took around a day or thereabout.

Anyways what, do you think? Let me hear your thoughts down below

Shanks>Hawkchan :pepelit:
Different choices.

Kaido and his army vs Shanks and his crew. Full power vs full power it is impossible for it to be settled with a fight that lasted less than a day and Shanks uninjured. At best he could have shot a coc blast that made unconscious anybody below veteran level (hypotesis) and invalidated a proper fight from the start but this will be too much in Shanks favor, in this case Shanks would be way stronger than Kaido too overall so nope.

Kaido alone vs Shanks and crew. Kaido is so delusional to come alone and Shanks has no problems to gang on him. Very unlikely.

Some kind of a deal. I don't see Kaido making a deal when he is few steps from a big ass war, yet I didn't even see hom making a deal with BM after some days of fight.. But we have to think about something that is even more alluring for him (way more alluring) than Marienford war. Probably not even the SMILE trade comes close to this. Don't know.

There is also the theory, which I love, that Kaido eas coming to help his old crewmate Newgate but the snitch of the WG firstly spread false words about Kaido intentions and then with the help of powerful marines (candidate admirals or even post skip adnirals or Kong, or most likely CP0 given Shanks business) stopped and prevented him from helping WB.
We know Kaido loves to go alone. And he wanted to attack Whitebeard. Maybe stop him from going to war. And Shanks intercepted. In a scuffle between Yonkos however, I don't think the Yonko will seek help of his commanders. This is a business between Yonkos.
The Shanks hate is hilarious :suresure:

It's amazing that zoro mihawk fandom hates Shanks because he is stronger than their favorite character. :endthis:

The marines already said that there was a ''scuffle''. So it's martial might.

The marine: ''The scuffle with another of the four emperors, Kaido, was only yesterday! And he's here already?!''
--- Chapter 580


Kaido was going solo
Shanks was with his crew

Shanks then talked to Kaido and kaido realised he will waste time fighting shanks and his crew since by the time it ends, he wont make it to MF healthy.

Nobody saying Shanks is way weak.
He's opposite of Kaido, kaido likes going solo vs others while shanks always sail with his crew to confront others.

Actually no pirate has been a solo maniac as kaido
obviously not.

they came to an agreement of some sort. Kaido is more rational than BM.
he keeps pirates out of Wanos new papers so it will not cause a ruckus. hes not this mentally retarded brute most believe he is.
Kaido can be reasoned with.

another yonko definitely has something to offer that Kaido wants. be it information or other things.
they did not fight or shanks would have lost more than an arm.