Who will be the next Strawhat

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This delaying of Yamato's official joining is to counterbalance all the heavy hinting and almost-confirmation in the story. It's a way to create suspense, on the one hand giving heavy hints to the point of it being obvious, on the other hand avoiding direct confirmation to make the reader doubt.

If Yamato had been this obvious as a crewmate and she had been made official already, her joining story would be pretty boring.


Sorry for my absence, my health is not good at all right now, so I can't play with you like usual.

I'll just calmly wait for the last chapter of Wano. So wether I take an L or a W, you will just see a little message here.

I hope for both Yamato and Carrot to join so we all get a win at the end.

"play with you" damn lol. You're admitting that this is a sick game for you:kailaugh:

But get well soon! Your manga takes are bad but I don't wanna see anyone be sick irl:catsweat:
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