Who will be the next Strawhat

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Oda deliberately ran it home that Yamato was joining until the very last moment just to get more sales and merch. I wonder if Oda's "Aside from Jinbe, at least one more could be joining the SHs" was just a lying hype statement too lol. Wano has been filled with lies by Oda and his team when you reflect on it.

Wait? Caribou joined back in Fishman Island and was their undercover agent ever since. How'd you miss that???
Doubt the 11th member thing a lie, considering Blackbeard and Shanks' notable crew counts (both 11). But yeah this was a pretty hilarious red herring

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You fellas got scammed hardcore
Probably the meanest bait and switch I've seen in this manga
It was utterly disrespectful. Not the slightest hint of her mindset changing along with Momo wanting to send her off.

Went from multiple big panels of saying she wants to be a SH to be like Oden to.....3 small panels of her saying she wants to see Wano first to be like Oden. Didn't even bother to make it a big deal lmao
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