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That's the point I often brought up.

There's no sensible reason to believe that Marco will just let King go for now, unless someone like Yamato took his place against King more likely, I see more likely in that Sanji v Queen is a fight sitting on a solid plot scaffolding thus far. So the most likely to occur.

be sure, if you look closely at the panel where kaido executes the tornadoes, both 3 are close to him and it is visible.
Zoro didn't undo any tornado, he just attacked with one.
Yes he did. He literally nullified those three massive tornadoes that were just wind with one of his own that was made out of sword slashes. That's why Kaido praises him, says "Oh so you dare challenge ME to a dragon twister? Worororo" and then tries to match Zoro's twister by adding the invisible slashes technique to his wind-based dragon twister.
I just find super strange that Hiyori, who is an heir to the throne, could go to the roof so easily and faster than the whole straw hat crew ... It's even more strange to just see her shadow, since we know her why would oda tease the reveal like that ?
Cuz she is Oden's Daughter. She's just like her old man Don't worry. She'll make Kaidou fear Two Sword Style.
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