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They never got hit in the head.

My point is people are calling PIS when it comes to Yamato but not with Kaido vs the Supernovas.

Example: Kaido stayed in dragon form for majority of the fight just to give them free feats instead of fighting in base or hybrid.
they still got hit also they were fighting big fucking mom i think kaido even stated he was excited for the fight to the point where basically pull out all the tricks yamato is not above zoro or luffy from feats
I feel like all YC1 except Katakuri might have advanced CoC(with Katakuri revealed to have been able to achieve it after Wano), so basically Yamato and Zoro(which I scale to be around the same level) are YC1/Low admiral level with Zoro being stronger than Marco by the end of Wano and Yamato being just a bit weaker than her. I think that Sabo on top of having adv CoA internal destruction also to have adv CoC and also weaker than Marco but stronger than Yamato. So basically the YC1/Low Admiral tier is as follows (Current Luffy, Benn Beckman, Issho, Greenbull, Zoro(end of Wano), Marco, Sabo, King Yamato, Katakuri, Kidd/Law and Sanji). With Luffy rising to the ranks of Yonko by the end of the arc; if he defeats Kaido 1 vs 1 then he's stronger than both him and BM and if he defeats him with help (Zoro, Yamato, Marco, Kidd etc..) then he'll be POST-TS BB
Neither Zoro nor Yamato (nor any YC1) have advanced CoC, this post is full of nonsense...


Luffy telling Momo to get his shit together and fly him to Onigashima is great. Hopefully after this battle Momo will be confident, less of a crybaby and able to control his DF better. Momo's active participation in the battle is sorely needed to give him some sense of validation and self esteem. He needs to become his own person and step out of his father's shadow to rule Wano.
Since Kaido intended Yamato to become Wano's ruler I'd wish that after his defeat Momo becomes Shogun and Yamato joins the crew to fulfil her dream.
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:gokulaugh:oh now you have to rely on where they got hit which is something we never even saw, Law seemed to guard with his sword but zoro looked like he got hit on the head or in the face.
The anime is definitely gonna show it like that.

Zoro got hit in the stomach, you can see the residual CoC around that area. Everyone else that got hit with a Thunder Bagua to the head was knocked out for a period of time.

You can't seriously believe Law can take a bagua to the head and remain conscious, Zoro maybe but even then I'm not too sure.



Zoro got hit in the stomach, you can see the residual CoC around that area. Everyone else that got hit with a Thunder Bagua to the head was knocked out for a period of time.

You can't seriously believe Law can take a bagua to the head and remain conscious, Zoro maybe but even then I'm not too sure.
So he got hit in an area unprotected by bones, that is even more impressive
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Middle chapter. Maria is looks weak, clearly the weakest Tobi Roppo, robin's fights are boring, only Brook is good
why do you hate robin?:pepemy:


SANJI HYPE :) but also...

It sucks that a chapter full of wonderful character moments and new development of crew dynamics is getting overshadowed by Agenda Piece. Robin is finally getting her shine against one of the stronger Yonko officers!!

That Brook and Robin interaction is the type of stuff I've been missing for a lot of Post-TS and it's finally here. :josad:
I think this is the best chapter we got in a while, close to the rooftop fight or even better maybe.
Don´t have to be Shakespeare, just being honest is enough.

1) Blowing every fluid in his body in Fishman Island and putting the crew in danger in hostile territory
2) Butting in between Nami and Jinbe and telling Jinbe to commit suicide when Nami herself did not blame Jinbe whatsoever, all because he wanted to look good in front of her
3) Kicking around a helpless head (Kinemon)
4) Saying helpless children have nothing to do with them, yet he immediately jumps in when hot women are concerned
5) Feeling Nami up against her will
6) Getting tricked in Dressrosa, another hostile territory
7) Not trusting the crew and deciding by himself to leave to WCI and putting the crew in danger against a Yonkou
8) Attacking his captain in hostile territory despite Luffy´s condition
9) Escaping from reality to a marriage to a girl he barely knows, and when that falls flat and it becomes apparent he was tricked yet again, instead of owning up to it, he despairs and shows his mental fragility.

And notice nothing of these has to do with his strength or lack thereof, it´s a different issue. If any other character would have this track record, you guys would have long jumped on it, but since it is Sanji, people who point this stuff out have to be haters for the sake of being haters.
Hello , ı just saw your post.
even if ı agreed some of topic , ı must deny some of them, unfortunately.
1) where is the hostile territory ?
2) in arlong park arc , sanji witnessed namis pain and we witnessed one of the most tragic moment (nami's mom(you know) dead ).
Ans sanji learned jımbei the one that sent arlong to east blue . that arc , sanji and zoro put their lifes for nami to save from her pain. and say good looking moment ? dude , this manga is not fight fight fight type. we had large of 24 years. we know characters built-up. But you are right sanji should said : jimbei you did good work by sending arlong to east blue. and thank to you , to look good , ı fought kurobi :===)
3) dude that is a gag . you wrote kicking kinemon . but yo did not write how he saved kinemons life. that shows your hate fire.
4) He said they should save themselves firstly and then they think children later. nami want to save that moment. because he know that moment childrent are not at danger. we are called calm thinking.
5) huh ?
6) that was a good one. congrat. but we generally prefer to say my friend , thanks to the sanji , violet joined alliance side . and violet played critical role all over arc in terms of path. what are you trying to say in here . ı dont have idea. just you must be joker.d
7) that answer would be long. ım tired. but as a essantial , just remember , what was the zou conditions when sanji leave and where was the crew at that moment. just tjink :)
8) easy . Sanji , Nami and Usopp know Luffy at best. sanji knows that luffy wont come back. and he had to push luffy. because my friend , even thought luffy is his captain , luffy is not most valuable person for Luffy . that is zeff. he made wrong. but ıf you meet Luffy , he decided to make most painful way for him to provide Luffys leaving from WCI . But , Luffy knows Sanji as same as Sanji knows Luffy. And he did not leave. Because , you directly looking for come on write something and we should humilate sanji . ı guess this is your part time job :)
9) this arc was written for sanjis character devolopment . so what ?

For last comment , ı guess you read just post time skip volumes. There is pre time skip volumes. I recomment you to read all of them :)
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