Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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oda loves dragon ball so now than vegeta will defeat granora that means than zoro will defeat kaido
Goku vs granolla: goku uses ultra instinct (whis) and he lost
vegeta vs granolla: vegeta awaking god mode (billus)
luffy vs kaido: luffy uses adv coc (shanks) and he lost
zoro vs kaido: zoro become enma black (mihawk) and zkk
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sorry my friend
But also it’s cool to see Oda setting up a fight about the sons of some of the most notorious men.

World Strongest Man Whitebeards son Marco
World Strongest Creature Kaidos son Yamato
World Wost Criminal Dragons son Luffy
If Oda is following through with the Momotaro tale, does that mean Momo will be the Samurai Kaido has been waiting on?
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