Has Queen been defeated?

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Looks like that “Sanji’s AP is underwhelming” narrative is gone too :goyea:

Now everything Sanji has gotten flack for combat wise Post-TS is officially gone after a single fight. Love it.
People will still call it underwhelming because he doesn't one-shot his opponents because they conveniently ignore that he's using his fucking feet to win lmoa
even as Sanji fan, i dont like how Oda make Sanji mid diffed Queen. :josad:
Idk what people are expecting. Sanji was in control 95% of the fight. He just needed something "extra" to put him down.
I think people are just forgetting that Sanji got his power-up relatively early on in the fight. I think it was 1028 (?) when Sanji vs Queen was the main focus of a chapter and since that moment he's been fighting w/ his PU already in place. Almost every time the SHs get power-ups in a 1v1 they just dominate the fight from that point.

Like compare this fight to Sanji vs Jabura, we had 2 straight chapters of that fight and it was only in the last 1/4 of the 2nd chapter that Sanji revealed Diable Jambe
Queen didn't feel as impressive as I expected but Sanji was definitely way better than what I thought.

Assuming Sanji won, this chapter is deeper than just Sanji winning this fight. This fight proves Sanji's not a failure, and that he's actually Judge's greatest creation.

Like many of us already said, Queen's telling Sanji to use RS because wanted to prove he's better than Judge, not because Sanji used it on King—Queen wanted to do it using Judge's technology ironically.
I think not yet, if sanji does have coc then its easy conclusion that judge was wrong.
Just coa is not enough tbh.

But still while I do think coc is coming, it will be when the vinsmokes are in the story again
anyways Zoro vs King > Sanji vs Queen even though Sanji vs Queen is looking good (if it is just finished like this) neverthless Zoro vs King is better......also,

again , this panel ....

there is lot of smoke coming on the top which covers the entire dome and too some extent smoke covered towards the horn which was cut and clashing lines spread across the sky.....looks like some intense "off screen" fight is going on top.....

My guess is that Momo stops onigaishima and everyone evacuate onigaishima before it was completely broken....


~~Surpass Your Limits, Right here, Right now~~
Idk what people are expecting. Sanji was in control 95% of the fight. He just needed something "extra" to put him down.
Problem with sanji being in control is we know queen had lots of potential yet somehow used to spam lasers until this chapter instead of using all germa powers + awakening to push sanji further.

It's like queen under performed for god knows why
So no COC as expected.

Oda would have made Queen who knows COC, to say that but he didn't say anything here. And that girl would have fallen unconscious.
It's just coa + his demon jambe effects.

Next arc maybe sanji fans but Sanji did well !

Anyway it was a funny fight, if Queen is out (which i have trouble to see), he will be truly missed ... :josad:
You need to learn to separate actual criticism from personal feeling. I do not care how Oda writes his story. You constantly confuse that with me.

I criticized that portrayal of those characters seemed off, because they did. Their bounties were ridiculously high for how they were portrayed, and that comes down to onscreen paneling and how he drew the fights.

At the end of the day, I personally enjoy the arc and story. See the difference?
No but let move on to 1035 bs
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