Has Queen been defeated?

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Raid Suit was introduced in chapter 931.

Raid Suit was destroyed in chapter 1031.

Queen was introduced in chapter 935.
Will Queen be defeated in Chapter 1035?

Will be?
It didn't. All it did was give durability boost. Sanjis just really strong plus he said he was training
I'm confused about whether or not he has regen. Seemed from the raws that he did actually take decent damage. Maybe the original regen thing was just the actual activation of his exoskeleton and not something that happens any time he sustains any injury


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It amazes me zoro fans downplays sanji they claim sanji hardly train and he has no armanent haki . ;)

Its funny to read all those posts now. Now the only argument left is Queen had no CoC . Oh boy next 2 weeks are going to be sweet.

Oda loves trolling the fandom .
He always had armament

But not hardening. This is the first time he got clearly.

It's not adCoA because it doesn't appear so so how we were downplaying when oda portrayed exactly what we said
how can people push this when literally the crux of this fight was Sanji's decision to destroy his power up because he'd rather go without the extra power of the raid suit than compromise his values and hit a woman

Sanji and Zoro got their big moment in onigashima. Now they're going to go away for a while so that Oda can resolve the rest of the conflicts. What will probably happen is something like this. Big Mom will use awakening to turn a bunch of the fallen beast pirates into homies, Zoro's time limit will kick in after king is defeated, sanji will need to protect zoro once again while battling off the homies.
because big mom is sanjis arc and if gold roger have oden as the 4th strongest of the crew then rocks have whitebeard, kaido, bigmom, shiki. Then its expected that sanji is going to be a yonko. And were nearing eos already so sanji and zoro must be able to beat yonkos.
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