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I don't know why people are so fruatrated and disappointed here and came to conclusions just because zunesha said joyboy is here. Like really at this point joyboy is a half mystery for us. Like is it a title if it is then why we got gomu gomu no mi awakening considered as joyboy came back. Just because luffy laughs doesn't mean he is joyboy reincarnation that got memories of past and gets powerup. I can see the destiny thing here somewhat annoying. Still oda might be doing this to increase luffy's strength upcoming fights . His haki is increasing tremendously as his every fight(whether it's diff win or just lose). Also we don't know how awakening of df really works like under what conditions will we see one's df awakening. But doffy did commented out that luffy is using his df very effectively. At last what i would say is just wait i don't think oda will go like through some shit
Luffy awakening (if he's the user of the DF that the WG fears ) will be more powerful than Law or Whitebeard DF.
The name would still be gomu gomu which is not the original one.
Pretty sure gomu is only about fabricated rubber, the natural one would be like sap or resine
The real question is why the hell the WG is scared of rubber...
My guess: They arent scared about the power(though its awakening is definitely powerful), they are scared of the implication that the awakening bring aka the prophecy being fulfilled
The name would still be gomu gomu which is not the original one.
Well, rubber is just part of resin. You can make many things with resin, ie oil, amber or even amber oil.
The question would be still the name of the true DF? It is really something like Nika Nika no Mi?
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Anyways Luffy awakening will be >>>> puncture Willie

I hope Kaido vs Awakening Luffy will continue on Wano's main-land.


Bro, that's some really well written in-depth analysis, I definitely enjoyed reading your thoughts on the last chapter.
Thank you. I appreciate your posts too, especially when you debate you know who :ihaha:

I love writing theme/character analysis, but have no juice for it anymore. For 3 years, I have a Sanji, Big Mom, Katakuri and Pudding write up in mind. But it's too long it'll never happen lol

Same with my "real" Oden breakdown tbh. I think Oda put so much into his character that I had to write about him, but I was only able to write the cliff notes version lol
No, the title is not a wisecrack about how the flashback ran for 5 months:denzimote:

Initially, I wanted to write an analysis on the multiple themes that went into crafting Kozuki Oden’s character.

Coming of age in an isolationist shogunate, societal perception against reality, self-confidence, the hunger for freedom, the flow of time, inherited will, generational grudges, character design, tribalism, the relationship between a lord and his vassals, and much more.

However, I didn’t think many readers would care for an extensive breakdown.
So I thought that focusing on the least discussed aspect of Oden characterization would suffice.

That being how Oden (symbolizing isolationist Wano) stopped the flow of time (symbolized by Toki).​

  • Toki was about to escape pirates by time jumping, but Oden stopped her.
  • She was rather offended when he suggested she travels towards her destination 20 years into the future. She later preferred to die in the present.
Oden stopped the flow of time.

Let’s look at the result of having no friction with outside philosophies in isolationist Wano:

  • Top Wano Ninja are terrified of a “ghost”. Citizens offer food to said “Ghost”.
  • Citizens attack Kawamatsu and kill his mother because he’s from a different race.
  • They still offer humans as tributes to Kaido, their guardian deity.
  • Children indoctrinated by Orochi propaganda at “schools”.
  • Being ashamed to cry or show emotion because you’re the “son of a samurai”.
  • Murdering random Kurozumi because of inherited tribal grudges.
And the cycle continues.

Roger said: “As long as people search for freedom: man’s dreams, inherited will and the flow of time will never stop
He said The Pirate King is the freest man on the sea. Luffy said the same.

Luffy said: “I can't use a sword. I can't cook. I can't navigate. I can't even lie.”
He told Sanji he could never be the pirate king without him.
You can’t truly seek freedom in the One Piece world alone.

Being different from his compatriots, Oden tried to break the cycle of closed off Wano and its enslaved population.
His hunger for freedom from the “cramped” Wano gave him the dream to sail the seas and see the world.

However, he never had a chance to succeed. He sought freedom Wano’s way.
Wano doesn’t seek outsiders’ assistance. Wano shoulders the entire burden regardless of its situation.
Wano was born to Boil. Oden is Wano.

He’s the logical conclusion to Wano’s isolationist doctrine.
Someone from Wano could never open the borders of Wano.
Wano isn’t equipped to save itself. It was born to fail.

Even after learning of all of the world’s secrets, Oden still refused Roger’s help to Open Wano.
He’s a Wano man. His generation and environment breed naivety and gullibility.
Oden’s naivety was stupid. Oden was stupid. Just like Wano.

While some readers were befuddled by Oden’s decisions to still go along with Orochi’s offer, I could relate.
As someone who works with a lot of immigrants, many who came of age in more closed off societies have no awareness to being manipulated. I could tell you about helping out people that got taken advantage of in the most shockingly simplistic ways.

If you seek freedom alone in the One Piece world, you won’t pass on your will. Oden never willingly inspired his vassals.
He never even told them why he danced for 5 years, he never asked them to join him.
They all joined of their own accord. They accepted the mission of opening Wano’s borders without being asked.

He stopped the flow of time.

Nonetheless, he died smiling as he knew Joy Boy was to return, even if he never had the capacity to open Wano for him.

This time, to prepare for Joy Boy’s arrival, his vassals didn’t go at it alone. And this is why they’ll succeed.

Luffy summed it up perfectly “Who cares if I’m an outsider? I’ve heard all about Oden, when he was killed by Kaido 20 years ago this country stopped moving, Right!?

Even if I enjoyed Toki’s symbolic role, I’m still underwhelmed with other parts of her arc.
Nevertheless, I don’t want to make it more long winded that it already is.

Still, I’m very excited to see how this super saga concludes.
It’s really ambitious and unique how this 8-year long buildup has been established.
And it’s ultra-impressive how Oden’s story neatly threads all setup plotlines together.

The strawhats’ arc ceased being the narrative focus since Doflamingo’s “Justice” speech in Marineford.
The story structure completely changed since Punk Hazard building up to this showdown.

This war is the start of the endgame, where the giant world of One Piece will finally be realized.
Prepare Yourselves, Joy Boy Is Coming!

What if Devil Fruit carried some piece of souls, or memories, passing from generation to generation? So that's what the WG feared of the Gomu, they fear that once it's awkened Luffy might glimpse alittle bit into Joy Boy's past?
Maybe the Gomu Fruit is the original devil fruit that helps Joy Boy build the Ancient Kingdom from its awakened abilities.
Oh wait this is not AOT
One of my predictions for end of series is that devil fruits were made with the souls of ancient warriors who were altered to gain powers through the Great Kingdom technology (Vinsmoke style) but turned by the World Government into their own weapons to win the war, being therefore "enslaved" to each fruit, and the ultimate act of freedom would be releasing all those souls and therefore ending with devil fruits (which would be the last remmant of the war from the Void Century); this would also give full closure to the One Piece plot by finishing its more significant power. Such enslaved souls would be the "demons" of the fruits, by the way.

So in this scenario, following your idea, what if the Gomu Gomu had the soul of Joy Boy as it was ability?
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