Who will beat Kaido now?

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My guesses are:
Hito hito no mi model God Nika (sun God)
An special mythological zoan

Nika Nika no mi ( is valid tho for it would be too easy xD)
I think the first one might be more likely, especially since a special mythological zoan is usually more threatening than this DF being paramecia, especially against the WG - names also can give a special message or acting as a symbol.
If people theory are correct

luffy rubber fruit is counter earthquake fruit that Blackbeard have it. Rubber absorb earthquake shock waves.
‘Luffy rubber have oil power that is counter IM water power theory.

Then luffy vs Akainu will be battle of strength and clash will. No devil fruit advantage each other
I think the first one might be more likely, especially since a special mythological zoan is usually more threatening than this DF being paramecia, especially against the WG - names also can give a special message or acting as a symbol.
Yeah it would explain the threat it poses .

But there's a thing that doesn't fit with this god Nika which is if he really existed or if he was a human like Ryuma whose deeds gave him the tittle of sword GOD.

If the later then how a DF can have his name?
According to Tonjit, the reason for all the animals grow so long is because they are able to live freely without feeling any restraint (mentally and physically) on the great wide plains of this island. that is the work of Luffy's DF.
Luffy's new power is about liberating/freeing people from their mental and physical suffering and limitation.
Luffy free the smile user from their suffering they can have another emotions aside from laughing
he will free the Germa from Judge modification so they can have fear again.
I just realized that Luffy litteraly got all the power up we ever thought he could've, Adv COC, COA, COO and awakening in 2 arcs, there is litteraly nothing left :risicheck:
Just because one have those abilities doesn't mean anything because if none of these haki is stronger than opponents haki,then ot's a dud in my opinion like how luffy now struggling to fight against kaido.

Sanji D Goat

So it seems like Luffy's body is melting because of the awakening effect.

Vulcanization: chemical process by which the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber are improved; finished rubber has higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion, and is elastic over a greater range of temperatures.

A W for my vulcanization theory.

I think it would make the most sense if zoro actually did die and was revived somehow.
Oda blatantly showed that zoro took more damage than he can handle. Hakai was zoro's limit and now zoro's taking twice as much.

if zoro dies and returns from the dead, it would make zoro an actual god, like ryuma was. I also see zoro's death leading him to getting underworld powers, like brook has.
This is why Zoro will have a GRAND finale. The 2 fights when Zoro went extreme diff he got back up and did something it's different in this case because of the effects of the medicine. Depending on what happens or when we see what happens tag me and ill give you my honest opinion on if the "how" that happened is good writing.

To be fair I also thought the Mink medicine was bad writing. As a subjective fan I always enjoy Zoro fighting no matter the how, but as a down the middle reader that ass pull of a recovery (even though there are consequences after) should have been handled different. Now we are in the conundrum where what happens next will be a snowball effect of bad writing, again being a Zboi I will enjoy it because I always enjoy Zoro

Which we circle back to the original point of... If ZKK happens with a miraculous healing.. etc... etc there are plausible reasons for people to see and complain why that is bad writing and I get it


I mainly just spam memes to amuse myself now lol

I have no energy for in-depth analysis any more. Maybe every once in a while I'll post a chapter review, when it's Luffy-centric like last week
Awesome post bro, good read!

But Kaido vs Strawhats + everyone else was my last straw (no intended pun)
Its a rehash of the Doffy vs Dressrosa w/ Luffy coming back to save the day.

The best I'd imagine out of this CP0 interference could've been Kaido's contemplation of his battle history record + existence as a Soldier of Warfare. But instead we get Kaido mercilessly and thoughtlessly going on a victory lap. Which is in line with a void of emotions killer like Lucci, but not a battled hardened warrior like Kaido. This was hella immature on Kaido's part for doing a victory lap streak ater dropping some Gem Quotes throughout the Roof Fight (the whole 40 chapter span fighting various characters).

Kaido fits the bill of being a villain but his overall actions aren't consistent.

And for that I'm tapping out.
What's different about this time compared to every other time is that Zoro still has unfinished business/plots in Wano, and if you don't believe that he does, I honestly don't know what to tell you.

If Hyogoro's comment about Luffy being like a "guardian deity" or whatever he said and Who's Who's comment about the Gomu Gomu no Mi received immediate payoff, I don't see how the same Hyogoro (and Kawamatsu) noticing Zoro's resemblance to Ryuma/Ushimaru and commenting on Zoro's "fate" being tied to Wano won't receive a similar payoff

In fact, we've been teased on black blades since act 1 or act 2 and we haven't gotten any development on that yet.

You'd have to think that Zoro will be dying/unconscious for all of this lore that pertains to him, and I can't see that being the case. Besides, there should be hardly any time left for Zoro to be out of commission for another arc. The end of Wano will likely trigger a worldwide chaos that puts the Straw Hats at the center of everything, I doubt there will be much downtime for the Straw Hats
No bro, it's all in your head. None of these apply when it's related to Zoro, especially in Wano.

Btw, the guy literally just posted a theory about Zoro dying and Law doing something to his body until Chopper can revive him in Elbaf or something along those lines(I didn't read all of it)
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