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My reasoning for believing Zoro is the monster samurai comes directly from Chapter 1036. There is a panel that mentions “地獄” = Jigoku, which means hell but also means samurai, so Jigoku is used to refer to both hell and samurai.

地獄の” = Jigoku no has two meanings.
King of Hell
King of Samurai

My source

More evidence

[Zoro is matched to the world's greatest samurai, known as the god of blade.]


So, when does the monster samurai show up:doffyou:

Perhaps the arc Ends with these two facing off against Kaido once more.
The monster samurai and joyboy face off against the world's strongest creature.

This is great. Zoro still hasn't blackened his blades. I'm only opposed to ZKK, but Zoro helping Luffy put Kaido down would be dope. Kinda hard to envision that given how things developed tho.
Dude I know. I know I'm just a meme spammer so no one takes me seriously, but I wrote multiple detailed posts before on Luffy/Joy Boy from a pure character perspective. Might just copy+paste them in this week's chapter thread since I'd just be repeating myself lol
You just crushed your own online image from before since you converted from a narrative-vibe poster into meme-focused enjoyer
I've been saying this was bad writing ever since 1010

It would be fine if Oda didn't overplay his card. If Oda merely showed that Zoro took a lot of damage, like Luffy/Kid/Law, then him getting up would be perfectly fine. However that isn't what happened. What happened is that Zoro broke like half of his bones before the mink medicine doubled that damage. What happened is that chopper, a doctor, raised the possibility of zoro dying and then we see him face to face with the grim reaper.

Zoro having a miraculous recovery at this point would utterly shit on any tension that was created by him undertaking the amount of damage he took.
What happened was that Zoro was too strong for his own good. Only a combined yonko attack could justify him getting taken out. :goyea:
I like the 3v1 because you can create good tension in that fight itself

tbh Zoro dying would be good writing... lol and this is coming from a Zoro fan
I think it would make the most sense if zoro actually did die and was revived somehow.
Oda blatantly showed that zoro took more damage than he can handle. Hakai was zoro's limit and now zoro's taking twice as much.

if zoro dies and returns from the dead, it would make zoro an actual god, like ryuma was. I also see zoro's death leading him to getting underworld powers, like brook has.
Guys we have two types of Rubber.

Synthetic type= this where was seeing from that can expands.(Paramecia Type
Natural Type= White Liquid Rubber(looks alot like a creamy). (Logia Type).

Oda said that on SBS volume 8 that Gomu fruit is a Natural Type(Luffy).

Pretty much is confirmed as Special Paramecia or Logia type when awakened.
he confirmed it lol

D: Is Luffy made of natural rubber? Or artificial rubber? -A Meteorological Agency Investigation- (Ministry of Education rip off)

O: He's naturally stupid rubber.
You can dislike whatever you want, but i tire of this "predictable = bad" mindset.

You do know it was "predictable " because it was a reoccurring theme of the arc, right? As if the author was leaving crescendoing crescent crumbs to lead the reader to the thought of, & excitement for, Luffy's awakening so that when it happens the reader gets sweet sweet dopamine for narrative payoff,not bitches because they are burdened by burning brilliance that allows them to follow a "common cause it works" narrative structure. You try to subvert this basic tenet of writing too much and you get all but 2 M Night movies.
True. I might like this trajectory too, it's just such a weird direction even if he had set up.

I never cared for Shanks and it actually makes him interesting to me. Like this little shithead eats the fruit that probably made him a god, and Shanks goes to snitch to the opposition. Not really good or bad, pretty fair

Unfortunately it's moving away from Luffy as a character and turns Blackbeard into a goofy light vs dark metaphor.

I get that characters in OP can have insane stamina, but its already been established that zoro was immobilized after hakai, and he's now taking twice the damage on top of what he took from king. Its already been established that zoro is basically immobile.

So can a single ZKK supporter tell me how this is going to be rectified? Marco can't just heal him because 1) marco's flames drain stamina and 2) Marco has never used this degree of healing on anybody other than himself. Surely if ZKK were to happen, zoro's revival surely wouldn't be reliant on an asspull, now would it?
A. We never saw the medicine wear off

B. We've seen him reduced to not being able to move twice before, but it wasn't necessarily true this time. It depends on the reaper
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You just crushed your own online image from before since you converted from a narrative-vibe poster into meme-focused enjoyer
I mainly just spam memes to amuse myself now lol

I have no energy for in-depth analysis any more. Maybe every once in a while I'll post a chapter review, when it's Luffy-centric like last week
Luffy ascending the castle to the rooftop:

CP0 boss ascending the castle to the rooftop:

  • Luffy’s an opponent who’s given Kaido a thrill he hasn’t experienced since battling Oden. Kaido brought out all his big guns. He had to stop playing with his food like Big Mom asked. You can tell he’s cherishing combat for the first time in a while. He says “Winners don’t need rationalizations”, but he’s been struggling with his imperfect victory against Oden for 20 years. Also, he’s seeking a death as legendary as Oden’s, Whitebeard’s and Roger’s. This battle was a canvas to paint his redemption story of achieving victory with no excuses, or to die honorably against a worthy opponent. This is why CP0’s interference is a plot device to further Kaido’s character arc rather than a battle assist. Kaido would’ve won regardless. Yet, he’s once again haunted by an imperfect victory riddled with excuses. I have to think now’s a perfect segue for Kaido’s flashback.

I’ve always appreciated One Piece’s boldness in portraying its stoic characters as quirkily as possible. World’s strongest creature? Doesn’t matter, if you’re drunk you go through the full gamut of emotions. Anger, bloodlust, depression, and yes, even flirtation. That nuance is making Kaido far more memorable. Pre-raid, he was largely monotonous. Holding off on exploring his backstory was an issue as well. Oda kept dangling interesting tidbits of his philosophical outlook, without payoff. I believe it was to save the God Valley/Joy Boy/Rocks lore till the arc’s climax.​

  • Kaido is, quite simply, the strongest character we’ve seen in combat thus far. The number of notable blows he’s tanked throughout this raid gauntlet is unbelievable. Unreal defensive capacity! On top of that, his diverse offensive arsenal coupled with zoan versatility, are making Luffy, even in his strongest forms of Gear 4th, seem ordinary. And Luffy is all but an ordinary fighter!

I now understand what Oda meant by this:​

Luffy’s solution needed to be a destined legendary awakening shonen power up to put this monster down! Remember, rubber always bounces back

The sky lanterns carrying Wano citizens’ wishes will reach Luffy on Onigashima, as he awakens his devil fruit. It’ll mark Joy Boy’s prophesied arrival to liberate Wano :finally:

  • Multiple beautifully illustrated action panels this week. Kaido’s last Thunder Bagua being my favorite. The attack’s impact really pops due to the CoC black trails contrasted with negative white space.

  • This dialogue was very interesting

Kaido knows Wano samurai perception is a mere exaggerated legend. Just like Oden. The marines are afraid of the unknown. Oden was a closed off idiot. Solely carrying burdens he never had to. Just like Wano. He continued to live on as folklore of embellished tales. Wano citizens need to move on from trying to emulate Oden. Opening up Wano’s borders might be too on the nose, but it’s perfect symbolism for rejecting that boomer samurai ideology. Which is why Momo, Kaido and Yamato’s self-actualization arcs have been introduced in the first place. In the One Piece verse, trying to become someone will always fail. Yamato and Momo will never become “Oden”. And unlike Luffy, Kaido will never become Joy Boy.​

  • My anticipation of X-Drake’s importance as a fighter is no more. It’s obvious Oda will not make him into a valuable combatant. However, I still expect him to be an important leadership figure within the new marine hierarchy.
I don't know why people are so fruatrated and disappointed here and came to conclusions just because zunesha said joyboy is here. Like really at this point joyboy is a half mystery for us. Like is it a title if it is then why we got gomu gomu no mi awakening considered as joyboy came back. Just because luffy laughs doesn't mean he is joyboy reincarnation that got memories of past and gets powerup. I can see the destiny thing here somewhat annoying. Still oda might be doing this to increase luffy's strength upcoming fights . His haki is increasing tremendously as his every fight(whether it's diff win or just lose). Also we don't know how awakening of df really works like under what conditions will we see one's df awakening. But doffy did commented out that luffy is using his df very effectively. At last what i would say is just wait i don't think oda will go like through some shit
Guys we have two types of Rubber.

Synthetic type= this where was seeing from that can expands.(Paramecia Type
Natural Type= White Liquid Rubber(looks alot like a creamy). (Logia Type).

Oda said that on SBS volume 8 that Gomu fruit is a Natural Type(Luffy).

Pretty much is confirmed as Special Paramecia or Logia type when awakened.
The name would still be gomu gomu which is not the original one.
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