Who will beat Kaido now?

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This is even worse than Naruto. In Naruto, we still have Sasuke reincarnation BS together with MC.

But in OP, everything is just solely and only for Luffy. Villain are the poorest thing in OP world.
We don't even know what the logic of all this is yet lol
If Luffy's personality gets taken over by some joyboy spirit or whatever then i'll give you that.
But this could just be his fruit awakening.
No. He hasn't. It ruined him for insecure Zorofans who now know for a concrete fact that no matter what, Zoro will never be on Luffy's level.

Luffy fans are eating great right now.
Yeah all Luffy's fan gonna talk about Luffy is the strongest, foreshadow thousand legendaries, Luffy is the MC, powerups etc. Good for you. But what make Luffy personality stand out from Ace, Kid, or ordinary stubborn innocent child? What is the interesting lore around Luffy? Nothing.

That's how I see Oda's ruined him really hard. Have fun cheering a soulless rubber gary stu. :cheers:
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