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Does it make sense to read 1043 as "Jū shi jū san" and if it does then does "Jū shi jū san" having a second meaning as "Jushi ju san" also fit? I don't speak Japanese at all but I saw someone point it out and wanted to find out if it was a joke but "Jushi ju" does mean "Resin Tree" and "Jū shi jū san" is the uh kanji I think for "Ten forty three" where as "One thousand forty three" I couldn't see any other meanings for as far as google translate could take me on all that.

Uh so would someone fluent in Japanese read 1043 as "Jū shi jū san" (even though yon seems to be preferred over shi)? and also does ten forty three make sense vs one thousand forty three, and if both of those make sense then does jumping from "Jū shi jū san" to "Jushi ju san" meaning "Resin tree-san" also make sense? Hopefully I get lucky and someone knowledgeable or fluent can enlighten me :D
A lot of users wouldn’t resist spoiling it and moderators aren’t always around to stop it before a conversation takes off. Well unlock it when the chapter drops
Lol I see. Thanks for responding.
It's very annoying to see those who act impulsively and don't realize that they talk about spoilers outside spoiler room
Lol, where does it say Luffy is the reincarnation of a person?
Well I won't say reincarnated right now because we don't get full confirmation about that, it's just getting started, we judge later.

But nonetheless the current development all points to some reincarnation or at the very least the chosen one/or inheritance ideology

Best hint is when Momo said Zunisha used to be Joyboy friend, and we all know Joyboy is indeed a person who live some 800 years ago
And Zunisha in this chapter just confirm Luffy is Joyboy.

So yes it's a very close thing to reincarnation what else could it be?, i don't see difference between Naruto and Luffy being the descendants of some shit. But let's wait for more chapter.......
JoyBoy once had the Resin Fruit.
Using its Awakening, he managed to trap himself and his treasure inside some Resin carapace that can only melt by his own power.

Roger laughed because he saw the preserved body of JoyBoy sitting in the middle of his hoarded treasure laughing.

You've heard it here first.
Pretend to be surprised when it happens.
I could so see this happening. Dark King Rayleigh, WSS and the man who could cut it all, Oden who cut Kaido and PK Roger couldn't break the carapace. Thus they laughed. They were too early.

Someone of the crew later told Shanks what happened and he in turn somehow understood that the gomu gomu no mi in reality is resin resin no mi, capable of unlocking One Piece.
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