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Luffy holding on to Kaido while Kaido smacks him with Lightning, wind and fire attacks was fucking badass

After Kaido dodged the Gomu lightning attack Luffy knew he has to hold on to Kaido to get a hit on him, that's why he caught onto him and now has a punch strong enough to smash Onigashima, Kaido is going to get smacked so hard he'll probably remember Rocks and how he used to whack around Kaido as a youth ala Garp and Luffy

I loved that Oda said via Kaido that DF ability isn't the end of and own haki and power reign supreme, Roger remains the biggest chad of the series. But Luffy's going to take down Kaido and come closer to that peak
lol well thats you thinking this raid is about to end ,it doesn't look close to me at all:gokulaugh:,and i wouldn't count him being healed for a second time out so easily
Orochi is literally burning alive planning to take the Princess with him, all the fights are over the only three plot points left are, who kills Orochi, what will Momo do to move Onigashima out of Luffy's attack and how Kaido (who was said to be at his limit and is barely holding Onigashima anymore) falls.
But sure it is not close.
why would oda introduce death, what next you expect oda to introduce god, the person that created one piece world and devil fruit so luffy would fight god while zoro fight death and they both become immortal, eventually they notice there is an higher plane, then one piece becomes a Wuxian manga

zoro already in billion worlds and higher planes lol. the whole buddhist side of his character gets forgotten too much
Kinda crazy how only the wind slashes hurt and cut up luffy in pieces but kaidos club or boro breath did nothing
Also kinda crazy how luffy didn't even dodge the slashes unlike the breath. He might've been holding onto kaido with 1 hand and using his other hand to create his giant fist but i don't see why that should matter

Also its its not like luffy has haki thatd usually help him avoid or just block attacks even better

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He was beating the crap out of G5 Luffy what more could you want but more diversity would be appreciated. He's using TB and giving it another name it's kinda getting lame.
Getting thunder bagua pluses are the least of my issue with this
I love chapter 923 and consider that one of the classics, but so far every single time Kaido uses thunder bagua or its variants the panel has the same exact composition, does the art look good? Definitely. But it's getting boring
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