Spoiler One Piece Chapter 972 Spoilers Discussion

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Did you not see the panel which says that Enma is the only sword to cut Kaido?
So what do you think happened in that panel where Oden says "Two sword style" and then two slashes cut through Kaido in a cross shape while Oden holds up two swords in a cross shape?

@EtenBoby Can you explain to this gentleman how plurals work in Japanese and what the actual translation of that Hiyori saying "Enma is the only sword" line actually is
So far my villain ranking for Wano would be Higurashi>Orochi>Kaido, Kaido unfortunately is still lackluster as a villain but I do hope that changes when his character starts to get more focus during the war.
No rocks pirate is a mastermind or planner except shiki and bm ; and xebec himself
Wb kaido are just there to battle

Expecting kaido or wb to run the arc as brain types nah
The samurai 8 spoilers, pics, Kimetsu spoilers, pics, and the current op spoilers and pics all came from the same person. But what you are seeing is a translation of a translation, and this provider has made mistakes before so I’ll suggest don’t jump to any conclusions yet.

(I don’t know if the other two series have any updates from other sources yet but the earlier spoilers came from the same source)
oden said:
" If i couldn't defeat Kaido, this means that at this point of time, there is no one else can defeat him "

i think if we replace defeat with kill it will make a lot of sense
" If i couldn't kill Kaido, this means that at this point of time, there is no one else can kill him "

it will be the same as yasu thought

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