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Maybe Shanks should’ve asked that Fodder fish for postponement too… Might have spared his arm
And the other got fucked by a fodder fish weaker than BoS Luffy. Maybe he should've ran too?

Quit making excuses, m8. Your logic is about as shit as berating Shanks for chapter 1. Get your head out of the downplaying bias.
6 years before becoming a Yonko. Growth s a thing unlike Prime Lihawk requesting postponements from Vista and failing to scratch Jozu
How pica is not dangerous lmao ? Not everyone in OP world are superhumans. If they are 7 billions, only maybe 100 can face him, others will be dead the moment he moves. I mean a mountain sized golem walking and destroying cities with one blow is not dangerous for humans ? :suresure:
Who cares about sea ? It's not like Luffy and his crew are fighting above sea everytime, it's even rare ...

Bounty are based on the threat they are, let Pica takes control of Red Line you will see.
Thats supposing the city is based on stone.

And Pica's stone ability isn't really that terrifying for top navy officers. Yes, its big, but Pica is also not very smart, and more arrogant than capable when it comes to fighting. Pica's statue destoryed a few city blocks with a punch. Nowhere near an entire city.

This brings me back to Zoro. They already sort of gave away how much of a threat they saw Pica to be when they gave Zoro a 320 mil bounty in Dressrosa for beating Pica.

Even if Pica can do all those things, that still invalidate the argument that Zoro's bounty was given on the sole basis that he wiped the floor with Pica, as such, we can presume that Pica would be seen as a lesser threat than Zoro, and such can be seen as having a bounty probably below Zoro's.

Its not like Zoro dealt with Pica through trickery, he beat Pica through pure force.
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You can say the same about a lot of DF users, and the opposite for Fishmen. But a lot of things happen in One Piece outside of sea.

Bellamy is portrayed to be weaker than majority of DD officer combatants, and shown to be weaker in combat as well.

WG doesn't give out bounties strictly based off "who beat who". Funk brothers were said to be able to beat pirates over 100 mil bounty, but their bounty combined is lower than that.
Thats also partially because the Funk Brothers are technically bounty hunters despite being criminals themselves.

While they may be criminals, it is their job to hunt criminals, and as such, aren't considered a terribly active threat. At most, they committed some petty crimes.

This isn't the same for someone like Zoro, who is an infamous pirate who was involved in a crew that caused several major events.

I don't see why Pica's bounty would be above Zoro's, much less above the bounty Luffy and Law recieved for defeating Doflamingo.