[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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AL sama

Red Haired
panic panic panic

despair despair despair

doubt doubt doubt

chaos chaos chaos

blood blood blood

death death death


DOOM has fallen upon the world

@Dragomir a member of town have been lynched

its Night 3 now you've 24 hours to send your action failing to do so will cause in replacement or mod kill
1 @TheAncientCenturion
4 @Michelle
5 @Noctis
6 @Jew D. Boy
7 @Seraphoenix
9 @Natalija
10 @NeutralWatcher
11 @Kiwipom
12 @playa4321
14 @Zoro D Goat
15 @Queen
16 @Dragomir
17 @krogothwolf
18 @Gianfi
19 @Yo Tan Wa

AL sama

Red Haired


King the Blue Fire
I will give you one chance to correctly identify scum. Then I’m putting you down.
Oh good. Sera is willing to kill the doctor.
*a dozen buttholes instantly clench*
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Ask that question over again, and pay close attention to the person you’re mentioning...then you’ll have your answer.
They are wise to fear me
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so... yo tan wa survived d3 when he was supposed to die
but then he was mod killed
what happened?
Yeah, it’s really odd.


Two mod kills sound exaggeration to me as we know both players had there post requirement complete... so it's most likely that virus effect


King the Blue Fire
Gimmie your reads boys. What is happening? Who is scum? (Is it TAC?) And can I get my role via PM?

Please treat me well as it is only my second game
We can only reveal info — as in if we’re infected — if we claim. Only two people per day may claim. Other than that, you can’t mention anything role or ability related.

People can get COVID by visiting them at night or assumingly via scum move during the day phase. There is a shop to buy items at to defend yourself from the disease. A mask is needed to prevent infection if you visit someone suffering from COVID.

That is about it. You get shop money from events that happens once per turn
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There are enough backups :kayneshrug: idc anymore. Get your ass in gear and scum hunt or you're gone :kata:

Vote lynch Seraphoenix @Reborn

I’ll go with the guy repeatedly threatening proven doctor.
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